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Education in France

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Education in France - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education in France

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Getting Higher Education in France.

Primary Specialization of Education in France

Made by Anna Shevkoplyas and Olga Kravchenko

getting higher education in france three main types of institution

Getting Higher Education in France.three main types of institution

Compared to other countries, France has an unusual and complex system of higher education.

There are three main types of higher institutions

1. Lycées ( or "Prépas“)

2. Universities

3. “Grandes Ecoles”

lyc es or pr pas
"Prépas" are the classic illustration of the traditional French approach to education, which involves a lot of book-learning, long hours in the classroom, amassing of facts and information, and less in the way of questioning, discovery and creativity

Lycées ( or "Prépas“)

LyceeCondorcet — one of the four oldest and best Parisianlyceums.

And Lycee Henri IV

The Université Blaise Pascal in Clermont Ferrand

The Université de Provence

France has 82 state universities, plus 5 Catholic universities (and a large number of private "institutes", some of which award degrees.)

Universities award three types of degree, in line with the European "Bologna" system. The first degree (3 years) is the Licence, the first postgraduate degree (5 years' study) is the Masters, and the final degree, obtained after at least eight years' study, is the Doctorate.  


Degrees at Licence and Masters levels come with various grades: as throughout the French education system, marks are graded on a scale of 0 to 20, with 10 being the pass mark. A pass degree is one where the student has an average mark of between 10 and 11.99; at first degree level, the majority of students get a pass degree. From 12 upwards, students receive a "mention" : Assez Bien (not bad) from 12 to 13.99, Bien (good) from 14 to 15.99, and Très Bien (very good) from 16 upwards. In most university departments, a general 'Mention trèsbien" would not normally be awarded to more than 3% of students, often far less - so it is really something quite exceptional on a graduate's CV.    Graduation ceremonies do not exist in French universities. However, some university departments have introduced unofficial ceremonies, notably for Masters graduates.

The most famous Grande Ecole is "Polytechnique", also known as "X", which was founded in 1794 as a school of public engineering.

Compared to other countries, France has an unusual and complex system of higher education. 

The peak of the education pinnacle in France is represented by the country's “Grandes Ecoles” (there is no an equivalent for this education institute in America) - relatively small and highly selective "schools" which provide a cosseted higher education to the nation's future elites - tomorrow's senior civil servants

primary specialization of education in france

Primary Specialization of Education in France

First of all, you should know that there are about 80 state universities in France.

12% of students in France are foreigners

among 500 best universities in the world, French one ranks the 65th place

Rank Establishment

1. Harvard University

2. Stanford

3. Berkeley

4. University of Cambridge

5. Massachusetts Institute of


6. Princeton University

7. Oxford

8. California Institute of


9. Columbia University

10. University of Chicago

39. Pierre and Marie Curie University

(Paris 6)

46. Université Paris-Sud (Paris 11)

87. Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)

101-150. Aix-Marseille University

101-150. University of Strasbourg

101-150. Université Paris Diderot

151-200. Université Joseph Fourier

(Grenoble 1)

151-200. University of Bordeaux

151-200. University Paris Descartes

(Paris 5)

the 39 th place

The 39th place

Pierre and Marie Curie University

the 46 th place

The 46th place

Université Paris-Sud

the 46 th place1

The 46th place

Ecole Normale Supérieure

Specialties, which today are in demand on the French labor market:- Nurses and junior medical staff.- Marketing and Logistics.- Specialists in insurance and in banking.- Financiers and accountants.- Managers, managers in industry, specializing in mechanical and electrical engineering.
Unclaimed specialty in the labor market in France:- Skilled and low-skilled workers, using manual labor in manufacturing plants that produce electronic and electrical devices.- Employees of enterprises of tourism and hotel business.- The representatives of creative professions.- Poorly builders.- Cashiers, salesmen.
In the near future the following trends are projected increase in demand for such specialists:- Workers in childcare and elderly, on the basis of the institution.- Skilled construction workers.- Accountants.- Employees of the statistical data processing.- Qualified physicists and chemists.- Nurses and midwives, junior medical staff.
in conclusion on this topic

In conclusion on this topic…

What a foreign student should know:

1. Foreign students have the same opportunity of getting well-paid job as French students

2. All students, after graduating universities, will get well-paid job immediately

3. Their salary will directly depend on their experience

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