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Delaware State Police Community Services

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Delaware State Police Community Services. Presents…. CyberSpaceSafety. Introduction. Cyberspace - Internet, Digital Highway and Information Highway Past, Present, and Future?. What is the Internet?. Different from a computer program Communication tool

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  • Cyberspace - Internet, Digital Highway and Information Highway
  • Past, Present, and Future?

What is the Internet?

  • Different from a computer program
  • Communication tool
  • You are not alone on the net
  • Use Caution

Is CyberSpace Safe?

  • Yes, most of the time
  • Cyber neighborhoods
  • Online services
  • Computer Bulletin Boards (BBS)
  • Internet

Benefits of the Information Highway

  • E Commerce
  • News media
  • Communications
  • Educational and recreational tool

Current Issues

  • Privacy
  • “Addiction”
  • Vandalism
  • Cons and Scams
  • Financial Security
  • Personal Safety

Precaution Issues

  • Safeguard yourself
  • Think of travelling in the “real Community”
  • Encounters on the net

Never provide personal information to an untrusted site or person

  • Do not post identifying information
  • Use caution if you plan to meet person to person
  • Use care when corresponding to contacts
  • Do not believe everything you read and see is true
  • Report any online incidents to appropriate authorities

Online Relationships

  • Online vs. Face to Face
  • What is really known about the other person?
  • Truth vs. Lies?
  • How well can you judge the person’s character?

Cyber Cons

  • Shop online with known companies
  • Use encrypted / secure browser
  • Do not provide personal information unnecessarily
  • Do not provide your password to anyone
  • Change your password often


  • If it seems too good to be true……
  • You will be “approached”
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Internet services
  • Business opportunities
  • Work at home schemes

Safety for Youth

  • A world of information
  • Communicate the dangers
  • Youth can be trusting and curious
  • Explore the Internet together
  • Teach about the abuses found on the net
  • Use filtering software
  • Monitor the computer use

Tell Them To…

  • Inform a trusted adult if threatening or scary material is found
  • Never give out name, age, address, phone number, password, or any personal information
  • Never respond to unusual or “weird” messages
  • Never send pictures of themselves over the net without your permission

Monitor school access

  • Know your child’s friends and their parents
  • Ensure the school follows an acceptable use policy for computing
  • Contact authorities should you see inappropriate or offensive material


  • What is the Internet?
  • Is CyberSpace safe?
  • Net Relationships
  • Benefits of the information highway
  • Current issues
  • Precautionary issues

Online relationships

  • Cyber Cons
  • Scams
  • Safety for youth