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Approved… Destination U.S.A.

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Approved… Destination U.S.A. U.S.-CHINA GROUP LEISURE TRAVEL MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) Signed December 11, 2007.

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u s china group leisure travel memorandum of understanding mou signed december 11 2007

“Today’s agreement will open a large and growing market for the U.S. travel and tourism industry. This creates positive economic benefits for the United States and strengthens the relationship between our nations. Now more Chinese visitors have an opportunity to experience

America’s hospitality, cultural

diversity and natural beauty.”

~ Commerce Secretary

Carlos M. Gutierrez

the emergence of chinese tourism
The Emergence of Chinese Tourism
  • 1983 - first trips to Hong Kong permitted
  • 1990 - first bilateral tourism agreements with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were signed.
  • 1996 - declared the “Year of Leisure and Vacation”
  • 1997 - Chinese are allowed to travel outside of Asia and the Chinese Government announces that outbound travel had evolved from a trial to an official basis.
key provisions of the mou
Key Provisions of the MOU
  • Chinese regulations restrict companies from organizing and marketing package tours for leisure purposes to countries that do not have agreements in place. This MOU fulfills this purpose without changing existing laws or policies of the United States, including the issuance of visas.
  • Chinese travel agencies will be allowed to work with U.S. companies to organize and market packaged group leisure tours to the United States. In addition, U.S. travel destinations will be able to market their brands in China.
  • This agreement is in the implementation process that will provide for an orderly market transition.
visas for group leisure travelers
Visas for Group Leisure Travelers
  • This MOU will facilitate some procedural aspects of tourist visa applications for individuals traveling in groups, and we hope it will allow the travel industry in China to more actively promote trips to the United States.
  • This MOU does not change the criteria required of each individual to qualify for a U.S. visa. All applicants are considered on their individual merits, and travelers receive individual visas.
  • Procedures under this MOU facilitate application for a visa, but do not guarantee issuance. All applicants must still appear for an interview and be fingerprinted and must qualify individually.
what has not changed under the agreement
What has NOT changed under the Agreement
  • In contrast to many other countries with ADS agreements, the U.S. does not offer a special "group" visa. Tourists will still apply for and be granted our standard B1/B2 business/tourism visa on an individual basis.
  • We will still require all applicants to complete a finger scan and appear for an individual interview.
  • As always, the visa officer will make the visa approval decision based on whether or not the applicant has demonstrated that he does not intend to immigrate to the United States, violate U.S. law, or pose a security risk.
  • Successful applicants generally receive a multiple-entry visa that is valid for one full year, so they are welcome to visit the United States several times during the visa’s validity – not just for a group tour they have signed up for.
u s china group leisure travel memorandum of understanding mou implemented may 15 2008
  • The launch of business for Chinese group leisure travel to the United States will continuously expand promotion of China-U.S. tourism interaction and push the broadening of exchange and cooperation between
  • the two countries in economic,
  • cultural, and air services
  • arenas, among others,”
      • ~ CNTA Chairman
      • Shao Qiwei
  • 2 Phase visa roll out plan
  • Exchange of approved tour operator lists between CNTA and NTA.
  • Advertising of destinations is now


  • Travel agencies now can package

group tours for the China market.

inaugural visit
Inaugural Visit

Group leisure travel to the United States officially begins with CNTA Chairman Shao’s visit on June 17th.

thank you caroline katzin
Thank you !!Caroline Katzin

Beijing: Darrel Ching

Gao Yan

Shanghai: Kevin Chambers

Lynn Jiao

Chengdu: Eric Wolff

Misha Cao (Xiao Cao)