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华 为内部 IT 云转型实践 Huawei internal IT cloud migration and digital transformation practice. Security Level:. IT Journey: Continuous IT Investment in l ast 30+ Years Towards Digital and ​Intelligent. Business Requirement for Huawei IT

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  1. 华为内部IT云转型实践 Huawei internal IT cloud migration and digital transformation practice Security Level:

  2. IT Journey: Continuous IT Investment in last 30+Years Towards Digital and ​Intelligent • Business Requirement for Huawei IT • Support sales scale of $200 million in 5 years without employee increase rapidly. • Support multiple business,such as B2B, B2P, B2C and Cloud. • Globalize services, transfer command rights to the field and actualize the elite groups supported by big platform in 10 years. • Data driven ,actualize Visible of fund flow, information flow, logistics flow and Real-time decision-making. 数字化和智能化 Digital/Intelligent 全球化 Global 国际 Oversea 国内 China internal Phase 1 1987–1997 Phase 3 1998–2005 Phase 3 2003–2015 Phase 4 2016 onwards

  3. VModule, Business and Technology “Two-Wheel-Driven” : Focus on Business, and Use Digital IT Technologies to Create Values For Customers and Users Customer-centric 以客户为中心 AI智能化 C A Business Goal 回归业务 B Big Data大数据 B C Cloud云平台 Architecture Driven 架构牵引 A

  4. Digital Transformation Target: Realize Digital Huawei in 3 to 5 Years External(Experience improvement) Target at ROADS experience for five types of users, actualize simpler, more efficient and secure business with customers, and upgrade customer satisfaction. Internal (Efficiency improvement) Enable digital and service-based businesses in various fields and eliminate cross-field information breakpoints to achieve industry-leading operational efficiency. Main business flow for customers CRM+ Main business flow for market innovation IPD+ Customers Consumers Partners Suppliers Employees Digital services Digital R&D Digital marketing Digital supply Digital delivery Digital finance Digital HR Online sales Online transactions Online payment Real-time logistics Online services … Business and IT services share platform and unified data lake.

  5. IT Architecture based on Cloud : Drive by Experience and build All Cloud Service Platforms Customers Consumers Partners Suppliers Employees Real-time On-demand All online DIY Social ROADSexperience-driven: connect 5 kinds of users Finance ... Services Business-oriented IT services: 200scenarios and 600+services Sales Supply chain Synergy AIenable: upgrade of massive operation efficiency Huawei internal cloud service platforms ITapplication services ITplatform services Security protection & continuous improvement on digital operation driver ITinfrastructure services Build multi-cloud service platform based on HUAWEI CLOUD SaaS IaaS PaaS

  6. Cloud migration goal: realize 100% Cloud in 3 Years,Support Digital Transformation 50% 80% 90% Applications-centric and quick migration to the cloud 2018 2019 2020 使用SaaS(Re-place) Scenario 4: Purchase SaaSsoftware package. 重构应用(Re-architecture/Re-factor) Scenario 2/3: Re-architecture/Re-factor Applicationbe serverization and cloudification. 重构平台(Re-platform) 迁移至云化基础设施 (Re-host) Scenario 1: Migrate IaaS to the cloud, 100% to HUAWEI CLOUD. 保持不变Retain Software package: Retain stability and open API. 日落下线Retire Less-visit applications: Close, stop, merge and transfer.

  7. Scenario1, IaaSMigration to the Cloud : Adopt “Bi-Mode” , 100% Migrate to HUAWEI CLOUD Model 2 Cloud+X Business Model 1 Traditional Business Innovative services E- commerce IoT AI Dev cloud ERP CRM Oracle OLTP HPC On- premise Internal cloud service and multi-cloud integration platform Dedicated cloud (Stack) Huawei public cloud Cloud experts & Fusion Bridge • Network connection/ • secure connection Hong Kong • Consistent architecture with • Huawei public cloud … North China East China

  8. Scenario 2/3/4, Application Migration to the Cloud: Quick Cloudification Based on Different Levels and Strategies Scenario 4: Purchase SaaS20+ Scenario 3: Reconstruct applications 2018 target 300+ Step4 Step1 Step2 Step3 Operation and benefit assessment after migration to the cloud Scenario 2: Reconstruct platform 2018 target: 150+ • Top-manager discussion • Current status classification • Architecture/blueprint • Strategies • Pilots on the cloud • Path selection • Roadmap/priority • Process 50% 2018applications migration to the cloud Retain unchanged: ~200 Offline applications: 100+

  9. Practice Demo 业务上云实践演示

  10. 唯有行动,上云之路是一步一步走出来的 Focus on Business、Think Big 、 Act Small

  11. Huawei’ s Vision and Mission Bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

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