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The Regional Federation of Industries Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia – tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Regional Federation of Industries Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia – tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855

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The Regional Federation of Industries Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia – tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Regional Federation of Industries Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia – tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855120 - e-mail: Italy and Marche region Marche: a competitive system

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The Regional Federation of Industries

Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia –

tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855120 - e-mail:


Marche: a competitive system

Marche region represents a great example of Italian development, thanks to a perfect balance between economic growth, social security and environment protection

It is a strong, dynamic industrial system, with its high concentration of SME’s (one in nine inhabitants) operating in the traditional “made in Italy” sectors and strongly export-oriented

But it also represents a high level of life quality, devotion to tradition, a strong social cohesion, a rich and widespread cultural heritage and protection of the landscape


Territory and population

Area: 9,694.06 Km2

Population: 1,577,676

Density: 163 inhabitants/km2

(italian average density: 200/Km2)

Provinces: 5 (Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo,Macerata, Pesaro Urbino)

Municipalities: 246

Capital Town: Ancona

(more than 100,000 inhabitants)



Natural caves

180 Km of coastline

and beautiful beaches


2 National Parks

4 Regional Parks

3 Nature Reserves

Rolling hills


Culture and Art

4 Universities

100 cities of art

344 Museums

72 Theatres


Quality of life

Employment rate

male and female

Life expectancy at birth

Source: Istat RCFL 2009


Strategic Infrastructures

  • A14 Motorway

The third lane of the Rimini Nord-Pedaso tract will be open to traffic in 2010: 142 Km are in the Marche region;

  • S.S. 16 Adriatica;

The plan for the creation of new variants in the proximity of various inhabited centres along the coast is recently started;

  • Port of Ancona;

Connections for: Albania, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and Turkey;

  • “Raffaello Sanzio” Airport of Marche region;

Connections for: Alghero, Bruxelles, Bucarest, Creta, Dusseldorf, Ibiza, London, Monastir, Munich, Palma, Rodi, Rome, Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, Timişoara, Trapani;

  • Jesi Interporto;

The Jesi Interporto will manage the inter-modal activities at the service of the development of Marche and Umbria regions;

  • Valle del Tronto Autoporto;

It is based in the Piceno area and represents an important junction in the regional network.


The Marche region has the highest density of districts (27), which have a relevant impact on the regional economy. They represent 81,8% of the labour local systems and occupy 73,4% of the regional workers. The Marche region is also the most manufactured region in Italy with 40,3% of workers in the industrial sector.

* Italian definition to indicate a group of enterprises, usually small and medium enterprises, located in a limited territory and specialized in one or more phase of the same production process.

Food, Leather, Shoes, Wood-furniture, Shipbuilding, Textile, Garments, Mechanics

Musical instruments, Silver

confindustria marche
Confindustria Marche
  • Confindustria Marche is the lead Regional Federation of Industries, member of the National Federation of Italian Industries Confindustria, which groups about 143.000 Italian voluntary member companies of all sizes, amounting to 5.200.000 employees;
  • In promoting the interests of regional industry, Confindustria Marche has assumed a positive and leading role, becoming a reliable organization in Marche Region’s economic, social and civil development;
  • Confindustria Marche cooperates with the main political and administrative institutions, unions, and other social forces to realize initiatives, with the aim to encourage competitiveness for Italian enterprises, economic growth and social progress.
confindustria marche11
Confindustria Marche
  • Confindustria Marche represents the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries, towards political institutions, unions and other social forces;
  • Confindustria Marche cooperates in the planning activity of Marche Region for a regional and sustainable development;
  • Confindustria Marche promotes politics for research and innovation, internationalization and education of human resources with the purpose to keep its associated companies competitive on foreign markets.
confindustria marche system
Confindustria Marche System

5 Territorial Associations with branches in Pesaro, Ancona, Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno


Activities on international markets

  • Confindustria Marche promotes and executes plans on foreign markets for its associated companies with the purpose of:
  • developing activities for groups of firms, which are not easily realizable by a single firm;
  • getting financial support by local or national government and economize on costs;
  • getting public administrations involved;
  • training human resources;
  • sharing a specific know-how and the guide role as Confindustria
main manufacturing sectors
Main manufacturing sectors
  • mechanical industry
  • shipbuilding industry
  • footwear
  • wood and furniture
  • clothing-textile
  • food
  • rubber and plastics

Marche RegionMain Manufacturing Sectors

Source: Istat Asia 2007; coeweb 2009


Main sectors:

  • Shipbuilding industry (mainly located in Ancona, Pesaro Province, expecially in Fano)
  • Electric household appliances (white goods) and hoods in the industrial center of Fabriano (AN)
  • Electronic equipments in Macerata and Ascoli Piceno provinces
  • Mould industry and agro-industry machineries in Ancona province
  • Woodworking machineries in Pesaro province
  • Ironworking machinery, cables and wirework production in Ascoli Piceno province

Other relevant sectors in Marche Region

  • Laundry machineries
  • Leatherworking machineries
  • Marbleworking machineries
  • Metalworking machineries
  • Glassworking machineries
  • Machineries for the Building industry
  • Mechanical tools
  • Light metal packaging
  • Plasticsworking machineries
  • Farm tractors
  • Radiators and boilers
  • Ironware, technical items in metal

Other relevant sectors in Marche Region

  • Mine and pit machineries
  • Automatic equipment and plants - robotics
  • Electrical engines, generators and transformers
  • Tubes, valves and other electronic components
  • Lighting devices
  • Houseware and kitchenware
  • Weapons
  • Refrigerating systems
  • Doors, windows, panels, armoured and entrance doors
  • Locks and hinges
  • Bicycles

Fashion System

  • In the footwear sector Marche Region represents the first italian region by number of companies (33% of the whole italian firms) and by number of employees (27,9%)
  • In addition to footwear, you can find the accessories (heels, etc.), the leather and hide working (such as suitcases and bags)
  • More than 94% of the employees of the sector is employed in companies located in Ascoli Piceno* and Macerata Provinces

*Ascoli Piceno province data include Fermo province data which are not yet available


Fashion System

The most relevant sectors in clothing-textile are:

  • Hats
  • Knitwear products and accessories
  • Clothes
  • Household linen


  • Home Furniture: kitchens, living-rooms, upholstery, bed-rooms;
  • Office Furniture;
  • Furniture for commercial use: store fitting, including refrigerating equipments, counters and showcases, furnishings for hotels and coffee-shops;
  • Glass and Crystal furnishings
  • Rush and wicker furniture
  • Ship Fitting
  • Components, accessories and semifinished products


  • Oil, wine, milling
  • Processing and preservation of fish, meats, fruits and vegetables
  • Feed
  • Liqueurs
  • Bottling of Mineral Waters
  • Sugar
  • Pastry
  • Bakery products
  • Cheeses

Mechanics sectors: main export destination countries

Metals and metal products

Computers and electronic appliances

Source: Istat coeweb 2009

… continue


Mechanics sectors: main export destination countries

… continue


Electric appliances


Source: Istat coeweb 2009


The Construction Industry


*Ascoli Piceno province data include Fermo province data which are not yet available

Source: Istat Asia 2007

confindustria marche35


The Regional Federation of Industries

Via Filonzi, 11 - 60131 Ancona - Italia –

tel. +39 071 2855111 - fax +39 071 2855120 - e-mail: