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W r i t t e n a n d I l l u s t r a t e d b y … … .. E l l i Y . T i a n PowerPoint Presentation
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W r i t t e n a n d I l l u s t r a t e d b y … … .. E l l i Y . T i a n

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W r i t t e n a n d I l l u s t r a t e d b y … … .. E l l i Y . T i a n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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W r i t t e n a n d I l l u s t r a t e d b y … … .. E l l i Y . T i a n

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  1. The Lost Pets Written and Illustrated by…….. Elli Y. Tian Summer ’06 Kids University Byte Me! E-booking Fun Part One

  2. “Please come here, Oreo!” Lauren Smith begged to her pet cat. Oreo lifted a paw and just stood there. Meanwhile, Lauren’s dog, Coco, watched Lauren’s angry expression. Finally, after several hours, Lauren gave up. “This is the worst cat ever! He won’t eat junk food and now he won’t obey me!” she complained. That night, she dumped Oreo outside and took Coco into her bed with her. “Don’t you think Oreo is a nuisance?” she asked Coco. Coco gave a bark, but no one knew that she was formatting a plan to get Oreo back in the house.

  3. The next morning, Coco and Lauren woke up to find Oreo gone. “Oh no! I am the worst pet owner ever!” Lauren complained. When Lauren went back into the house, Coco set out to find Oreo. She followed the smell of tuna leading from the door. “Arf! Arf!” she barked. When she reached the end of the street, she found Oreo with his paw stuck under the trash can. Coco thought: “They pick up the trash today! I’d better hurry.” Coco lifted the trash can with one paw, and Oreo climbed out. He hugged Coco, but Coco was thinking: “Oh boy. Oreo can get himself into trouble sometimes.”

  4. Just as they were about to head back to the house, Oreo sniffed the air. “I smell fish!” he exclaimed and ran for the big box on the corner. There were 2 fish inside who claimed that their names were Beauty and Beast and they used to be owned by Lauren. “She kicked us out because we would splash water everywhere!” Beast complained. Coco loaded the box onto her back and they started back to the house. On the way, Oreo tripped over a empty cat treat box. “Junk food!” he shouted and ran down the street without Coco, Beauty, and Beast.

  5. Lauren greeted Coco, Oreo, Beauty, and Beast at the door. “Good dog!” she told Coco and gave her a treat. “Junk food!” Oreo exclaimed and ran out of the room. Then Lauren spotted the fish. “Beauty! Beast! I’m sorry I didn’t treat you well. I’ll make it up.” She put the fish on a table by the window. Since it was late, the pets and Lauren all went to sleep. The next morning, Oreo was gone again. “Go, Coco!” Lauren commanded, and Coco ran out of the pet door, thinking about what would happen now.

  6. To be continued..........

  7. This e-book is dedicated to my teacher, Mrs. Hedrick and all my friends from this class. Written and Illustrated by Elli Tian Animation by Elli Tian Starring: Lauren Jessica Smith Beauty the Goldfish Beast the Goldfish Oreo the (skinny) Cat And our star, Coco the Pomeranian Special thanks to: Mrs. Hedrick, my teacher My friends from this class My mom and dad for letting me take this class My sister for inspiring me to do my best Is it over yet? Click here to find out!

  8. About the Author Elli Tian is 11 years old. She is going to 6th grade in the fall. This is the 2nd e-book she has written in this class. The other is: Where’s Teddy Bear?

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  11. This is the REAL end. What? You don’t believe me? If you don’t, then try and find your way out of here!!!

  12. Coming Soon..... The second part of The Lost Pets. After Coco leaves the Smith house to find Oreo again, she gets lost in the city. There, she meets someone unusual. Will that strange person help Coco or will Coco become dead meat? Find out in The Lost Pets PART 2.