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SOA Concepts. 605.702 Service Oriented Architecture Johns-Hopkins University Montgomery County Center, Spring 2009 Session 1: January 28, 2009 Instructor: T. Pole . Session #1 Today’s Agenda. Reading

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soa concepts

SOA Concepts

605.702 Service Oriented ArchitectureJohns-Hopkins University

Montgomery County Center, Spring 2009

Session 1: January 28, 2009

Instructor: T. Pole

session 1 today s agenda
Session #1 Today’s Agenda
  • Reading
    • Text: “Service Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology and Design”, Thomas Erl, Edition 05
    • To have been completed before today’s lecture
      • Erl Chap. 1: Introduction (to book)
      • Erl Chap. 2: Case Studies
      • Erl Chap. 3: Introducing SOA
  • Today’s Presentation
    • Overview of the course
      • Goals
      • Required Resources
      • Required work from students and grading
      • Instructor's contact information
    • Introduction to the Book and Software
    • Lecture: Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Introduction to our programming environment:
      • Windows XP Pro, IIS, and Visual Studio Pro/C#
  • Service-Oriented Architecture : Concepts, Technology, and Design
    • By Thomas Erl
    • ISBN-10: 0131858580
    • 2005
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional
    • No cost to registered JHU students
    • Download from DreamSpark
    • Must register before download
      • Sign in
      • Windows Live ID required, sign up if needed
      • Validate against JHU
    • Download and install VS 2008 Prof. Edition
    • Speak to the instructor before the end of class today if you do not already have access to this software platform (Windows XP or Vista, VS 2008, IIS) for exercises and projects
overview of the course 1 of 2
Overview of the Course – 1 of 2
  • Goals of the Course, that students will:
    • Understand what an SOA is, and how it differs from other architectures
    • Know what Web Services are and their difference from and relationship to SOA
    • Be able to build simple Web Services
    • Be able to analyze and design example SOA systems, and implement them using basic Web Services
overview of the course 2 of 2
Overview of the Course 2 of 2
  • Required Work and Grading
    • Reading assignments prior to class
    • Class homework and exercises (30% of grade)
    • Mid Term Exam (20% of grade) on theoretical foundations of course
    • Final Project/Paper (30% of grade)
    • Final Exam (20% of grade) on application of course and advance concepts
  • Instructor’s Contact Information
overview of the course 3 what this course covers
Overview of the Course #3: What This Course Covers
  • Building Systems that Employ a Service Oriented Architecture
    • Yes we will build our SOA examples using web services
    • No, this is not a course in building Web Services
    • But… we will cover Web Service basics
      • Enough of the basics of building SOAP based, C# and .Net Framework implemented Web Services so that you can implement the SOA’s you design as part of the class exercises.
      • Time permitting, we will also look at some other implementation options.
introduction to the books and software
Introduction to the Books and Software
  • Service Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology and Design
    • One of the most popular books on the subject, one of several written by Erl on OSA
    • Covers the core of the course material
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2008
    • The most popular development tool for Web Service Development, free to students.
lecture introduction to service oriented architecture soa
Lecture: Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Introduction to the Erl Book
    • Erl Chapter 1: Why this book is important
  • Introduction to Erl book’s case studies
    • Erl Chapter 2: Case Studies
  • Introduction to SOA
    • Erl Chapter 3: Introducing SOA
introduction to erl s text erl chapter 1 why this book is important
Introduction to Erl’s Text, Erl Chapter 1: Why this book is important
  • Goals:
    • Understand SOA, service orientation and Web Services
    • Learn how to build SOA with Web Services
  • Warning, your author is a “true believer”
    • The value of SOA to the industry may be over sold in the text.
    • The author’s presentation of SOA is no less valuable because of his excitement about it.
chapter 1 more points to remember
Chapter 1: More Points to Remember
  • The Number One Mistake
    • SOA benefits are attainable simply by investing more in Web services.
  • Ideal SOA
    • A universal model in which automation logic and even business logic conform to a vision in which resources are cleanly partitioned and consistently represented.
  • The real SOA
    • Based on an understanding of service-orientation, how it shapes technical architecture into SOA, and concrete step by step processes for realizing SOA.
chapter 1 more points to remember1
Chapter 1: More Points to Remember
  • Objectives of book
    • Understanding SOA, service orientation and Web services
    • Primitive and contemporary SOA
    • Fundamental web services
    • WS-*specs
    • Building SOA with Web Services
introduction to erl book s chapter 2 case studies
Introduction to Erl book’s, Chapter 2: Case Studies
  • Case Studies
    • Purpose: Give real world context to what the book covers
  • Case Study Businesses
    • RailCo Ltd
      • Small business (40 staff)
      • IT immature
      • Both efficiency (implied) and opportunity (explicit) reasons for adopting SOA
        • Efficiency improvements for outdated business processes and IT infrastructure
        • Opportunity to participate in existing service oriented B2B networks
chapter 2 more points to remember
Chapter 2: More Points to Remember
  • Transit Lines Systems Inc
    • Medium size firm (staff of 1800)
    • Relatively mature IT infrastructure
      • Already adopting Services, primitive SOA, 200 staff IT department
      • Both efficiency (implied) and opportunity (explicit) reasons for adopting SOA
      • Existing service oriented B2B partners
      • Integration of legacy systems from multiple acquired and/or closely partnered organizations.
introduction to soa erl chapter 3 introducing soa
Introduction to SOA: Erl Chapter 3: Introducing SOA
  • Fundamental SOA
    • Service oriented: services are independently managed and employed by multiple consumers.
    • Analogy of small businesses as service oriented
web services the preferred but not the only soa implementation technology
Web Services: The Preferred but Not the only SOA Implementation Technology
  • Consuming a SOAP based Web Service
    • Amazon Associate Web Service
  • Building a SOAP based Web Service
    • A simple ASP.Net based Web Service
    • Building a consumer of our new Web Service
introduction to our programming environment
Introduction to Our Programming Environment
  • Operating System:
    • Windows XP Pro
    • Optionally (for Service installs only) Windows 2003 Server
  • Web and Application Server
    • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Web Service Protocols
    • SOAP over HTTP
    • WS-* extensions (much more on this later)
  • Programming IDE
    • Visual Studio 2008 Pro, and the C# Programming Language
operating system soap app server
Operating System & “SOAP App Server”
  • If you wish, you may use Windows 2003 Server for deploying Web Services, but XP Pro or Vista (may be version dependent) is sufficient for all our class needs.
  • Supports the full functionality of all software produced by Visual Studio (XP Home does not support Web Service development)
  • Supports running Internet Information Service (IIS) which is our Web Server and Application Server platform for this class
optional internet information server iis
(optional) Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Free download/install from Windows distribution media.
  • Full function web server and web service application server.
  • Some IIS services (which we don’t need for this class) are not available when running on XP Pro.
  • Very easy to install, configure and manage in the context of what we need to do for this class.
web service protocols
Web Service Protocols
  • SOAP over HTTP
    • Simple Object Access Protocol
      • Lightweight Web Service Protocol
      • Supported by Visual Studio and IIS
      • Can run over multiple communication protocols (e.g. NNTP) but almost always runs over HTTP in commercial systems
      • Language and operating platform agnostic.
  • SW-* Extensions (optionally)
    • A set of extensions to Web Services
      • This will be covered in later class sessions
programming integrated development environment ide
Programming Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Pro Edition
    • Integrated set of design, development, debugging and testing tools
  • Visual C# 2008
    • A programming language based on C++, and the .Net framework, a ECMA sponsored standard language which is CLI compliant.
  • .Net Framework 3.5
    • Framework for software development which supports CLI development on the Microsoft Windows platform.