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Independent School Districts

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Independent School Districts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Independent School Districts
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  1. MAC Financial Overview Independent School Districts

  2. What is MAC? • Medicaid Administrative Claiming • Federal Medicaid reimbursement for the administrative activities associated with linking students to appropriate Medicaid/health-related services • Separate from but complimentary to SHARS program

  3. MAC Activities • Activities that improve the access to Medicaid coverage or improve the use of Medicaid covered services, include but are not limited to… • Informing Medicaid eligible and potential Medicaid eligible children and families about the benefits and availability of services provided by Medicaid (including preventive, treatment, & screening) including services provided through the EPDST program. • Assisting individuals or families to complete Medicaid eligibility application. • Scheduling or arranging transportation to Medicaid covered services. • Providing translation services for the purpose of accessing Medicaid services. • Developing strategies to assess or increase the capacity of school medical/dental/mental health programs. • Arranging for any Medicaid covered service that may be required as a result of a specifically identified medical/dental/mental health condition.

  4. To Participate in MAC . . . Complete the following: • Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement • Business Associate Agreement • Texas Identification Number Application • Vendor Direct Deposit Form • Vendor Information Form • MAC Program Operating Plan • Submit original documents • Documents are open-ended • Documents and instructions can be downloaded from the HHSC MAC website

  5. Participant Identification (PL Process) Time Study MAC Financial Data Collection MAC Claim Calculation Determine who performs MAC activities Determine how much reimbursable activity is performed Determine actual costs associated with these activities Apply reimbursement rates (TS, MER, IDCR) to calculate a claim MAC Process

  6. Participant List = Reportable Costs • The district reports eligible participants at the beginning of each quarter via the Participant List • These are the only positions for which financial data can be reported. • Costs reported are “position-specific” not “person-specific.” • If a Participant List is not certified for a quarter by a district, that district will not be able to participate in RMTS and will not be able to report MAC costs for that quarter.

  7. Participant List – MAC Only Category • Overhead Costs captured in Indirect Cost Rate • Generally, salaries for staff in accounting, budgeting, payroll, human resources, purchasing, and employee relations are indirect costs • Ineligible participants include: • Function 41- General administration • Function 53- Data processing services

  8. MAC Website • • Select: • Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) • Independent School Districts (ISD) General Information Guide Training Materials ALL notices Participation Documents

  9. Contact Information Medicaid Administrative Claiming Ph:(512) 491-1802 Yvonne Moorad (Team Lead) Jessica Makdsi Texas Education Agency – Division of Federal Program Compliance Ph: (512) 463-9127 Email: STAIRS (Fairbanks, LLC.) Ph: (888) 321-1225 Email: