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HISTORIANS REPORT 2009 “ History is just not old stuff anymore ” HISTORIANS OFFICE - CAP NHQ Colonel Leonard A. Blascovich, CAP National Historian Heading up the research team to locate a permanent home and Museum for CAP History and archives

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“History is just not old stuff anymore”

Colonel leonard a blascovich cap national historian l.jpg
Colonel Leonard A. Blascovich, CAP National Historian

  • Heading up the research team to locate a permanent home and Museum for CAP History and archives

  • Working on an in-depth history of the relationship of CAP and the USAF since before 1947 to the present.

  • Completed monograph that covers the history of the CAP/USAF Uniform 1951 to present.

  • History of the CAP’s Board Of Governers

  • Working on the true and factual history of CAP Grade structure and wearing the same as the military and its impact on USC 10 & USAF

  • In the final stages of the CAP Unit Citation Database.

  • Designed of CAP Honor Guard Badge

  • Displays at Waco Museum in Ohio of CAP WW2

  • Displays at Long Island Maritime Museum CP 17 WW2

  • Working legal issues on who owns CAP history, photographs and artifacts

  • Working with Jack Faas, Chairman of the CAP Historical Foundation to develop its public awareness program.

  • Completed an in depth inventory of CAP National Archives

  • We now possess the largest collection of CAP Memorabilia and WW-II documentation in the USA.

Ltc todd engleman cap assistant national historian l.jpg
LTC Todd Engleman, CAPAssistant National Historian

  • Met with staff at National Museum  of USAF (Wright-Patt) to locate old CAP display.  Currently in “revolving collection” (i.e. – in storage), and not on display.  Eventually hope to restore it and have it placed on permanent display (possibly in presidential gallery under the two suspended CAP aircraft).

  • Scanned and organized CAP historical documents for publication/research.

  • Gathered research data on coastal wreck survey from NOAA.  Hoping to locate WWII German submarines, with eventual intent to identify those sunk by CAP.

  • Submitted draft CAP Pamphlet on historical preservation (tentatively CAPP 8) to NHQ/HO staff for review.

  • Visited OKWG HQ at Tinker AFB and met with historian. 

  • Transferred to NHQ historical staff as Asst. Nat’l Historian.

  • Assisted Curator with data on WWII CAP munitions used for Coastal Patrol aircraft.

  • Attended OHWG conference.

  • Coordinated for Robert Arn (WWII subchaser) promotion to Colonel and DSM. 

  • Conducted oral history interview with COL Robert Arn.  Planning follow-on home visit in January.

  • Took over records of NB members from WWII to present from Len Blascovich

  • Submitted sketch of Chaplain 60th anniversary coin to Jim Shaw for input.

  • Contacted Chaplain Woodard about 60th Anniversary.

  • Began CAP 70th Anniversary designs.

  • Located full NOAA wreck database identifying known ship and airplane wreck sites off US east coast.  Will use this to compare with known CAP information.

  • Met with Curator of VA Museum in Dayton, OH.

  • Began draft of CAPP 5 revision (superseding older CAPP 5 and CAPP 6) for Oral and Written Histories

  • Completed tasks for master rating in historian specialty track. (CAPF 2A attached)

  • Writing revision to Lee Regan’s Collector’s Catalog (1985).

  • Online research on other organizations (NOAA, AOPA, others) to identify connections with CAP and locate documentation.

  • Researching biographical information about the founders of CAP.

  • Researching organizations that pre-dated CAP and became part of it in 1941.

  • Scanning historical documents from private collection into OCR capable files for easier future research.

  • Research into OH Civil Air Guard.

  • Compiling Medal of Valor information and citations for future publication.

Major james shaw cap national curator l.jpg
Major James Shaw, CAP National Curator

  • Created glass chess board for Major General Bowling, Colonel Hodgkins.

  • Provided CAP Historical Graphics CD (1.2GB) to: Wing & Region Historians.

  • Proposed newer version of Homeland Security Ribbon and Medal

  • Recruited 4 new members for CAP Medal of Valor Association.

  • Interviewed former GAWG Cadet Merhert (C/2nd Lt. 1956-1961)

  • Created and printed 300 custom posters with squadron name and new CAP website information on them.

  • Custom designed new version of Eyes of the Home Skies Poster for reproduction and sale through Historical Foundation.

  • Attended GAWG Conference and took personal CAP collection for conference display.

  • CAP Presentation at Westover High School for career day’ -Live Oak Elementary for Aviation Explorer week

  • CAP and Model Rocketry Class at Avalon United Methodist Church - Boy Scout Pack 11- AWANA meeting for Leesburg Baptist Church. Chart and Map reading class at Boy Scout Baloo Family Weekend Lee County Elementary School

  • Attended GAWG Unit Commanders Course.

  • Proposed design for National Staff Badge for National Commander

  • Lead effort to have Col. Ben Stone of GAWG inducted into Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. He is on ballot for 2010 inclusion.

  • Created and printed 300 book markers and poster for sale of CAPHF items at NB 2009

  • Published historical guideline and presented at NB 2009

  • Assisted in the publication of CAP Historical Book by Lt Col Perrenot

  • Designed challenge coin for Wreaths Across America and Drug Demand Reduction program.

  • Assisted with the legality of CAP picture rights.

  • Edited CAP historical manual for Lt. Col Todd Engelman

  • Presented Model Rocketry Class

  • Provided historical foundation with music CD to use for fund raising.

  • Acquired Coastal Patrol Base 11 scrapbook.

  • Created two custom glass presentation pieces for Curry family members.

  • Completed test for Senior Safety Officer aircraft ground handling test Master Safety Officer

  • Created custom Curry Awards presentation crystals. crystal eagle for foundation donor

  • Currently working on Kruse Museum panels.

Ltc axel ian ostling cap archivist historian researcher l.jpg
LTC Axel Ian Ostling, CAP Archivist-Historian & Researcher

  • Team member to locate a permanent home and Museum for CAP History and archives

  • Key member of the CAP Preservation Team

  • Working on scanning the CAP Colonel Personnel records 1946-to 1980 and developing a database for this information

  • Research for the CAP aircraft at the New England Air Museum (the historically significant Sikorsky S-39 amphibian and a Stinson 10-A from the Coastal Patrol) and developing a new CAP exhibit at the NEAM.

  • Developed a document describing the CAP exhibits at NEAM for the Museum at Lantana, Florida, where CAP had a Coastal Patrol base in WW II.

  • Working with another museum volunteer on an upgrade in the CAP exhibit at NEAM since adding the Stinson 10-A to the Sikorsky S-39B

  • Training the NEAM docents on Civil Air Patrol (history and current operations).

  • Completed an in depth inventory of CAP National Archives

Ltc allan f pogorzelski cap archivist historian researcher l.jpg
LTC Allan F. Pogorzelski, CAPArchivist-Historian Researcher

  • Researching the CAP- NCO History, and rank structure 1941-1991

  • Supporting New York Wing Historical collection

  • Researching the who, what, and where of CAP’s U-boat sinking’s.

  • Heraldry Advisor for CAP Awards and Decorations.

  • Working with Congresswoman Anita Lowe for recognition for CAP WW2 Member to be awarded the American Defense Medal

  • Researching the history behind the Unit Citation design and awards

Ltc joan c follender cap historical aerospace education officer l.jpg
LTC Joan C. Follender, CAP Historical Aerospace Education Officer

  • Completed a Program and associated test that covers CAP’s historical points as outline in the Flying Minuteman one that seniors and cadets can take on-line.

  • Successfully completion with be recognized by the “Brigadier General Earl L. Johnson, USAAF” History Achievement Certificate

Major geraldine ostling cap historian public affairs l.jpg
Major Geraldine Ostling, CAPHistorian-Public Affairs

  • Developing methods and procedures' with list of specific contacts that might have avenues’ of educational and corporate sponsorships.

  • Whereupon CAP Historians would be able to work with colleges & universities along with industry and foundations for money, grants and/or supporting research for CAP History.

  • Coordinate with the CAP Historical Foundation to avoid counter productivity.