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DUO Training. Post Office initiative designed to reduce costs and improve utilization of clerks and resources. This is now a HQ approved program

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duo training

DUO Training

Post Office initiative designed to reduce

costs and improve utilization of clerks and resources.

This is now a HQ approved program

NAPUS successfully obtained a 90 day Moratorium to provide sufficient time to complete the consultative process in order to reach and agreement on DUO guidelines.

cart before the horse
Cart before the Horse

I will let you name the horses….

duo overview
DUO Overview
  • All city, rural & HCR routes are moved from office A to office B.
  • Criteria: 9 or less routes & 20 mile radius between gaining and losing office.
  • Zip codes do not change. Requires same mail processing Plant.
  • Regular clerks are excessed per Article 12 - PTF’s usually are not.
  • PTF’s are required to travel to other offices. PTF clerks should be encouraged to apply for jobs via Priority eReassign. eReassign=first come – first serve.

- There is a moratorium on excessing clerks during contract negotiations.

  • City carriers follow their routes. (Seniority is merged @ receiving office)
  • Rural carriers follow routes - Step 4 decision is in place.
  • Contract cleaner contracts are not affected by DUO – hours may change.

Assessment Process:

  • Delivery Operations gathers data (They own process at District level)
  • Constant communication is required from District / DUO Coordinator
  • Should have a clear cost savings analysis (eFMS & CDSC)

- Includes office level impact, leases, complement reduction, transportation

  • Sufficient space at gaining office is required. Handbook AS 503
  • Space inside and out for parking. No impact to retail services.
  • Notification letters to Postmasters, employees & local Congressmen.
duo assessment process
DUO Assessment Process
  • Every Postmaster needs to review current Form 150. Updated monthly - The link is on the handout - Training Guide

(**Upcoming BMEU consolidations will affect revenue.)

  • ZOT = 2 years. Some will fall into an immediatedowngrade.
  • Saved grade vs. saved salary (no pay raises until lower salary “catches up”)
  • Exempt to Non-exempt status change. (OT issues)
  • Level 16 offices will be 15’s if there are not 2 full time equivalent employees. (start early, hire PMR)
  • Form 50 change must be immediate is NAPUS position.
  • Losing office will need to hire a PMR asap if drop to Level 15 or less
  • Level 1 F4 must be completed (30 days giving) prior to move, Level 2 (onsite) after the move (receiving)
  • ****Notify NAPUS State President when an office receives a letter identifying them for DUO.
process checklist
Process Checklist
  • CSDC website is source for state President to monitor progress

*** CSDC office level projection needs verified- split formula in the 150 (WSC) for city

routes. Losing office retains 1/3 credit per route.

  • District must complete 99 steps for Area and HQ approval. They are listed on the CSDC website.

* President can monitor process by selecting the office to review.


  • Review of Process Steps: (NAPUS website)

** On site meeting with affected Postmasters – 30 days prior #10

  • Review of CSDC program
  • Review eFMS website
  • Automated Form 150 on Blue Page – link is in DUO SOP
  • NAPUS Q & A link – this is also on the website
elm 415 revision
ELM 415 Revision
  • Postmasters and station managers whose EAS grade levels are reduced as a result of implementation of DUO will receive saved grade for two years and indefinite saved salary thereafter provided they adhere to the following
  • During the two-year saved grade period affected Postmasters and station managers downgraded as a result of DUO should apply for lateral reassignments to vacant duty assignments at their saved grade/level within their commuting areas (50 miles).
  • During the two-year saved grade period affected Postmasters and station managers downgraded as a result of DUO may be reassigned involuntarily to vacant assignments at their saved grade/level within their commuting areas. Salary protection for affected Postmasters and station managers who decline such involuntary reassignments will terminate at the beginning of the pay period following such refusal.
  • If no lateral opportunity becomes available during the two—year saved grade period, affected Postmasters and station managers receive indefinite saved salary.
  • These provisions apply only to Postmasters and station managers impacted by DUO.
state president challenges
State President Challenges

1. Process Steps being followed

2. Space - traffic flow, parking, restrooms, etc

3. Service: Impact to retail operations including box customers. Supposed to be transparent…

4. Safety: OSHA violations, minimal space..

5. Cost Savings: 10 year plan for ROI.

6. Mileage: Distance – 10 miles & 20 mile radius.

7. 9 routes or less

8. CSDC & F4 review indicate clerk will stay

Contact Charlie @ NAPUS HQ if District is noncompliant

republican senator introduces bill to save us postal service
Republican Senator introduces bill to save US Postal Service
  • Legislation has been introduced into the US Senate seeking cost savings and financial stability for the US Postal Service.
  • Susan Collins, the Senator from Maine, said her bill would “fix” the overpayment by the USPS into its pension and retirement funds, reform workers’ compensation systems and improve USPS contracting practices.
  • The bill, dubbed the US Postal Service Improvements Act of 2011, was referred yesterday for consideration by the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, on which Senator Collins is the leading Republican. The chairman of the Committee’s Federal Financial Management subcommittee, Senator Tom Carper, is currently preparing his own proposals to address the USPS problems.
  • With a nod to the changing postal market and challenges from the digital age, Collins said yesterday that her proposals would “spark new life” into the Postal Service as it evolved its role in the economy.
  • She said the Postal Service had to “re-invent itself”, embracing changes to revitalize its business model and attract customers.
  • Collins said yesterday: “The Postal Service is at a crossroads. It must choose the correct path, it must take steps toward a bright future. It must reject the path of severe service reductions and huge rate hikes, which will only alienate customers.”
  • Collins said her bill would fix the overpayment into the Civil Service Retirement System, estimated to have cost the USPS more than $50bn, and also overpayments into the Federal Employees Retirement System.
pmg 2020 plan leaner faster smarter
PMG 2020 PLAN (Leaner, Faster, Smarter)
  • Eliminate 10,000 Post Offices – mostly in rural communities.

- Unfortunately this is where the American public needs us the most due to limited

internet, aging population base, etc.

  • Make full use of alternative access - Wal Mart, Office Max, etc.

- Off site kiosks generated more revenue than 19,000 post offices in FY09.

  • PMG Donohoe is soliciting Congress for authorization to achieve objectives including – closing offices for financial reasons.
  • 100,000 employees reduced in 3 years. Expect the same in next 3 years.
  • HQ, Area, District & Plant consolidations/reductions to continue.
  • DUO, Post Office suspensions, BMEU consolidation, etc.
postmaster napus response
Postmaster & NAPUS Response
  • 1. Be involved – Attend meetings, write to PRC & Congress person
  • 2. Start redefining and framing the issue: “Is the USPS a business or

government mandated service to the American people?”

  • 3. Require the Districts & HQ follow the ELM and their own rules.

(The ELM is subject to change…)

  • 4. File Resolution Logs
  • 5. Stay informed: NAPUS website contains the SOP Guidelines, contact information and breaking news, this powerpoint, updates regarding DUO.