the status of isps implementation in trinidad and tobago n.
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The Status of ISPS Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago PowerPoint Presentation
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The Status of ISPS Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago

The Status of ISPS Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago

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The Status of ISPS Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago

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  1. The Status of ISPS Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago 1 by Commander Walcott

  2. 12 Principal Port Facilities out of 30 Port Facilities are listed below • Port of Port of Spain • Alcoa Steamship Company Ltd • PLIPDECO • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd • YARA • Arcelor/Mittal • Atlantic LNG • Petrotrin Point-a-Pierre • BPTT • BHP Billiton • Chaguaramas Terminals • National Energy Co-operation 2

  3. Key Business 3

  4. Key Business 4

  5. Key Business 5

  6. Legal 6 • The ISPS Code was approved by the government of Trinidad and Tobago in 2004 and falls under the Ministry of Works and Transport • The Regulation amended the Shipping Regulation and is TheShipping (Ship and Port Facility Security) Regulations, 2004 • The Shipping Regulations applies both Part A and Part B of the ISPS Code • The enforcement for ships is the responsibility of Maritime Services Division • The enforcement for Port Facilities is the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Port Facility Security Unit

  7. Command and Administration 1 Commander 1 Lieutenant Commander Marine Ship Safety 1 Lieutenant Commander Port Facility 1 Lieutenant Commander 20 Ratings 2 Lieutenants 2 Lieutenant 4 Ratings 66 Ratings 7 Administrative Organization Chart of Marine Ship Safety and Port Facility Security Unit of Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard

  8. Commander MSSPFSU Deputy Commander MSSPFSU Port Facility Security Supervisor Port Facility Security Zone Auditors North Zone Coordinator Caricom Jetty Port of Port of Spain Scarborough Port Charlotteville Jetty Caribbean Salvage Maritime Preservation National Fisheries National Petrotrin South/Central Zone /Galeota Coordinator Atlantic LNG LABIDCO Petrotrin Point Fortin BPTT Galeota BHP Billiton Trinidad Cement Trinidad Contractors Petrotrin Point -a-Piarre Phoenix Park Yara Mittal Steel NEC PLIPDECO West Zone Coordinator Alcoa Baroid CARIDOC Chag. Terminal Marina Haven Pier 1 RSR Holdings Trinidad Salt Trinidad Distillers MSSPFSU OPERATIONAL ZONES Intelligence Cell 8

  9. Financial 9

  10. Social 10 Maritime Safety, Security and Advisory Committee Free training provided to all PFSOs Regular and ongoing lectures between Coast Guard personnel and PFSOs Public information provided through national television stations 24 hour availability service to maritime stakeholders Port Inspectors assigned to Port Facilities daily and Advice on drills, exercises and audits provided to ports

  11. Role of the Institutions 11 • 98 members of Coast Guard have been appointed permanently to implement and enforce the Code • 24 hour contact Mission Control Centre to receive SSAS and 96 our notice of Ship arrival information • Port Inspectors are assigned to port facilities daily as the DA representative on security issues and to ensure drills, exercises, audits are completed and ports remain compliant with Code • Security committees are set up at all ports • Administration for Ships ensures ships maintain ISPS Compliance through inspections by Coast Guard personnel

  12. Improvement indicators 12 Improved security awareness Detection of illegal devices and substances discovered at some of the major ports Improved access control, threat detection and

  13. Obstacles 13 Training of all personnel at large ports Shortage of Officers Culture Change Shipping Agents Some Owner/Operators not fully understanding the consequence of failure to remain compliant with Code Delay in boarding cruise liners Cost of ISPS implementation Lack of knowledge in purchasing the correct security equipment based on needs

  14. Future Plans 14 Website implementation for 96 hour vessel notification and easy access of services offered by Security Unit More public and maritime stakeholders awareness Recruiting of Officers Continuous training and retraining of Coast Guard personnel Amendment to Shipping Regulations to improve enforcement