guess what l.
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Guess What?

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Guess What? By: Edouard and Maddie Sometimes people come to me by boat. Wetlands Ocean Correct! Here is some info. I live in cool places such as ponds. I live in wetlands. You’re wrong!! Here are some hints.

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Guess What?

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guess what

Guess What?

By: Edouard and


correct here is some info
Correct!Here is some info.

I live in cool places such as ponds.

I live in wetlands.

you re wrong here are some hints
You’re wrong!!Here are some hints.
  • Try again! My biome has lily pads.
  • The water in my biome is fresh and shallow.
wonderful here is other info
Wonderful!!Here is other info.
  • My name is a compound word.
  • Only one side of my leaf is facing the water, the other stays afloat to take light.
  • My leaves are firm, but flexible enough so the wave action does not tear them.
keep trying fill in the blanks
Keep trying!Fill in the blanks.
  • W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ y

who am i
Who am I?

Water lily

Lotus Plant

water lily
Water lily

If you guessed the Water Lily, congrats!!

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