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how to become aircraft maintenance engineer

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Brief description on the paths to be a licensed aircraft engineer. Three basic path to the job, attend an approved school, apprenticeship program or self study

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how to become a licensed aircraft engineer

How to Become a LicensedAircraft Engineer


aircraft maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance
  • The authority of each country pass up law to control the activities of aircraft maintenance.
  • Only an approved organizations and licensed personnel can certify the maintenance documentation.
  • The licensed personnel are the aircraft maintenance engineers.
licensed aircraft maintenance engineer
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Licensing is a way of controlling the quality of works performed on the aircraft.
  • Only a person who had undergone an approved training, passed the specified examinations and gained sufficient work experience will be accorded the license.
  • A license is normally given by the civil aviation authority.
the path to get the license
The Path To Get the License

There are al least three path to get your license.

  • Approved Training School – An approved school is a school that had complied to the requirements.
  • Apprenticeship Program. – An airline normally take in apprentice to meet the staffing need.
  • Self Study –Join and work for the airline at a lower position and work your way to get the license.
approved school
Approved School
  • School need to get the approval from the country’s civil aviation authority.
  • Among the items required for the approval are:
    • Approved and qualified teaching staff.
    • Facilities and training aids
    • Syllabi and course contents
  • Constant audit will be conducted by the authorities.
apprenticeship program
Apprenticeship Program
  • This is an in house program by airline.
  • The apprentice will do the work and study at the same time.
  • Since they work, they will get pay.
  • Apprentice program tend to meet the needs of the airline better as it can control the intake and selections.
self study
Self Study
  • This is not the popular path as it is normally difficult to study and work at the same time.
  • The number passing through is very low.
  • Suitable for matured adult.
the examination
The examination
  • There are both internal examination as well as external exam.
  • Internal is provided by the courses’ provider.
  • External is done by Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Written examination
    • Oral examination
rewarding career
Rewarding Career
  • The job can be rewarding as company normally give additional allowance for the additional obtained.
  • The license can be recognized world wide, thus you can seek employment in other countries.
resource page
Resource Page
  • Web Page :
  • Email :
resource page1
Resource Page
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  • Email :