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simple, but fun

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simple, but fun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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simple, but fun. aims and objectives. aim to make recipes that are low cost and can be adapted objectives * work in pairs * make a cheese sauce (roux) * use a kitchen equipment safely * make 3 tasty recipes, which are cheap but cheerful. setting the scene.

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simple, but fun

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aims and objectives


to make recipes that are low cost and can be adapted


* work in pairs

* make a cheese sauce (roux)

* use a kitchen equipment safely

* make 3 tasty recipes, which are cheap but cheerful


setting the scene

* this module is about making tasty food which is low cost

* using leftovers saves money and prevents waste

* the sauce can be adapted and used in lots of different recipes in the future



you will make:

cauliflower cheese

bubble and squeak

fruity flapjacks


food skills and techniques

  • you will:
  • use a knife safely
  • chop, boil, slice, mash, shape, fry
  • make a cheese sauce (roux)
  • cook on the hob and in the oven
  • make cauliflower cheese and bubble & squeak
  • bake fruity flapjacks

shopping list

for 2 people

for 10 people

1 cauliflower

25g butter/margarine

25g plain flour

250ml milk

75g Cheddar cheese

1x5ml spoon mustard

2-3 large potatoes

½ green cabbage

25g butter

black pepper

1x15ml spoon oil

1x15ml spoon flour

150g oats

50g butter/margarine

2x15ml spoons golden syrup

50g dried fruit, e.g. sliced apricots

5 cauliflowers

125g butter/margarine

125g plain flour

1.25 Ltr milk

375g Cheddar cheese


10-15 large potatoes

3 green cabbages

125g butter

black pepper



750g oats

250g butter/margarine

jar golden syrup

250g dried fruit, e.g. apricots


plan of action

review recipes to be cooked

prepare and cook the potatoes and cabbage

make the flapjacks – bake in the oven

prepare and cook the cauliflower

make the bubble and squeak

make the cheese sauce – serve with the cauliflower

ensure that you collect your equipment before you start to cook

weigh and measure your ingredients accurately

keep your work surfaces clean and tidy – wash up as you go



  • healthier eating
  • the bubble and squeak rounds could be oven baked instead of fried, spray them with a little oil to help them crisp-up
  • use skimmed milk and reduced fat cheese in the cheese sauce for the cauliflower cheese
  • try using a little less sugar (or a substitute) and a little more dried fruit in the flapjacks



cut the cauliflower yourself, rather than buying it pre-prepared

use left-over mash, cabbage, brussels and other vegetables for great bubble and squeak

freeze extra portions of cauliflower cheese and bubble and squeak for another meal

buy a large sack of potatoes, and store in a dark cool cupboard

buy economy or own-brand oats



food safety and hygiene

always check date marks, e.g. use-by on the cheese

wash fresh fruit and vegetables before use

keep pan handles away for the edge of the hob

be specially careful when frying

use oven gloves

check that any left-overs for the bubble and squeak are only 1-day old



cooking for the future

  • cauliflower cheese
  • make up the sauce and pour over fish, pasta or other vegetables
  • exchange the cauliflower for a range of cooked vegetables for a terrific veggie bake
  • stir the sauce into cooked pasta, canned tuna, sweetcorn and spring onion for a quick ‘tuna pasta bake’


cooking for the future

  • bubble and squeak
  • use left over potatoes and cabbage/brussels
  • omit stages 5 and 6 and cook in a frying pan
  • add fresh herbs, chopped onion or cooked leeks for a special treat
  • fruity flapjacks
  • vary the type of dried fruit, e.g. sultanas, figs, mixed fruit
  • add 1x5ml spoon cinnamon or mixed spice to the oat mixture