on duty to make you rich l.
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On DUTY – to make YOU RICH PowerPoint Presentation
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On DUTY – to make YOU RICH

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On DUTY – to make YOU RICH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ZEN & UNITY Note : This is a temporary MANUAL .ppt file Detailed .doc file will be uploaded shortly. On DUTY – to make YOU RICH. xchangeGURU.com workshop focuses on :. NSE MCX FOREX Any Volumetric scripts / markets. Types of Trades – LONG and SHORTS.

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On DUTY – to make YOU RICH

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on duty to make you rich


Note :

This is a temporary MANUAL .ppt file

Detailed .doc file will be uploaded shortly

On DUTY – to make YOU RICH

xchangeguru com workshop focuses on
xchangeGURU.com workshop focuses on :
  • NSE
  • MCX
  • Any Volumetric scripts / markets
common bullish and bearish colors used
Common Bullish and Bearish colors used
important points of candlesticks
Important points of candlesticks :
  • Color of the candle :

Blue : Bullish

Red : Bearish

  • Time Frame : for eg. H4

In MT4.0, if You have selected H4, and on down scale it is showing 4PM. Means the candle is 4PM to 8PM candle.

Lets see some examples of CANDLE STICKS

now lets shift to softwares
Now lets shift to SOFTWARES
  • MetaTrader 4.0 ( MT4.0 )
  • Download / Install MT4.0 – FREE – for :




  • See Basic Functions of MT4.0
  • Installing ZEN & UNITY

( See VIDEO HELP FILES and other RESOURCES in “software” section of website )

metatrader 4 0
Metatrader 4.0

What is MT4.0

  • It is our Basic Charting Software or Tool.
  • It’s the product of MetaQuotes Company.
  • Thousands of Brokers give it for DEMO.
  • Just open a Demo Account, for that.
  • After Demo time is over, again re-open.
  • Keep using MT4 this way for – FREE

Where to Get MT4.0 from :

  • xchangeGURU.com CD
  • Internet directly
mt4 0 download from internet
MT4.0 Download from INTERNET
  • GCI Financial : http://www.gcitrading.com/mtdemo.htm
  • MBT Trading : http://www.mbtrading.com/metatrader4.aspx
  • INARABIA : http://www.inarabiafx.com
  • ForexControl : http://www.forexcontrol.com
  • BrocoTrader : http://www.brocompany.com/brokerage-services/open-demo-account/broco-trader/
  • You will be required to fill out a normal DEMO account form – name etc. just put your email id CORRECT.
  • Remember – You can run many MT4.0 on one PC only.

MT4.0 Vs. Scripts/markets - very important

  • Inarabiafx MT4.0 : for FOREX
  • GCI MT4.0 : for NIFTY
  • ForexControl MT4.0 : for NSE – 50 scripts
  • BrocoTrader MT4.0 : for MCX major scripts
mt4 0 given in the cd installation
MT4.0 given in the CD / installation
  • For those, who don’t want to go to internet and download MT4 from there, we are providing the MT4.0 software setup files on xchangeGURU CD.

Also find : VIDEO FILES to install :

Inarabia MT4

ForexControl MT4


BrocoTrader MT4

Very Important :

If after Installation of your MT4, Your MT4 asks for a LIVE UPDATE, just allow it to do it before going ahead.

Stepwise procedure, in written, in full details will be given in our TRADING MANUALS

zen and unity
  • Once you are done with MT4.0, its time to install : ZEN and UNITY

1) Download it from:



2) Download it form our website home page

3) Get ZEN.exe and UNITY.exe in our CD

………………..and install them. ( lets see these videos)

zen intraday system
ZEN Intraday System

Time Frame : M15 and M5

Markets : All Volumetric Scripts

NSE – Nifty, Reliance etc

MCX – Gold

Forex – EURUSD

Ingredients : Most complex GANN and WEILDERS laws

9 indicators converted to 2 or 3 indicators

Dedications : watch on market @ m15

Lets Learn ZEN right now. Step by step.

zen indicator 1 amazing line introduction
Zen Indicator 1 – Amazing Line - Introduction

Thick Colored line on main chart Screen.

Blue means – UP TREND

Red means – DOWN TREND

Yellow means – TREND CHANGE

candle touching and penetration wrt amazing line
Candle Touching and Penetration wrt AMAZING line

First Visualise a full candle with its tails,into one block only

zen trading steps rules
ZEN trading steps & rules :


Step 1 : Identify a correct Penetrating candle

Step 2 : Check Rough and Smooth Crossovers

Step 3 : Check Last Line Slopes of :

Blue line in – Rough Crossover indicator

Grey line in – Smooth Crossover indicator

Should be in direction. Not flat or not opposite.

Step 4 : Stochastics – only for seeing – overbought/oversold

Step 5 : Put SL as previous Pivot, TP as next pivot or wait

Till the market close.

* Don’t trade in last hours of market

* If last candle BLUE – only LONG. And vice versa

Taking more shots, with a bit of gap

Allow gap between penetrating candle and amazing line @ 5-7 points in nifty, but make sure, SMOOTH or ROUGHT crossover is FRESH. This way you can catch more shots. MAGNIFY to see the chart. Verify that a SMALL space also exists or not. If this minor space exists, confirm with fresh crossovers in rough and smooth.

slope rule for zen
  • In ZEN – SLOPE should be PROPER. And cannot be FLAT or in opposite directions ( eg.. If you are BUYING, slope of blue line ( in rough, smooth crossovers ) – cannot be FLAT or DOWN side.
  • The SLOPE line should have proper angle. In slope there should be atleast 4 pixel angle.
unity positional system
UNITY Positional System

Time Frame : H1 & D1

Markets : All Volumetric Scripts

NSE – Nifty, Reliance etc

MCX – Gold

Forex – EURUSD

Ingredients : Most complex GANN and WEILDERS laws

11 indicators converted to 2 or 3 indicators

Dedications : if H1 – see markets every one hour

if D1 – see markets once in a day

Lets Learn UNITY right now. Step by step.

unity simple rules
Unity Simple Rules :

1) Check change in UNITY_TREND – 1 or 2 or max. 3 Bars.

2) Check Crossover in TWO amazing lines – not late by 10 candles.

3) Crossovers in ROUGH and SMOOTH golden.

4) Slope points of ROUGH and SMOOTH. Should not be in opposite direction. Can be flat.

5) Candle should be TOUCHED and penetrated

** In case there is a SMALL gap ( 15 points in nifty ), make sure, SMOOTH or GOLDEN or TWO AMAZING lines show a FRESH CROSSOVER.

is a FRESH crossover. ( fresh by 1-2-3 bars )

6) Any one of the stochastics line should be in between 15 & 85 levels. Make the levels yourself.

** Don’t trade in last hours of market.

** If Both lines color same – VERY GOOD.

** Make sure - you enter at HI LO break.

** in GOLD – MCX – see only FRESH CROSSOVER in two lines ( in last 1—4 bars – since MCX follows COMEX. But MCX closes everyday, COMEX closes weekly.

** Forex, MCX, International all markets – H1, H4

** NSE – H1, D1

how to take zen and unity
How to take ZEN and UNITY
  • If convinced, take a DEMO or buy FULL SUBSCRIPTION right now :

DEMO charges

ZEN – Rs.1500 for 10 days

UNITY – Rs. 1500 for 10 days

Full Subscription

ZEN - Rs. 6000 for 60 days

UNITY – Rs. 6000 for 60 days


A total renewal charge of Rs. 3000 per month from 61st day ( for ZEN or UNITY or BOTH )

how things will move
How things will move :
  • Take a CD from us ( or we EMAIL you ) :

Pay Rs. 1500 or 3000 and take a CD from us. This CD will contain all softwares :

  • MT4.0 – for NSE, MCX, FX
  • Trading Systems – ZEN.exe, UNITY.exe
  • Video Help files – Installing MT4, Zen, Unity
  • Video Help files – Operating MT4
  • Detailed manual – on ZEN and UNITY

2) Or Download everything from the internet



PAYMENT Options & LICENSE KEY system

  • PAY BY CASH, DD ( payable to baroda, in name of Ashish Pandya )
  • Or Deposit Directly to : Savings Account no. 718215, Corporation Bank, Old Padra Road Branch, Baroda.

Send us an email at : PAYMENTS@xchangeGURU.com & ashish@xchangeGURU.com / call us to inform your payment. Please inform your Name, Cell no., Email id in this email.

On realization of Money / DD – We will send you the CD or email you all softwares + LICENSE 32 bit KEY

Remember : You need a 32 bit LICENSE KEY to run ZEN and UNITY on your PC. One KEY is valid for ONE PC only.

  • 24*7 Support on EMAIL.
  • One personal session @ every week – for 6-7 hours. I or my team will resolve your all queries personally. This will be in Baroda.
  • Online CHAT room facility is coming on website. All can work out there in a group.
  • Special sessions on FOREX. Everything about forex – basics and advanced.
contacts for brokerage to you
Contacts for BROKERAGE to you..

ASHISH GANDHI - 99250 37685

Email id - yoggandhi@gmail.com

Important :

  • It is important and mandatory for you to keep ASHISH GANDHI as your SUBBROKER for FOREX. – consult ashish@xchangeguru.com or above email id for details.
  • We want to save clients from BROKERAGE scams in forex.
  • Never give money to any one for trading in name of forex.
  • Just BEWARE of all FOREX SCAMS. Remember, if you are with us, I assure you – you will be SCAM PROOF.
  • For any forex related queries, shoot an email to us.
rules to make properties and not daily profits
Rules to make PROPERTIES and not daily profits
  • Rule 1 : Select the Best ENGINE ( Select a good trading system like ZEN / UNITY )
  • Rule 2 : Get ENGINE on tracks

( Follow system blindly to get in

good profit zones )

  • Rule 3 : Follow that ONE ENGINE for life

( Don’t keep shifting to other systems )


STOP Asking TIPSTERS, BROKERS for TIP. Work Out yourself. Be the KING.

Never ASK : Tipster, Friend, Your Broker,


Never Follow : News channels

DO its OPPOSITE. You will earn.

Follow the charts BLINDLY. You’ll make money always

so bottom line for now
So.. Bottom LINE….for NOW

Making BIG BUCKS – BIG PIPS – Trading – NSE, MCX or FOREX is the EASIEST thing you can do…






remember very well
Remember very well…

We Stand together for – LIFE.

And I will be yr BEST FRIEND in 3 months.