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Save Money- Before you Buy a Car PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Money- Before you Buy a Car

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Save Money- Before you Buy a Car - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Auto Relief Group advises the public on saving money when they are thinking of buying a new car

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Save Money- Before you Buy a Car

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Saving Tips: Before Purchasing a Vehicle

© Auto Relief Group


Purchasing A New Car

  • Generally, an automobile would be the biggest purchase after a House for every individual.
  • So, People don’t buy a car just on a whim.
  • There are number of companies, with many number of brands, models available for the consumer to choose.
  • But, Beware!!! It should balance your need, want & what you can afford.

Its not just the car that stays with for few years, but along joins the interest & installments!!!

Its Very Important To Save Your Money… Start it from the moment you think you are going to PURCHASE!!!

Owning a Car Gives a Kind of Freedom, Confidence & Responsibility…

Don’t consider the Dealers as a Villain… they are just a part of a business… Of course, they hold upper hand if your hand shows lesser amount!!!

© Auto Relief Group


Determine: A Fair Price

Choose a car

  • Determine a realistic price
  • Get invoice price

Invoice Price helps in Negotiating!

Price differs from market to market

If the price goes beyond what you can afford, better switch your preference!!!

© Auto Relief Group


Estimate:Trade-In Value

Estimate the Trade - In Value

( Try any of these or All of these!!! )

  • Use Kelly Blue book to estimate it by yourself.
  • Identify the value by announcing resale privately.
  • Consult an expert (Auto loan modification consultants)

Advantage of Trade-In :

You can save few dollars in the sales- tax

Many a cases, if you find a right buyer for your vehicle… Normally you will get a higher price than a Trade-In… sell it!!! But Beware the buyer…

© Auto Relief Group


Competition: Your Advantage

Get Quotes,

  • Ask quotation from dealers.
  • Fill out the forms on net.
  • Inform the dealers that you are consulting many other dealers.
  • This may increase the chance of the dealers quoting to your benefit.

More than a Consultant, only the Dealers & Yourself can get a clear picture about the price

Never let any of these dealers feel that you rely only on that dealer… Always show them that you have other options!!!

© Auto Relief Group


Finance: Order it

Save Money…

  • Look for Lenders.
  • Find options about obtaining a loan

Order Your Finance…

  • Check your FICO® Score.
  • Take this an opportunity to “order” your personal finance.

Consult a financial consultant if necessary

Dealers are not the only source for you to finance your car… Importantly, consider the dealers as a second option and try Banks & other financial institution…

© Auto Relief Group


Negotiate: The financials


  • Quotation: When the dealers gives his quotation (Start from this stage itself!)
  • On the Trade-In Value
  • If it is a private resale, get paid for what it worth's for!
  • On the insurance, warranty and other related financial terms.
  • On Interest Rate

Don’t get scared by the retailers…

The more you remain strong, Higher is the chance that you will get the result you want!!!

Negotiation is a very important Stage….Try Negotiate at every possible way & at every step.

© Auto Relief Group


Auto Relief Group: Solution Provider

  • Auto Relief Group helps their customers in reducing the interest rate.
  • Extending the length of the loan while reducing the individual payments
  • Assist the consumers renegotiate their auto loan or lease, avoid repossession and maintain ownership of their vehicle.
  • Working directly with lenders to modify loans.

Auto Relief GroupThe nations leading Auto Loan Modification company, provide Americans with expert advice, knowledgeable service and competent representation.Aimed at helping them negotiate improved terms for their auto loan, allowing them to protect ownership and avoid further economic hardship.

© Auto Relief Group


Auto Relief GroupFor more information about us. Please contact:Toll Free Number:(877) 842-7667Write \ Visit us physicallyAuto Relief Group II LLC 200 S Andrews Ave Suite 11000Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Official Websitehttp://autoreliefgroup.comTwitter

© Auto Relief Group