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the local authority perspective and the costs l.
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The Local Authority Perspective (…and the costs) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Local Authority Perspective (…and the costs)

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The Local Authority Perspective (…and the costs)
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The Local Authority Perspective (…and the costs)

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  1. The Local Authority Perspective (…and the costs) Mark Skilling Local Roads Manager Transportation & Infrastructure

  2. The Local Authority Perspective • Whistle stop tour of how the trunk road policy impacts on local roads authorities and their policies • Quick look at the costs of signs • Aberdeenshire Council’s policy a) persistent councillors b) Economic Development v. Roads c) Home Traffic Authority is in place and has been for some time in Aberdeenshire

  3. The Local Authority Perspective Requests for tourist signposting on the Trunk Roads are processed by the current trunk road operator. To simplify procedure for the applicant all enquiries may initially be made to Aberdeenshire Council (Aberdeenshire Council Policy 6.1)

  4. The Local Authority Perspective If the application involves a combination of signs on non trunk roads and trunk roads Aberdeenshire Council will liaise …with the current trunk roads operator (Aberdeenshire Council Policy 7.2.6)

  5. The Local Authority Perspective Main Change in Trunk Road Policy is the introduction of the HOME TRAFFIC AUTHORITY (One Stop Shop represents good management and customer service)

  6. The Local Authority Perspective Local Authorities are responsible for developing tourist signposting policies for non-trunk roads and this document should be read in conjunction with the relevant local authority policies (1.5)

  7. The Local Authority Perspective Home Traffic Authority (HTA) refers to the traffic authority for the road which provides the main direct access to a tourist destination. (1.7)

  8. The Local Authority Perspective Tourist signing will only be provided from the trunk road…if the local roads authorities have approved signing to the destination on the local road network (3.8)

  9. The Local Authority Perspective Having found the tourist destination visitors should be able to find their way back to trunk road …should be standard directional signs … and should not be white on brown tourist signs (4.5)

  10. The Local Authority Perspective 50,000 visitors for Motorway…note that there is no visitor criterion for signs on all-purpose trunk roads (5.2)

  11. The Local Authority Perspective The order in which the destinations appear shall normally reflect the importance of each destination in terms of traffic movement rather than status with the more highly trafficked destinations appearing above the less trafficked ones (5.17)

  12. The Local Authority Perspective Tourist signs will normally only be permitted to tourist accommodation and eating establishments within 6 miles of the trunk road (9.5)

  13. The Local Authority Perspective National Tourist Routes … will be signed …using the thistle symbol which may be shown in white on a brown sign to indicate that it is not a destination (12.4)

  14. The Local Authority Perspective The maximum number of words permitted on a single destination sign shall be four (13.4)

  15. The Local Authority Perspective

  16. The Local Authority Perspective …where there are more tourist destinations than can be accommodated on the signing, the trunk road authority will make the final decision on which destinations are to be signed in consultation with VisitScotland (13.8)

  17. The Local Authority Perspective Tourist signing shall, wherever possible, be kept separate from trunk road direction signing (green and white signs)…(13.14)

  18. The Local Authority Perspective A flag type direction sign should normally be preceded by an ADS (13.16)

  19. The Local Authority Perspective Where existing signing cannot accommodate any additional destinations, a new applicant will be required to demonstrate a stronger case for signing than at least one of the destinations currently signed… (14.4)

  20. The Local Authority Perspective …The full cost of revising the signing, including any compensation payable to the operators removed from existing signs, shall be met by the successful applicant (14.4)

  21. The Local Authority Perspective …destinations removed from existing signs within the first five years of the life of the sign shall be entitled to make a claim for compensation of trunk road sign installation costs on a pro-rata basis for the outstanding period. After…five years…no compensation (14.5)

  22. The Local Authority Perspective For a destination with its access directly on to a local road the HTA will be the local road authority (15.2) Applications for all tourist signing shall be made to the HTA (15.3)

  23. The Local Authority Perspective The HTA shall be responsible for liaising with all other relevant authorities… (15.4) Since the HTA is the co-ordinator of the application process, the information required the trunk road authority shall be included within the HTA forms (15.6)

  24. The Local Authority Perspective ...the public purse should incur no financial burden in providing tourist signing…other than ongoing maintenance. (16.1) The trunk road authority will be responsible for maintenance and repair of the signs including cleaning…(16.4) The applicant will be responsible for the costs of replacement of the sign when it reaches the end of its serviceable life (16.5)

  25. The Local Authority Perspective The costs of …relocation, maintenance, and removal of signs will be borne by the establishment (Aberdeenshire Council Policy 9.1)

  26. The Local Authority Perspective Applicants should be advised that the cost of providing tourist signs on trunk roads and motorways (due to large sign sizes and safety fence requirements ) can be very high. (16.10)

  27. The Local Authority Perspective The Home Traffic Authority is:- • almost always the local road authority • the applicants only point of contact • probably going to have higher costs than under previous setup • needing a local road policy that takes account of trunk road policy

  28. The Local Authority Perspective 3 Questions to ask yourself • Does your local policy reflect the changes in the trunk road policy? • Do you have the culture in place to be the HTA? • How will you deal with higher up front costs?

  29. …..and the costs of signs Number 1 complaint from applicants is the costs of signs…. quickly followed by how long the process takes to get signs agreed and put up (relative importance of tourist signs, business plans versus the end of financial year!!!)

  30. …..and the costs of signs The costs of signs include:- • Design • Manufacture • Supervision of Works • Posts and Fittings • Concrete

  31. …..and the costs of signs The costs of signs include:- 6. Erection of Signs 7. Traffic Management 8. Lane Rental Charges (if applicable) 9. Safety Fencing (if required) 10 Flap Type Signs

  32. …..and the costs of signs Not specifically mentioned but real costs:- • Negotiations with applicant • Negotiations with trunk road operator/VisitScotland • Redesign when the name changes • “Wasted design” when the applicant can’t afford signs or changes mind – up front fees???

  33. …..and the costs of signs 1. Design of the sign includes:- • actual design of the sign • design of pole size and foundations • Health & Safety Plans/Risk Assessments • Utility Checks • Bill of Quantities

  34. …..and the costs of signs 3. Supervision of the Works – often misunderstood or forgotten about but imagine what would happen if something went wrong

  35. …..and the costs of signs 4. Posts and fittings could be anything from a 76mm dia pole to half a dozen “I” Beams. 6. Erection of signs could vary from one man to a crane

  36. …..and the costs of signs 7. Traffic Management varies from a van with a flashing light and some warning signs to an all day lane closure (or several) on a high speed trunk road or motorway

  37. …..and the costs of signs 9. Safety fencing can be £150/metre and one sign could need 30 metres…or passive poles at £2000/pole

  38. …..and the costs of signs

  39. …..and the costs of signs

  40. …..and the costs of signs

  41. …..and the costs of signs Q. What do you think they cost? A. You will find out this afternoon!!!