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Simple but Effective Online Marketing for Tourism Jeannie Shapiro jeannie@ebxp PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple but Effective Online Marketing for Tourism Jeannie Shapiro jeannie@ebxp

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Simple but Effective Online Marketing for Tourism Jeannie Shapiro jeannie@ebxp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simple but Effective Online Marketing for Tourism Jeannie Shapiro 25 th January 2008. Jeannie Who?. Travel & Tourism Sales & Marketing Specialist – 20+ years experience Developed strategy programmes for leading brands and companies including YHA

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Presentation Transcript
Simple but Effective Online Marketing for Tourism

Jeannie Shapiro

25th January 2008

jeannie who
Jeannie Who?

Travel & Tourism Sales & Marketing Specialist – 20+ years experience

Developed strategy programmes for leading brands and companies including YHA

England & Wales, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Flight Centres, Thomson/Tui, Moss Bros

Hire and VisitBritain

Director of BETA (British Educational Travel Association), Co-Chair of VisitBritain’s

Youth Marketing Action Group and member of VB’s North American Interest Group


Owner/Director of ebxp Ltd – leading e-brochure company in the UK

25th January 2008

who is ebxp
Who is ebxp?

First UK e-brochure company established in 2002

Our philosophy:

Quality is King

Good Customer Service

Hands-on Project Management

Deliver Experience and Excellence

Value for Money

Acknowledge the Importance of Brand Value

Our values – Experience, Reliability and Service!

25th January 2008

ebxp clients
ebxp Clients?

To name a few:

  • Tourism Ireland
  • Barbados Tourism Authority
  • Maison de la France
  • Tourism SouthEast
  • Kent Tourism Alliance
  • Butlins
  • First Choice
  • Austravel
  • Star Alliance
  • Thai Airways
  • Jumeirah

Travel & Tourism is a speciality!

25th January 2008

what does ebxp do
What does ebxp do?

Websites & Microsite - design & builds

Banner designs & builds

e-blasts & e-newsletters

e-brochures – our USP!

25th January 2008

what can i do for you today
What can I do for you today?

By presenting case studies from Tourism Organisations such as Tourism Ireland,

Barbados Tourism Authority and Tourism South East, we will demonstrate how easy and

cost-effective digital marketing tools such as e-brochures can be…

25th January 2008

all roads lead to your website
All roads lead to your website!

No matter what marketing you do, make

your website the basis/focus for all you do

Without a clear, easy to navigate and

attractive site giving good detail, marketing

whether off-line or on-line is wasted

And it really is the most cost-effective

marketing tool you have

25th January 2008

some interesting e stats
Some interesting e-Stats

Internet users and penetration in the UK 2005-2011, according to eMarketer:

  • 2005: 33.7 million (55.8%)
  • 2006: 35.1 million (57.9%)
  • 2007: 37.2 million (61.2%)
  • 2008: 39.1 million (64.2%)
  • 2009: 42.3 million (69.2%)
  • 2010: 44.2 million (72.1%)
  • 2011: 45.0 million (73.2%)

UK Internet users aged 55+, the so-called silver surfers, are set to overtake 35-44 year

olds as the demographic age group with the largest representation online, according to


Those aged 55+ accounted for 22% of UK visits to all categories of websites in

the four weeks to 12th May 2007, up 54% since 2005 and 40% since 2006. This

compares to 23.5% of Internet visits from 35-44 year olds

25th January 2008

some more e stats
…Some more e-stats…

31% of online British adults plan to conduct all of their holiday planning, including

bookings, online in 2008. A further 36% plan to conduct most of their planning online,

while only 4% will avoid the Internet for travel purposes in 2008.

While 76% of holiday planning Brits use the Internet to research their destinations, only

66% use it to book flights and accommodation. These sales rates could be improved if

websites enhance their design and navigation to become more user-friendly.

The study also shows that online Brits place far greater trust in friends, family and fellow

Travellers through online reviews than they do in travel agents, books or newspapers

when seeking travel advice.

Logan Tod & Co

25th January 2008

but if you just build it they won t just come
But if you just build it, they won’t just come…

You need to push, pull and drive potential customers to your site!

Ways to do that:



Rich media and movement is eye-catching (but not too much!)

Search Engine Optimisation – both natural search & paid

Partner Marketing

Make sure you use off-line marketing!

25th January 2008

so why e brochures
So why e-brochures ?

Reduces print and distribution costs

Reduces the time it takes to send information

Can be distributed by email, e-blasts, downloaded from a website or via CD/DVD

Can be linked to other digital publications and/or websites

Can be stored for repeat viewing off-line

Encourages customers to pass on to friends and colleagues – instant viral marketing

Can be measured

Can be regularly updated – quickly and inexpensively

Shows concern for the environment

25th January 2008

Some Case Studies of Travel & Tourism Organisations using e-brochures as part of an integrated campaign

25th January 2008

tourism ireland case study
Tourism Ireland Case Study

Tourism Ireland ‘Market e-Books’

TI is amongst the first destination marketing organisation to make full use of e-brochure


Printed materials are still one of the key marketing tools employed by TI. They produce

all-island ‘Market Books’ which act as the main fulfilment piece for all enquiries,

advertising responses and for distribution at trade and consumer promotions.

The TI ‘Market Books’ are published in

10 languages across 13 markets.

25th January 2008

tourism ireland case study14
Tourism Ireland Case Study

The objective of this project was to convert ‘Market Books’ into digital e-brochures.

Although based on a single template, each is tailored towards the demands of the market

in which it was published including carrying different advertisements.

The digital format also offers a platform for trade & industry partners by enabling

Consumers to link directly through to accommodation and other product providers.

TI have numerous other printed brochures based on drivers such as Sport and Leisure

Activities and have a commitment to produce all publications into digital format.

The next one due is their touring guide called Rainbow Routes and will have

the facility to allow the user to produce their own, customised Itineraries instantly.

25th January 2008

barbados tourism authority case study
Barbados Tourism Authority Case Study

BTA e-brochure

Contact centre receives 100k+ brochure requests per year

BTA sought a more focused, cost efficient way to bring product to market

e-brochure contains key consumer messages on Barbados as a holiday destination

The e-brochure also has an indexed accommodation chapter. This prime space was

offered to hoteliers and helped the BTA fund their e-strategy – e.g.£50-100 per partner

went a long way at 50+ partners!

25th January 2008

first choice case study
First Choice Case Study

First Choice e-brochure

e-brochure on CD-rom

Distributed to coincide with tv advertising sponsorship

Had over 100 pages and 800 deep links for 3-click booking process

220k CDs inserted into Mail on Sunday in Carlton Area

30k sent DM to targeted customers on First Choice database

High conversions on those who clicked deep links

25th January 2008

tourism southeast case study
Tourism SouthEast Case Study

TSE runs 3 Integrated ‘Themed’ Campaigns per year

Elements include:

Printed Guide for distribution via Media Partner


Campaign microsite


Competitions – drive entries to website and complemented by advertorial

Online Advertising – placing banners and skys on appropriate sites to generate traffic


E-Newsletters – regular communication

Blogs & UGC (user-generated content)

25th January 2008

tourism southeast case study20
Tourism SouthEast Case Study

TSE Campaign KPIs

No. hits on website, contacts/enquiries made

No. of unique visitors to campaign landing page

No. of registrants opting in to the database

Hyperlink clicks from the e-brochure to partners

No. of ‘forward to a friend’s

Click-thrus to campaign website from e-marketing including banner ads

Visits from the e-brochure to the website

25th January 2008

tourism southeast case study21
Tourism SouthEast Case Study

How has TSE made their e-guides work harder?

Give prominence to the e-guide on homepage

Use the cover as motivation to click thru

Include e-guides in all newsletters

Encourage media partners and third party partners to distribute

Promote in on and offline media and PR discussions

Use simple, motivational text and bullet points

Use Inspiring images

Push more click-thrus to partner websites

Include added value offers and coupons

Encourage newsletter sign-ups and competition link for data capture

25th January 2008

e marketing doesn t have to cost the earth
e-Marketing doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Be inspirational – great images go a long way!

Be clear with your copy

Engage your customers – encourage contact and build your database

Communicate with your database - word of mouth is the best form of advertising

Reuse your elements making sure you can update & amend easily and cheaply

Work with partners

Barter opportunities

25th January 2008


25th January 2008