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Chad. By Garrett Shahan. Map of Chad. Flag of Chad. Blue symbolizes the sky, hope, and water Yellow symbolizes the sun and the desert Red symbolizes progress, unity, and sacrifice. Historic Sites and Landmarks.

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Flag of chad
Flag of Chad

  • Blue symbolizes the sky, hope, and water

  • Yellow symbolizes the sun and the desert

  • Red symbolizes progress, unity, and sacrifice

Historic sites and landmarks
Historic Sites and Landmarks

  • Ouara is an ancient city in eastern Chad that was abandoned due to drought

  • Sultan Ibn Abdel-KerimDjame'spalace

  • Lake Chad

    • Estimated that the lake will be completely dry in less than 50 years

Climate setting and t ransportation
Climate, Setting, and Transportation

  • Chad is a hot and dry country that receives little to no rain until the seasonal rains in June to September hit.

  • The country contains the Sahara desert in the north, the Sahel in the central region, and savannah in the south

  • No form of transportation other than walking is widely used due to the high poverty percentage. Chad completely lacks railways, has less than 300km of paved roads and only 8 paved airports

Arts and culture
Arts and culture

  • Chad National Museum

  • Chad Cultural Center


  • Hunting


  • Millet is the staple dish and is generally used to make balls of paste and then dipped in sauce

  • Fish is also

    widely consumed

Languages religion and ethnic groups
Languages, Religion, and Ethnic Groups

  • Language

    • French and Arabic (official)

    • Sara (in the south)

  • Religion

    • 54% Muslim, 20% Roman Catholic, 14% protestant, 10% Animist

  • Ethnic groups

    • Gorane in north, Sara in south

Additional information
Additional information

  • Toyota war – The Chadian

    forces fought back the Libyans by using

    Toyotas that were more mobile than

    the Libyan tanks

  • The Chadian flag was

    originally going to have

    green but it was changed to blue due to the high amount of flags that already had green in Africa

  • Chad is the 7thpoorest country in the world

Imports and exports
Imports and Exports

  • Exports

    • Cotton, oil, livestock

  • Imports

    • petroleum products, machinery, foodstuffs

Natural hazards
Natural Hazards

  • Drought

  • Sandstorms

    Life expectancy – 48.7 years