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Titanic. By Alana Raper Highland Park Elementary May 2009. Location and Description.

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By Alana Raper

Highland Park Elementary

May 2009

location and description
Location and Description

The Titanic was an Olympic Class British passenger vessel. She was owned by the White Star Line. The Titanic weighed in (when fully loaded) at about 46328 tons and took three years to make. She had the first heated swimming pool on any ship and every stateroom had electric lights and heating. She had different dining rooms for different classes. She was to stop in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland. She sunk at precisely 2:23 A.M. on April 15, 1912. She sunk 400 miles north of the Grand Bank Newfoundland.

occupational history
Occupational History

Most of the passenger vessels in the early 1900’s were not required to hold enough lifeboats for the capacity of the ship. The Titanic had a

maximum capacity of

3,547 people, and

carried lifeboats to hold

1,517 people.

occupational history 2
Occupational History 2

When the lifeboats were lowered, they weren’t filled to their capacity of 25 people because they were lowering them every 1-3 minutes. Children and women from 1st class went on the first few boats. Most of the men did not

survive and there was only one child

from the 1st class that did not survive.

TheCarpathia came later to fetch

the remaining people in the water.

When the Titanic was sinking,

many people jumped over board

but died right away from hypothermia

since the water temperature was about


occupational history 3
Occupational History 3

The Titanic sank because

·The water was too cold and made the steel on the outside of the Titanic brittle and (look at next theory)

· The bottom of the

iceberg popped the steel

rivets out of place and the

water tight compartments

quickly filled up.

Both theories are right. They

both happen to contribute to the

other. Both theories is what

caused the Titanic to sink.

history of excavation
History of Excavation

Mr. Robert D. Ballard was the man who discovered the Titanic. They were searching 400 miles north of Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada, and seemed to find the hull of a ship. After later research, they found out is was the Titanic. The Titanic’s hull was buried 12,500ft. (2 1/2 miles) underwater. The hull and the stern were in two parts, approximately 1,970 feet apart.

significant artifacts
Significant Artifacts

Many items that were recovered from the ship like a ship’s barometer (measures air pressure) and a cabin doorknob from the first class cabins. Those are just things that are from the ship. Passenger’s items include,

·A pair of work boots, owned by a third class child

·A suitcase with valuable belongings

·Or binoculars, used to spot icebergs like Fredrick Fleet

·Lastly, a travel clock. Many people carried these when checking the time when the Titanic was sinking.

significant features
Significant Features

Some very popular rooms were open to only very few people. The swimming pool (The Titanic was the first passenger vessel to have it) was only open to first class passengers, as was the Veranda Café. Most of the rooms on the Titanic were only open to First Class Passengers. There was also a Workout room on-board. There were trainers that you could set up a time with and they would coach you through the workout machines.