B2C and B2E
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B2c and b2e a summary of differences

B2C and B2E – A Summary of Differences

Sometimes farmers selling their produce can be in a quandary when they have to

choose between two business models - Whether to sell their stuff in small

quantities directly to a continuous flow of customers or to large outlets that are

willing to purchase their entire lot consistently at a predetermined cost.

Here the models referred to are B2C (Business to customer) in the first case and

B2B (Business to Business) in the latter.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar, here are the differences between

B2B and B2C.

A longer evaluation

A decision to sell B2B requires cultivating a longer term relationship with the

buyer. For the buyer, an in-depth evaluation of the sellers’ products is a must. A

purchaser of wholesale products is unlikely to make a decision in a hurry.

More stakeholders involved

Unlike in a B2C relationship you are not reaching out to only one buyer or seller.

There could be multiple people or stakeholders involved when making a long term


Decision making groups can include people from business, financial, and even

technical fields.

You will have to convince each of them.

B2c and b2e a summary of differences

Purchasing modality

In B2C, you sell products for the consumers’ personal use. On the other hand, in a

B2B environment, buyers buy your products for use in their companies.

In E-commerce

In B2C E-commerce is the process of selling products directly to the consumers via

the internet. Consumers browse product information, select product(s), and check

out using a debit or credit card.

In B2B, transactions are of a far more complex nature. The buying transaction

system can have plenty of queries both from the buyers’ and sellers’ side, as well

as accepting orders in different formats such as emails, hard copies, and electronic


The infrastructure

In B2C, the infrastructure is relatively quite simple with the information confined

to just the product(s) of the seller.

In B2B, the seller arranges products tailored for different customers. The system

itself is so designed that business browsers do not have to go through the

laborious process of reading an entire catalogue to find the products/services they


In this regard, Esources is an excellent example of a B2B portal that provides

information on scores of companies selling wholesale products as well as trade

leads in a systematic manner.

According to an Esources.co.uk review, a company by listing itself on this portal

can get noticed better than any other directories.