transport canada update presentation to the canada u s tbwg burlington vt june 10 2003 l.
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Transport Canada Update: Presentation to the Canada-U.S. TBWG Burlington, VT, June 10, 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Transport Canada Update: Presentation to the Canada-U.S. TBWG Burlington, VT, June 10, 2003

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Transport Canada Update: Presentation to the Canada-U.S. TBWG Burlington, VT, June 10, 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transport Canada Update: Presentation to the Canada-U.S. TBWG Burlington, VT, June 10, 2003. Jacques Rochon, Director, Highway Policy . Outline. Context Border Issues: Progress & Challenges Border Infrastructure: Progress to date Windsor Ontario: Niagara Region & Blue Water Bridge

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Presentation Transcript
transport canada update presentation to the canada u s tbwg burlington vt june 10 2003

Transport Canada Update: Presentation to the Canada-U.S. TBWG Burlington, VT, June 10, 2003

Jacques Rochon, Director, Highway Policy

  • Context
  • Border Issues: Progress & Challenges
  • Border Infrastructure: Progress to date
    • Windsor
    • Ontario: Niagara Region & Blue Water Bridge
    • B.C. Lower Mainland Improvements
    • Quebec
    • Saskatchewan
  • Border Infrastructure Proposals
    • New Brunswick
    • Alberta & Manitoba
    • Sault St. Marie
  • TBWG Action Plan
  • Conclusions
  • Smart Border Declaration Framework remains effective framework for ensuring border both secure & efficient
    • Need to sustain effort as border initiatives implemented
  • Ridge/Manley met on April 7, 2003 and discussed:
    • Need to coordinate advance notification requirements
    • Joint collaboration on entry/exit systems
  • Minister Collenette unveiled “Straight Ahead” in February 2003
    • A 10-year strategic vision for transportation in Canada
  • Straight Ahead: key border commitments:
    • Enhance secure and efficient flows along corridors and at border gateways
    • Establish a streamlined federal approval process for authorizing new international bridges and tunnels.
progress border processes
Progress: Border Processes
  • Railways, CCRA, and CBP agreed on a “Declaration of Principles” governing rail clearance in April 2003
  • Advance Notification Requirements?
  • Canada-U.S. Air Preclearance Agreement brought into force on May 2, 2003
  • CCRA and CBP announced FAST and NEXUS expansion in May 2003
progress bimwg
Progress: BIMWG
  • A Bi-national Infrastructure and Modeling Working Group has been established
    • A follow up to the September 2002 announcement by the President and Prime Minister
    • BIMWG falls under Shared Border Accord Process
    • Involves: CCRA, CIC, TC, Infrastructure Canada, U.S. CBP (DHS), FHWA, GSA, and BSPC
  • BIMWG will enhance coordination between federal transportation and border inspection agencies on border infrastructure and modeling matters
  • TBWG can complement BIMWG and other Groups
    • e.g. Identifying border data inputs for border modeling
challenges border processes
Challenges: Border Processes
  • Entry/Exit Control Systems:discussed by Ridge/Manley
  • U.S. VISIT will encompass entry/exit systems and require biometrics
  • Advance notification requirements still under consideration
  • Security screening for transportation workers e.g. drivers
border infrastructure progress to date
Border Infrastructure: Progress to Date


  • Why Windsor? Answer: it accounts for
    • 25% of cross-border truck volumes
    • 30% of $192B Cdn exports; 38% of $170B Cdn imports to/from U.S.
  • July 2002: Short-term traffic management projects announced ($880K)
  • Canada and Ontario announced package of improvements on May 27
    • Includes physical infrastructure, ITS, CVPC and other elements
  • Canada-U.S. Ontario Michigan Bi-national Transportation Partnership
    • Partnership developing a long-term border transportation strategy for Windsor/Detroit gateway
    • Accelerated Bi-national study will meet U.S. and Canadian environmental requirements (i.e. U.S. NEPA, OEAA and CEAA)
border infrastructure progress to date10
Border Infrastructure: Progress to Date
  • Canada and Ontario announced $325 million on May 21 for 14 projects to improve border infrastructure and access in the Niagara and Sarnia regions.

The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge

  • $51 million will be invested, in partnership with NFBC, to build a new dedicated truck lane on Highway 405 and on the bridge

Peace Bridge

  • $42 million for four projects, in partnership with PBA. These include:
    • security and technology enhancements;
    • CVPC upgrades.
    • Toll booth relocation from the U.S. to Canada
    • Relocation of inspection facilities on Canadian sides

Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)

  • The QEW, the main trade corridor leading to Niagara, will be widened to 6 lanes in key segments at a cost of $108 million
border infrastructure progress to date11
Border Infrastructure: Progress to Date

Blue Water Bridge/Sarnia

  • The second busiest & fastest growing truck crossing along Canada-U.S. border
  • $110 million will be targeted towards:
    • Improvements to 20 km of Highway 402
    • Operational improvements such as new lighting and variable message signs to be installed on Highway 402 near the bridge.
    • Bridge security enhancements, in partnership with Point Edward Village.
    • Highway 402 expansion to accommodate a dedicated commercial lane
    • Highway 401 expansion to six lanes and interchange improvements near London
border infrastructure progress to date13
Border Infrastructure: Progress to Date

Quebec:Lacolle/Highway 15

  • In July 2002, Canada and Quebec committed $75 million for border and highway infrastructure improvements along the Quebec/NY Corridor, including:
    • Upgrades to Highway 15, including improved safety measures such as enhanced signage and lighting
    • construction of a truck safety inspection area at Lacolle (northbound), as well as dedicated lanes to improve access to U.S. Customs inspection booths; and
    • ITS deployment for commercial vehicles, and installation of a traffic camera.
border infrastructure progress to date14
Border Infrastructure: Progress to Date

B.C. Lower Mainland

  • In March 2003, Canada, BC and Vancouver announced $211 million for:
    • Twinning of Highways 10 & 15
    • Major infrastructure improvements on Highways 11, 91, 91A, and Knight Street
  • TC and BC MOT set aside $32 Million for border infrastructure improvements in November 2002
    • Projects included: an ITS Commercial Vehicle Operations lane, NEXUS lanes, an Advance Traveler Information System (ATIS), and road/interchange improvements
  • Projects represent a total of $243 million in investment and will provide improved access to the Pacific Highway, Peace Arch, Huntingdon & Aldergrove crossings


  • Canada and Saskatchewan will provide $10 million for improvements to Highway 39, leading to the North Portal border crossing.
border infrastructure proposals
Border Infrastructure Proposals

New Brunswick:

  • St. Stephen Crossing/Route 1:
    • Construct of a new international bridge across the St.Croix River at the western end of the new Route 1 highway.
    • Build 24 kms of four-lane highway bypassing the town of St.Stephen with associated grade separations and structures.
  • Woodstock Crossing/Route 95:
    • Upgrade 12 kms of Route 95 to four-lanes from Woodstock to the border (Route 95 provides the connection between the Trans Canada and the U.S. Interstate system).


  • MTQ has submitted proposals for consideration
border infrastructure proposals19
Border Infrastructure Proposals

Manitoba: Emerson

  • Phase One: make short-term operational highway improvements at the Emerson CCRA facility
  • Phase Two: undertake study to assess long-term infrastructure needs and implement recommended improvements.

Alberta: Coutts

  • Twinning and improvements to Highway 4 at the Coutts border crossing
  • Elements include: highway 4 realignment including additional lanes, constructing a new service road and a trucking parking area.

Sault Ste. Marie

  • New route from the Trans-Canada to the International Bridge crossing in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
tc border objectives
TC Border Objectives
  • TC efforts on land border initiatives focus on three key objectives:
    • Improving Bi-National Planning and Coordination
    • Supporting efficient border processes
    • Border Infrastructure Improvements.
  • The TBWG supports all of these objectives, particularly Bi-national planning
  • Our collective task should be to identify a few key public goods for our Action Plan
tbwg action plan
TBWG Action Plan

Action Plan Update

  • Compendium of Border Infrastructure Needs Assessments
    • NY DOT lead
    • Input submitted by provinces, states and inspection agencies
    • Objective: develop a comprehensive database of border infrastructure needs to inform TEA-21 reauthorization process & infrastructure planning efforts
    • Next Steps: Discuss finalization, applications, and ongoing maintenance
  • Border Data
    • Border data workshop held in Newton, Mass April 28-May 1, 2003
    • Collaborative effort: Ontario, TC, FHWA and EBTC
    • Objective: impart better understanding of 1999 National Roadside Survey/EBTC database and its uses
    • Next Steps: Identify possible Action Items related to border transit times /performance measures, NRS and BIMWG complementarity
action plan cont d
Action Plan (Cont’d)
  • Border Technology
    • TBWG Workshop on Intelligent Transportation Systems border-related Research and Development opportunities
    • Objective/Next Steps: identify ITS R&D projects with border applications
  • Enhancing Interagency Coordination
    • Objective: discuss relationship of TBWG to groups such as the BIMWG & continue to share information regarding planning processes
  • Information Clearinghouse
    • FHWA developing TBWG website with input of TC, TBWG members
    • Objective: serve as online resource on Canada-U.S. bi-national planning and developments of common interest
    • Next Steps: Provide input and identify products (e.g. compendium) to FHWA/TC that could serve as content
  • Progress has been made but we must sustain our efforts
  • Information sharing will remain a key TBWG role
    • Critical as we move towards implementation of measures
  • TBWG will continue to involve stakeholders
    • Open to suggestions: involvement of particular stakeholders
  • Action Plan: TBWG will continue to identify and work on “public goods” of interest to a wide range of players
  • Next TBWG meeting in December 2003
  • Thank you.