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Out-Of-Home Marketing Case Study: Viral video PowerPoint Presentation
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Out-Of-Home Marketing Case Study: Viral video

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Out-Of-Home Marketing Case Study: Viral video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Attack! case study displays how using out-of-home techniques, such as viral video production, can help spread the buzz for your product or service!

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Out-Of-Home Marketing Case Study: Viral video

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Viral Video

“Become a YouTube Superstar”

Viral Video


Social Media

Sample Distribution

Mobile Media

Flyer Distribution

Costumed Characters

Brand Ambassadors

Bi-lingual Staff

Presented by Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services


What Does Viral Video Accomplish?

Become a YouTube Superstar

Attack! understands that the Internet is the place to be. Let us make you and your client the online video sensation that everyone is talking about. Viral Video production and seeding give you the ability to reach over 1,000,000+ new individuals in less than a month, all the while generating priceless online buzz.

CoSometimes an over-sized, furry character is just what the doctor orderedstumed Characters


MORE Magazine: Hold It!!!


  • Celebrateand generate interest in More Magazine’s October 2008 issue, featuring cover-lady Michelle Obama.

Winning Strategy

Participants held More Magazines and froze in various “street

commuter” positions for five minutes.

Photographers and videographers were on-hand to capture the stunt.

Thousands of YouTube views.


“People on the street stopped, stared and engaged. The video

lives on via You Tube -- thousands of views and counting. I'm so

happy we were referred to Attack!"

MarielaAzcuy,Director of PR, Meredith Corp


To view a video of the event, please visit:


Gwen Stefani/Verizon: Viral Videos


  • Gwen Stefani and Verizon needed a way to build awareness and drive traffic to the My Wonderful Life album website.

Winning Strategy

Attack! created a viral video with a fun, homemade feel and seeded it within various online communities.

Viewers were encouraged to create their own videos through the My Wonderful Life online contest.

Website traffic significantly increased through peer-to-peer communication.


  • Viral Video Creation
  • Seeding
  • Program Management


  • 1,316,385 total views of video
  • 58 total video websites featuring video
  • Mentioned in over 60 blogs
  • #21 most viewed video on YouTube
  • #9 favorite video on YouTube

Thank You!

Contact us for more information on Viral Videos

Jeffrey Lee

Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231