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  1. The BATANGAS RACING CIRCUIT Mailing Address:Bgy. Maligaya, 4225 Rosario, Batangas E-mail

  2. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND • As the Go-Karting Sport held at the Carmona Circuit gears towards full development, another race track was conceptualized to be built at the then 18 hectare property of Kilton Motor Corporation situated at Bo. Maligaya, Rosario, Batangas. Armed with a clear and strong vision on the development of motorsports in the Philippines, site development plan on the drawing board and dreams of a World-Class Race Track turned into reality as the construction of a new track began. The Race Track to be called “Batangas Racing Circuit” will cater races bigger than go-karts and scooters---Touring Cars, Superbikes and of course, Formula Cars. • After months of hard work and capital draining project, the Batangas Racing Circuit was finally inaugurated. With the untiring Corporate Support from the Shell Companies, Toyota Motor Corporation, Philip Morris Phils, Norkis Yamaha, and Kilton Motor Corporation and the Provincial Government of Batangas, then Gov. Hermlando Mandanas and the Municipality of Rosario, racers at the BRC as it was commonly known, kicks off. The grandstand was full of expectators an motorsports enthusiasts, well known drivers and aficionados in the industry were present; Government Officials, and then Senator now President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, graced the occasion. The inauguration opened years that promises a clear development of Motorsport in our country. The year was 1996.

  3. The Track is designed to ensure safety for the drivers and riders participating in every event as well as the spectators. The original circuit built in 1996 boasts a 2.9 km length and max of 15 meter wide in the main straight. The track runs up and downs along stretches and treacherous curves. • THE Batangas Racing Circuit Association and its BOARD OF GOVERNORS. To ensure the success of the first ever Formula Racing in the country, a professional organization was established to oversee the running of the races. The representatives of the Shell Companies, Toyota Motor Philippines, Philip Morris, Norkis Yamaha and Kilton Motor Corporation formed the nucleus of what is known as the BRCA Board of Governors. Hospitality Suites complete with amenities were built to house these Corporations during events at the race track. • RACE CLASSES. The Batangas Racing Circuit organized the following races when it opened in 1996, additional and new classes were added as the year went on: • 1. Formula Toyota • 2. National Touring Car Races • 3. Mortorcycle Road Racing • 4. Toyota Corolla Cup

  4. The unprecedented growth in terms of publicity and exposure of races held in the circuit, BRC becomes a household name when mentioning car and bike races. It has attracted numerous corporation to support teams and clubs holding races or participating the Annual BRC Grand Prix. They found out that BRC offers unlimited advertising exposures of products via Pitwalll Advertisements and Bill boards within the Race Track. • EXPANSION. Despite economic hardships, the owners of the Batangas Racing Circuit, through Corporate Support, managed to expand the race track from the 18-hectare to about 25-hectare property thereby completing a 3.5 km long race track. The expansion, brought added excitement to the drivers and riders as they negotiate the track during weekend events. Safety measures were undertaken to elevate the track into a world-class racing facility. • HOMOLOGATION. The efforts to ensure safety were finally justified when the track was granted its FIA homologation. After seven years, the BRC Track was listed among the World Class Race Tracks at par with those circuits in Europe and Japan, as the Federation Internationale L’Automobile, the World Governing Body for Motorsports, granted the GRADE 4 CIRCUIT LICENSE to the Batangas Racing Circuit.

  5. The International Recognition brought the holding of the Annual Prestigious races of the Asian Formula Three. • The Year 2004 promises another breakthrough in the Philippine Motorsports. As the number of Filipinos racing illegally in various drag races in the main thoroughfare of the Metropolis, three (3) major Corporate Partners of BRC pledged their support to eradicate illegal and dangerous drag racing in the Capital by providing a safe, permanent and up to international standard, Drag Racing Strip. With the strong vision of the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum, Casino Filipino and Phil. Auto Component Inc.--the makers of Denso product, another THREE HUNDRED (300) meters is added to the existing 550 meters, making a 700 meter drag strip and a 150 meter return. • The newly introduced race in the regular BRC calendar, earned support from the drag racers, particularly when BRC acquired an all computerized Drag Race Timing systems from Porta Tree, USA. • With the much talked-about Drag Races, the first six rounds- Automobile Association Of the Philippines (AAP) sanctioned drag races, were participated by more than a hundred dragsters and sponsored by San Miguel Corporation—Red Horse Beer Division.

  6. The success of the first Drag Championship Series also earned support from the ever-reliable Corporate partners of BRC---the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, the PAGCOR-Casino Filipino, the Phil Auto Components, (DENSO) and the Yokohama Tire Sales Phils. That year, the first recognized Drag Racing Series produced its first Champion and named Golden Wheel Awardee for Drag Racing---Mr. Joel Cordero. • After years of holding successful races, BRC now produces Champions in their respective discipline. It has established Philippine Records, from Motorcycle Road Racing, to Car Races and Formula races. • It has named Jonathan Tiu of Drag Racing for a Philippine Record of 10.287 secs in a 1,320 ft. (quarter-of-a-mile). • It has also witness the marking of the 10th year of the reigning Champions—Jolet Jao in the field of Superbikes and Jody Coseteng in the field of Touring Cars. It has also produced great Filipino Drivers—AF3 Driver-Tyson Sy and Michelle Bumgarner, now representing the Philippines in the International Competitions in USA and in Europe.

  7. For the last ten years of the BRC, continuos upgrading of facilities were undertaken. In 2006, the new Drag Racing tower was built at the Starting Line of the Drag Strip to house the Timing Systems and the Secreatriat. Walls were built around the circuit, per instruction of the FIA to ensure further safety. • The once grassy portion outside the walls of the circuit was now turned into a dirt track, catering off road Activities, complete with water and hilly terrain. • As the Philippine Motorsports heading towards maturity, enthusiasts may expect continous upgrading of BRC facilities to cope up with the new regulations set by world governing bodies to ensure safety of the drivers and riders as well as spectators who flocked the circuit and the Corporate Sponsors who invest their finances and continually support and believe in the vision of the Batangas Racing Circuit.

  8. The RACE TRACK The Main Straight (DRAG STRIP)


  10. FIRST TURN "San Mig Coffee Turn" SECOND TURN "R-Bend"


  12. LAST TURN "SHELL TURN" GRANDSTAND along the main straight


  14. Paddock Area Garage 'B' Paddock Area Garage 'C' MAIN BUILDING 'A', facing main Straight Which houses the Four (4) Hospitality Suites,VIP Lounge and Secretariat at the Second Floor Eight (8) TWIN GARAGE and Media Center occupies the First Floor, STUDIO is located at the 4th Floor, 3rd Floor--is the Bleacher, CONTROL TOWER and Restaurant Area

  15. Secretariat Office adjacent to the VIP Lounge Control Tower and Officials' Lounge Upper Grandstand 3rd floor of the main building Restaurant Area 3rd Floor Main Building

  16. Hospitality Suites

  17. Off Road facilities for 4x4 and dirt road races DRAG STRIP (main straight) for Drag Racing, The DRAG TOWER at the rear. Lights were provided for drag races at night.