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Antonius Link

Antonius Link

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Antonius Link

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  1. Antonius Link Co Founder & CPO HYGH AG

  2. Antonius Link is a Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of HYGH AG. He is also a Speaker, Product Visionary and Investor and lives in Berlin, Germany. He led the development of MVP platform and HYGH’s primary ideologist that cannot wait to bring advantages of Blockchain technology in everyday lives. He decided to drop studying in 2017 in Industrial Engineering at TU Berlin and afterward, he started this company. It brings with many more years of experience in HYGH and technical Knowledge.

  3. HYGH “ EVERYONE CAN ADVERTISE “ HYGH connects owners of public displays with advertisers in P2P criteria. The HYGH Platform encourage every person to become an advertiser, from the other part of an advertising competence & company size. HYGH target for the convenience and easy to use app turns any of the screens into a highly flexible ad space, and it be tablet located at a convenience store checkout A small television in a small shop window. It saves time and money which is more beneficial for today’s people. HYGH’s link :

  4. Our mission is to redefine how we, as a society, handle advertisements in our cities. Who should provide the infrastructure? Who should be advertising? As of now, the market for Digital Out of Home Advertising is slow-moving, centralized, inflexible and inaccessible for small businesses. Our objective is to establish an easy to use standard that empowers a small beauty salon to advertise only at barber shops and drugstores in its area, only when the sun is shining. We have set ourselves the task to improve the status democratize the advertising industry.With easy to use HYGH platform. By reducing the time needed to publish an advertisement from months to seconds, HYGH is going to open a new global market for dynamic real-time advertising. “ EVERYONE CAN ADVERTISE ” Vision

  5. Benefits Display Provider + Easy setup. Passive income. Low maintenance + Be in control of the contents on your display + Use HYGH as Content Management System for your displays Advertiser + Run a hyperlocal ad-campaign for as low as 5$ per day + React to current events as they unfold + Increase market reach. Advertise in the real world

  6. Antonius Link - Facebook • Antonius Link - Gust • Antonius Link - Vimeo • Antonius Link - Issue • Antonius Link - Devianart • Antonius Link - Aboutme • Antonius Link - Behance • Antonius Link - Authorstreem • Antonius Link - Openstreetmap • Antonius Link - Disqus • Antonius Link - Imgur • Antonius Link - Ask • Antonius Link - Audioboom • Antonius Link - Meetup • Antonius Link - Soundcloud • Antonius Link - Linkedin Links Connected to Antonius Link

  7. Timeline December 2018 June August October 2019 Feb 2019 March 2019 2020 2017 October Launch of Project HYGH ICO Start 150,000 Screens In The Network Launch App & enable LIVE Streaming Promotional Video Finished & Prototype ready to showcase Team Expansion & Strategic Partnerships Private Sale Start Pre ICO Start Final Product Launch & Full Support with all major devices