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BCB Internship Support Program Business Etiquette

BCB Internship Support Program Business Etiquette Patrick Low, PhD Dilbar Gimranova, MBA, MPhil Irina Kim, MBA, MPhil Training Outline Business etiquette: history, principles and functions Business communication and interaction Business dress Behavior in typical business situations

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BCB Internship Support Program Business Etiquette

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  1. BCB Internship Support ProgramBusiness Etiquette Patrick Low, PhD Dilbar Gimranova, MBA, MPhil Irina Kim, MBA, MPhil

  2. Training Outline • Business etiquette: history, principles and functions • Business communication and interaction • Business dress • Behavior in typical business situations • Business presentation – Your unique opportunity • Main differences between eastern and western business etiquette • Business etiquette and body language • Phone conversation • “Business food” MBA Internship Support Team

  3. Business Etiquette: History Overview Civil Etiquette Business Etiquette = MBA Internship Support Team

  4. Necessity Functioning Negative situations Mutual respect Interpersonal relations Business Etiquette Confusion Career development Individual’s recognition Corporate culture MBA Internship Support Team

  5. Five Principles of Business Etiquette Absence of gender differences Right moment Practical selfishness Positive thinking Predictability MBA Internship Support Team

  6. Five Principles of Business Etiquette • The Principal of Practical Selfishness – Performing Your Duties Don’t Get on Others way • The Principle of Positive thinking – If you don’t have anything positive or nice to say, the Best is to Be Quite • The Principle of Predictability of Behavior in Different Business Situations • At workplace there are no men and women, there are status differences • The Principle of the Right Moment: Certain Rules at certain time, in certain place, with certain people MBA Internship Support Team

  7. The Truth about Communication MORE important WHAT is HEARD WHAT is SAID MBA Internship Support Team

  8. Building Blocks of the 1st Impression (60-90 seconds) Verbal = WHAT Vocal = HOW Visual Meaning of 10 words 1 word = 100 sayings “Silent talk” • Greeting • Introduction • Name of the opponent • Your attitude towards meeting • Speed • Intonation • Temper • Volume • Emphasis/Stress • Rhythm • Face expression • Eye contact • Body language • Posture • Gestures • Dress Rely the most MBA Internship Support Team

  9. How to Ruin the 1st Impression Hippy hair Bad humor Bad language / Slang Dirty shoes Moving eyes Bad body smell Touches MBA Internship Support Team

  10. Building Impression Through Hands MBA Internship Support Team

  11. Typical Business Situations • Business visit • Meeting • Behavior with colleagues and subordinates • Behavior during party • Face expression MBA Internship Support Team

  12. 1st Meeting • Introducing yourself • Handshake • Exchanging business cards MBA Internship Support Team

  13. Success During the 1st Meeting Do it! The VIP introduces the 1st Introduce yourself Avoid “iron hand” & “dead fish” handshake Pronounce the name, clarify right away Offer business card MBA Internship Support Team

  14. Behavior with colleagues and subordinates • How to critique/ Accept critique • How to make complements, demonstrate appreciation / accept complements • How to behave during business meeting • How to use the cell phone in public places • What you should not ask about • What are the common acceptable topics MBA Internship Support Team

  15. Be Constructive when Critique is must Appreciation of the positive aspect of the job Explanation and teaching Clearly stated task MBA Internship Support Team

  16. Eye Contact MAX=10 seconds Constant eye contact NO eye contact • Hostility • Summons • Pressure • Competition • Offence • Resentment MBA Internship Support Team

  17. Phone Call Appearance Age IMAGE Your VOICE Gender Education Social status MBA Internship Support Team

  18. Behavior during party Don’t try to get everyone’s attention No boring faces Nothing positive, Don’t talk negative MBA Internship Support Team

  19. Face expression Smile ties face muscles and releases others EYE CONTACT SMILE MBA Internship Support Team

  20. 7 differences in civil etiquette and business = the RULEs of Business car Business meeting Elevator Business tea, coffee Doors Escorting Giving hand MBA Internship Support Team

  21. EAST or WEST MBA Internship Support Team

  22. Business Etiquette and Body Language • Importance of body language • Etiquette of gestures • Be an observer – success guarantee • Secrets of micro moves MBA Internship Support Team

  23. Body Language Confidence Agreement Readiness Openness MBA Internship Support Team

  24. The secrets of Micro Moves BE AN OBSERVER • Red chicks • Movements of face muscles • Change in breath • Changing smile • Eye reaction MBA Internship Support Team

  25. Phone Interaction is the biggest problem among conveniences, and the biggest convenience among problems Visual anonymity Ease in control Time saving Drama school Full attention MBA Internship Support Team

  26. Phone Conversations Somebody calls – WHO IS THERE? You call – WHO IS HERE? GOLDEN MIDDLE Ending the phone call MBA Internship Support Team

  27. Business Phone Situation • This is not my phone • Answering machine – convenient, but… • How to record a message • How to leave a message • Secretary • Wait • “Chat lover” • Annoying MBA Internship Support Team

  28. When Food and Business are Simultaneous • The basics: MUST • Special foods • “Money talk” MBA Internship Support Team

  29. The Money Talk Lunch mission Invitation Reservation Arrival Seats Drinks Main course Wine Service Desert Payment Taking home MBA Internship Support Team

  30. Drinks • Tea ceremony • A cup of coffee • Glass of Champaign • Cocktail • Shot of vodka • Buffet MBA Internship Support Team

  31. = Business Etiquette Professional Attract People More Clients Profits MBA Internship Support Team

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