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Non-Tradional Marketing Case Study: Mobile media PowerPoint Presentation
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Non-Tradional Marketing Case Study: Mobile media

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Non-Tradional Marketing Case Study: Mobile media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This Attack! case study can help drive your brand to the forefront of the market using branded wrapped vehicles to moving media billboards!

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Presentation Transcript

Mobile Media

“It's GO Time!”

Mobile Media

Flyer Distribution

Costumed Characters

Brand Ambassadors

Bi-lingual Staff

Presented by Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services


Why Mobile Media?

It’s GO time!

Catch up with those on the go and get your brand on the move. Attack! provides an assortment of mobile marketing concepts, from branded wrapped vehicles to moving media billboards to fabricated prop-mobiles. Don’t get stuck behind the competition. Drive your brand to the forefront of the market, literally!

CoSometimes an over-sized, furry character is just what the doctor orderedstumed Characters


VISA: Bastille Day


  • Drive traffic to and the 2007 Rugby World
  • Championships in France.

Winning Strategy

A grass rugby field, players performing rugby moves, costumed brand ambassadors, and branded Segways created an authentic rugby match feel in Downtown San Francisco. 

An emcee/ ‘coach’ character interviewed the public and officiated prize contests throughout the day.


  • “Attack! handled everything from permits to fabrication, from staffing the event and costuming the team to facilitating branded Segways.  Attack! delivered creativity, tremendous resourcefulness and great communication."  Jane Thompson, Bite Communications


•  500 entries to win signed, branded rugby balls•  Website featured in the Wall Street Journal•  10,000 fan-with-a-plan flyers distributed•  70% Increase in web traffic


Blisscotti: Product Launch


  • Blisscotti needed an innovative way to create buzz around their brand and launch their newest product, Blisscotti Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Winning Strategy

Attack! created a sampling program for the West Coast launch of Blisscotti in the San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The program included 3 street teams, anchored by 3 branded Blisscotti VW Bugs, and a freezer truck full of product.

Staff distributed product samples, coupons, and key messaging to the public, while the Blisscotti Bugs circled the areas in formation.

The coordinated, 3-car Blisscotti Bug formation was made possible with extensive training and the use of 2-way walkie-talkies.


  • Professional Drivers
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Wrapped Vehicles
  • Premium Distributions/Sampling
  • Staff Training

Coffee-mate: Event Marketing


  • To increase awareness of Coffee-mate products through brand education, targeted sampling and coupon distribution.

Winning Strategy

Brand ambassadors, chefs, emcees, singers and musicians attended African-American focused events in four major US markets.

Wearable media devices collected consumer data and distributed samples of Coffee-mate products.

Coffee-mate themed cookbooks and giveaways were also distributed as prizes in brand-themed competitions.


“Attack! has an excellent turnkey system that responds quickly to event details and changes. Not only did we collect valuable consumer data for our client but gained media recognition as well. Thanks, Attack!”

–Nubia Henderson, Burrell Communications


  • Booth set-up and maintenance
  • Branded premiums
  • Wearable media
  • Singers, dancers and emcees
  • Consumer data collection

MINI Cooper: ZigZag Zug


  • Introduce MINI Cooper’s ‘Clubman’ to American consumers with a non-traditional, high impact approach to generate product buzz and excitement.

Winning Strategy

Professional drivers drove MINI models through high-impact urban locations in five major markets.

“ZIG”, “ZAG” and “ZUG” were displayed on brightly colored vehicles.

Attack! brand ambassadors showcased the Clubman and distributed the Clubman-focus book, The Book of ZUG.


  • Specialized staff training
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Program management
  • Flyer distribution


  • Reached consumers in five major markets
  • Over 1,000 Zug books distributed
  • 500 spec sheets distributed
  • MINI website traffic increased exponentially

Thank You!

Contact us for more information on Mobile Media

Jeffrey Lee

Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231


Jeffrey Lee

Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231