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RANK: Sam, Chad, and Luke Present: Marketing Plan Background Of E! Networks Ownership is a joint venture between subsidiaries of Comcast Communications Corp. and the Walt Disney company Leading network in providing entertainment shows and news Bold, inside, and revealing

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Sam, Chad, and Luke Present:

Marketing Plan

background of e networks
Background Of E! Networks
  • Ownership is a joint venture between subsidiaries of Comcast Communications Corp. and the Walt Disney company
  • Leading network in providing entertainment shows and news
  • Bold, inside, and revealing
  • Headquarters located in Los Angeles, California
  • Top shows on the network are The Anna Nicole Show, The E! True Hollywood Story, Howard Stern, and Wild On!
background of rank
Background of Rank
  • Weekly one-hour show currently scheduled at 7 p.m. EST on Saturday (supposed to be)
  • Count down format in the field of exciting, off-beat, discussion-provoking elements of pop culture (movies, TV, music, and celebrity)
  • States the best and worst in pop culture
  • Revealing because it enlists celebrities, experts, as well as viewers to give their opinions about ranking
focus group primary research
Focus Group (Primary Research)
  • Group consisted of 8 people- 2 females and 6 males-Ages 18 to 22
  • Watched the episode Top 25 under 25: Players and Played Out
  • 3 people had never seen Rank (2 males, 1 female)
  • Out of the 8 people no one said that they would recommend the show
  • Majority of group surfs by E! to see what’s on (only one checks E! often, 2 people check it rarely, 1 person never watches it)
  • 6 of 8 believe show lives up to theirexpectations of the E! networks
focus group cont d
Focus Group cont’d
  • Celebrity opinions
  • Brooke Burke (just her- not what she was saying)
  • The little humor there was in the episode
  • On-line polls (before and after commercial breaks)
  • Stuck to Rank format
  • Good concept
  • Good show to watch in a group
  • Good show graphics
  • Set didn’t make sense
  • Uneven pacing (time spent talking to each celebrity)
  • The writing of the show
  • Clips shown during the show were too long
  • No justification for the number in which they are Ranked
  • Overall thought show was boring and predictable
  • Every person said that they would have tuned out during the show (either at the beginning or middle of the show)
secondary market research
Secondary Market Research
  • Celebrity Oops #1 ratings fetcher so far for Rank with 1.44 (Household Ratings)
  • Sexiest Women #2 with 1.15
  • Hollywood Couples #3 with .84
  • Rank Premiers are not consistent (sometimes Saturday, sometimes Monday, sometimes Tuesday)
  • E! Online is the #1 online entertainment site
consumer analysis
Consumer Analysis
  • Current broad target audience of Rank is adult 18-49
  • Focused target audience is Adults 18-34
  • Also insiders who want the inside scoop, self improvers, watchers of E!
  • Young, single, hip
  • Follows the crowd, like variety
  • Heavy TV watchers
  • People who want to hear about the mistakes of celebrities
  • Low education, traditional, laid back
  • Trend setters and watchers
market analysis
Market Analysis
  • External factors affecting Rank:
  • Everyone seems to be into the reality TV genre right now (Countdown format shows are currently not the highest rated)
  • (Why Anna Nicole has higher ratings than Rank)
  • The fact that people who get The E! channel are also most likely subscribed to at least 35 to 150 other channels (on satellite or cable) as well
  • Other shows on Saturday at 7:00 (when Rank is supposed to premier) that target are same audience are:
  • Entertainment Tonight-on broadcast TV
  • Entertainment Tonight on VH1
  • Inside the Actors Studio-on Bravo
competitive analysis
Competitive analysis
  • Have a unique program (not in the countdown genre but in the content)
  • Online polls work great to keep the audience through commercials
  • Brooke Burke’s Appearance
  • Writers of the show
  • Dave Holmes-distracting and annoying
  • Gulianna-doesn’t add anything
  • No definite time slot for premieres
  • Not enough awareness for the show
  • Inconsistent and low ratings (especially with men)
competitive analysis cont d
Competitive analysis cont’d
  • To become a loved and regularly watched program
  • To become a show that people talk about to others
  • Opportunity to become more popular with women and men
  • Shows that also countdown and Rank celebrities, music, or popular culture (VH1, MTV)
  • Also from other Entertainment shows that basically target the same demographics (Entertainment Tonight, Celebrity Justice, Inside The Actor’s Studio)
marketing objectives
Marketing Objectives
  • The following are the strategies and justifications for our marketing plan
  • With these strategies and justifications our objective is to improve and create demand for Rank
  • To give viewers consistency in viewing time
  • To make the show more entertaining
  • Not to change our target audience but to actually target them
  • Overall make Rank something that our target audience wants to watch and wants to tell others about
marketing recommendations
Marketing Recommendations
  • Keep Brooke Burke
  • Choose celebrity co-hosts that are knowledgeable about the list, but also that work well with her
  • Chemistry is the key
recommendations cont d
Recommendations cont’d
  • Lose the writers
  • Incorporate humor rather than just the facts
  • The show feels like it is written to young teens, but they are not in the target audience (Adults 18-49)
  • The pace is too inconsistent
more recommendations
More Recommendations
  • There is no logical path for the actual lists: movies, music, appearance, couples
  • Broad topics will target the most different demographics, but would there be more viewers with a narrower topic range
  • The lists need to be shortened to 15
  • Stop ranking movies (low ratings every time)
time slot recommendation
Time Slot Recommendation
  • Consistent time slot
  • Four different premier days, six different times
  • People cannot watch if they are unaware when a new show will air
  • The show should air Monday at 7 PM
    • Currently E! News Live is on 7 PM on Saturday’s- move it back an hour where there is currently nothing permanently scheduled (6:00)
    • Keep E! News Live at 6 :00 for the rest of the week-(currently it is not at a permanent time slot either)
set change recommendation
Set Change Recommendation
  • Instead of taping in sets that don‘t make sense (i.e. bowling alley for top 25 under 25) tape in:
  • A set that is consistent and can be familiarized with the show
  • Something that Brooke Burke looks comfortable in
  • Brings a broader sense of continuity to Rank
  • Viewers will be able to associate the set with Rank
our recommendations cont d
Our Recommendations cont’d
  • The interactive polls keep viewers watching through commercials and also give the viewers a sense of contribution
  • Brooke Burke will keep the male attention, but she needs better material to work with
  • The premise of the show is not a bad one
promotion objectives
Promotion Objectives
  • To raise awareness about Rank
  • To reach our target audience
  • Emphasize new changes to the show
  • Give people a reason to watch the show
promotion strategies
Promotion Strategies
  • Contests
  • Television Advertising
  • On-Line
  • Magazines
  • Write down the order of the countdown and send it in to E!
  • Look for something at the end, write it down and send it to E!
  • Mail in your list for a Rank show
  • Prizes: Be the Co-Host, Meet Brooke, a trip
t v advertising
T.V Advertising
  • Commercials during other popular E! shows
  • -(Anna Nicole, E! True Hollywood Stories, Wild On)
  • Commercials on other networks
  • Commercials promoting upcoming shows, special celebrity co-hosts, new time slot, contests and Brooke Burke
  • Utilize E! News Ticker to promote upcoming shows
on line
  • Pop-Ups
  • Buttons
  • Icons and Pictures (at the top of the screen –one of the first things you see)
  • Put Rank promo at the top of E! Online’s Homepage (Not top rated show like Anna Nicole)
  • Promote upcoming shows, new time slot, celebrity co-hosts, contests and Brooke Burke
  • Page advertisements
  • Ads in other magazines
  • - Entertainment Weekly
  • - Maxim
  • - Rolling Stone
  • - Sports Illustrated
  • In the male magazines accentuate how hot Brooke Burke is (sexy photos) to raise male viewing
  • Promote upcoming shows, new time slot, celebrity co-hosts, contests and Brooke Burke


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