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State of Louisiana

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State of Louisiana. Executive Budget Fiscal Year 2007-2008. Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget March 16, 2007 Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Governor. REVENUES. General Fund Available Compared to EOB Freeze on 12/1/06. STATE GENERAL FUND Fiscal Year 2006 Surplus $ 827

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State of Louisiana

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state of louisiana

State of Louisiana

Executive Budget

Fiscal Year 2007-2008

Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget

March 16, 2007

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco


general fund available compared to eob freeze on 12 1 06
General Fund AvailableCompared to EOB Freeze on 12/1/06


Fiscal Year 2006 Surplus $ 827

Fiscal Year 2007 Excess General Fund $1,222

Fiscal Year 2008 Increased General Fund $1,292

Available General Fund for

Fiscal Years 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 $3,341

(in millions)

general fund revenue
General Fund Revenue
  • In December and February, the REC recognized continued strength in general fund revenue for FY07 and FY08
  • The strength was mainly due to:
    • Robust economic activity generated by recovery and rebuilding efforts
    • An extended period of high oil prices
taxes licenses and fees
Taxes, Licenses and Fees

$ Million


* current forecast

west texas intermediate oil price
West Texas Intermediate Oil Price



* current forecast

state general fund revenue
State General Fund Revenue

$ Million


* current forecast

trust fund balances
Trust Fund Balances

$ Billion

FY 2004-05

$3.4 Billion

FY 2005-06

$3.7 Billion

FY 2006-07

$3.8 Billion

Projected to 6/30/07

FY 06-07 Budgeted vs. FY 07-08 Recommended(In $ Millions, Exclusive of Double Counts and Inclusive of Contingencies)


Pay Raise and Supplemental Pay



Higher Education

major changes
Major Changes
  • Higher Education Funding
    • $98.1M to fully fund the formula at 100% Formula Funding
    • $16.9M to provide 3% Flexible Funding for formula institutions currently at the 100% formula level and non-formula institutions
major changes17
Major Changes
  • Higher Education Initiatives
    • $30M for a faculty pay increase
    • $27.4M for a state worker pay increase
    • $33.2M for mandated costs
    • $12.5M in recurring funds for Library and Scientific Acquisitions
major changes18
Major Changes
  • Higher Education Initiatives
    • $10M for hurricane-affected campuses to assist with faculty recruitment and retention and to recover research and operation capacity
    • $2M for the Community and Technical College Development Pool for accreditation and new program development needs
    • $13M for workforce development including the Pathways to Construction Employment Initiative and Nursing and Allied Health Professionals
major changes19
Major Changes
  • Higher Education Initiatives
    • Financial Aid Initiatives
      • $15M for need-based scholarships and grants
      • $3m for the Dual Enrollment Initiative
      • $4.5 million for student loan guarantees is continued for the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA)
major changes20
Major Changes
  • Higher Education Initiatives
    • Targeted Investments
      • $3.2M for the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE)
      • $3M for Research at Pennington
      • $1M for the ULM School of Pharmacy
prek 12 education
PreK-12 Education

Louisiana is recognized nationally as an educational leader in venues such as Education Week.

  • Louisiana ranks 1st in Education Accountability and Standards for the third year
  • 1st in Improving Teacher Quality
  • 6th in Equity of funding
prek 12 education23
PreK-12 Education

91% of Louisiana teachers met state standards and were certified last year, up from 10-year low of 84% during Fiscal Year 2001-2002.

Louisiana’s ACT average composite score for all students increased to 20.1 in 2006 from 19.8 in 2005.


Major Changes

K-12 Education


Major Changes

  • PreK-12 Education
    • The Governor committed to providing “at risk” children the opportunity to participate in early childhood education
      • $30 Million additional General Fund for LA4 Early Childhood Education in public schools
      • $112.2 Million total funding for LA4, including General Fund and 8(g) block grants for public schools
      • $8.5 Million in TANF funding maintained for Private PreK

Major Changes

  • PreK-12 Education
    • $13.0 Million increased funding for High School Redesign
    • $1.4 Million additional State General Fund is recommended for Type 2 Charter Schools providing for additional students; total funding is now $24.8 Million for (8) existing Type 2 charter schools

Major Changes

  • PreK-12 Education
    • $4.8 Million additional General Fund provided for Summer School Remediation
    • $1.0 Million additional General Fund provided for a New Orleans initiative to attract matching foundation funds to increase the number of principals.
major changes medical vendor payments total funds
Major ChangesMedical Vendor Payments(Total Funds)
  • Private Provider Services
      • $401 Million increase
  • Public Provider Medicaid
      • $76 Million increase
  • Uncompensated Care Costs payments
      • $17 Million increase
major changes private providers program changes from existing operating budget
Major ChangesPrivate Providers Program(changes from existing operating budget)
  • Increase of $401 Million in the Private Providers Program for:
    • Health Care Redesign Initiatives -$198M
      • New and/or expanded programs - $191M Total ($53M State)
      • 100 Emergency Waivers - $7M Total ($2M State)
    • Direct service workers pay increase - $113M Total ($32M SGF)
    • 750 New Waivers - $18M Total ($5M SGF)
    • Annualize Programs started in FY07 - $64M Total ($14M SGF)
    • Mandated Increases - $3M Total ($1M SGF)
major changes medicaid ucc payments changes from existing operating budget
Major ChangesMedicaid & UCC Payments(changes from existing operating budget)
  • Increase of $76 Million in the Public Providers Program
      • Increased Title XIX funding

HCSD - $50M Total ($14M SGF)

OCDD - $24M Total ($7M SGF)

  • Increase of $17 Million in the Uncompensated Care Costs Program
      • Maintains current year UCC for the Community, Rural and High-Medicaid Hospitals
      • HCSD and LSU-S/EAC - $28M ($5M SGF)
      • Approximately $44M under the $1B DSH Cap
other major changes changes from existing operating budget
Other Major Changes (changes from existing operating budget)
  • Non-recur Federal Katrina Waiver $292M
  • Increase funding in:
      • Office of Mental Health, Human Service Districts and Authorities ($24M SGF – Supervised and Independent Living for Mental Health patients)
      • Office of Addictive Disorders ($8M SGF – 20 hospital-based detoxification beds and 30 bed Co-occurring unit)


Families and Children

major changes34
Major Changes
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    • Approximately $73.6 million in federal TANF funding is recommended to continue existing TANF initiatives.
    • New initiatives include:
      • General Education Development (GED), $500K
      • Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAGS), $500K
      • Head Start, $5M
      • Nurse Family Partnership, $2M
After School Education Enhancement

Private Pre-K


Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAGS)



Teen Pregnancy Prevention


Drug Courts

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse


Alternatives to Abortion

Community Response

CPI/Family Services

Fatherhood Initiative

Domestic Violence

Freedom Schools


Head Start

Nurse Family Partnership

Early Childhood Supports

TANF InitiativesFunded in FY 07/08

major changes36
Major Changes
  • Social Services:
    • $11.4M SGF to serve eligible clients with disabilities in Louisiana Rehabilitation Services
    • $8.4M SGF to offset the impact of the Deficit Reduction Act which decreases Title IV-E administrative and maintenance cost received for the foster care program
    • An increase of 50 positions and $1.3M SGF to address understaffing, heavy caseloads, excessive overtime and turnover in the foster care program
major changes37
Major Changes
  • Juvenile Justice:
    • Overall budget increase of $28.8M or 19% from EOB along with 81 positions
    • $4.6M increase in State General Fund and 72 positions for Bridge City for implementation of the LAMOD model.
    • $9.0M total funding recommended for the new Acadiana Correctional Center for Youth (ACCY). $5.9M in State General Fund (SGF) and 87 positions transferred from Jetson Correctional Center for Youth to ACCY, along with an additional $3.0M in SGF for this effort
major changes38
Major Changes
  • Juvenile Justice
    • $657K to provide mental health beds to the mentally ill and mentally challenged delinquents.
    • Provides an additional $3.0 Million for medical, dental and mental health services for the youth.
    • Provides an additional $4.3 Million for a pay raise for Correctional Security Officers, Youthcare Workers, and Probation and Parole Officers.
juvenile justice
Juvenile Justice

Transitioning to community-based services.



Economic Development

major changes41
Major Changes
  • Economic Development
    • $6M SGF continues for the Economic Development Regional Awards and Matching Grant Program
    • $10M continues for Rapid Response Fund
    • $5.5M continues for advertising, promotion and marketing
    • $20M Capital Outlay for NASA equipment acquisitions and manufacturing facility modifications
    • $1M for transportation drayage due to MRGO closure
    • $7.3M to continue LaSwift bus service in DOTD
major changes42
Major Changes
  • Culture, Recreation & Tourism
    • $2.5M for additional sporting events:
      • 2008 NBA All-Star Game
      • 2008 NCAA Women’s Basketball Regional Final
    • $1.2M continues for the Essence Festival
    • $1.5M additional state aid to local public libraries
    • $1.1M additional state aid to New Orleans City Park
    • $1M to aid State Museums in the rebuilding of exhibits impacted by the hurricanes
    • $1M to expand international cultural relations, including World Cultural Economic Forum in N.O. in the Fall of 2007
    • $4.6M additional cultural and tourism enhancements to aid tourism industry recovery


Public Safety and Corrections

major changes44
Major Changes
  • Public Safety Services:
    • $2.4M for a pay increase for State Troopers and DPS Commissioned Officers
    • $3.5M of total funding for the Uniform Construction Code Council (UCCC) to assist local governments in implementing the state’s new uniform building code
    • $4.6M of total funding in State Police for fleet replacement of 482 vehicles
    • $34.8M increase in State General Fund to allow Transportation Trust Funds to remain with the Department of Transportation and Development
major changes45
Major Changes
  • Public Safety Services:
    • $5.9M to fund a 50-member cadet class and increase the number of State Troopers on the road by 50
    • 7 positions and $1.1M of funding will allow the State Fire Marshal to avoid delays in plan review and inspections, which could impact Louisiana’s rebuilding efforts and jeopardize public safety
  • Governor’s Office:
    • $11.5M provides for addressing Interoperability issues statewide, which brings the total investment to $20.3M since FY 2006-2007
major changes46
Major Changes
  • Corrections Services:
    • Provides $9.8M and 259 positions for the operation of a 273-bed skilled nursing/geriatric health care unit at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
    • Provides $3.9M for 60 Probation and Parole Officers to provide supervision to sex and violent offenders
    • Provides $2M for the Correction’s Substance Abuse Program to expand counseling efforts
    • $1M and 20 positions provided for J. Levy Dabadie Correctional Center to expand the facility by an additional 80 beds
major changes47
Major Changes
  • District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorney:
    • $3.5M provided for a pay increase for the Assistant District Attorneys
      • Enabling Legislation - Act 790 of the 2006 Regular Legislative Session
      • Effective July 1, 2006 - annual salary of each assistant district attorney grew from $30,000 to $35,000
      • Effective July 1, 2007 - annual salary of each assistant district attorney will grow from $35,000 to $40,000
major changes48
Major Changes
  • Supplemental Pay:
    • Supplemental Pay to eligible law enforcement personnel will increase from $300 per month to $425 per month ($1,500 annual pay raise)
    • The $28M increase will provide:
      • $12M additional funding for Deputy Sheriffs
      • $9M additional funding for Municipal Police
      • $7M additional funding for Local Firefighters
major changes49
Major Changes
  • Local Housing of State Adult Offenders
    • $33.8M additional for housing state offenders in parish and local facilities
    • $6.6M increase to fund a $1 increase in the per diem rate of both Local Housing of Adult Offenders and the Adult Work Release Program



major changes51
Major Changes
  • Infrastructure
    • $10M SGF continues to supplement existing CDBG program for local infrastructure needs.
    • $30.2M continues for Non-Federal Aid eligible state highways
    • $1M to begin re-licensing of Toledo Bend Project – Sabine River Authority
  • Parish Transportation Program
    • $40M parish road maintenance continues
      • $34M for distribution to parishes on a per capita basis
      • $6M for distribution to parishes on a per mile basis
major changes52
Major Changes
  • Transportation Trust Fund - $34.8M non-recurred in Public Safety – Traffic Enforcement for use in DOTD/Infrastructure:
    • $25M Highway Priority Program
    • $7M increase in District Operations – Contract Maintenance
    • $1.3M increase to Metropolitan Planning Organizations to maintain transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas.


Resources and Environment

major changes54
Major Changes

Major Changes

  • Natural Resources
    • $1M and 13 new positions to expand the Well Inspection program.
    • $25.6M additional Coastal Restoration funding
    • $1.5M additional Underwater Obstruction cleanup assistance for hurricane damage repair
    • $500K to each of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authorities (East and West Bank)
  • Wildlife & Fisheries
    • An additional $4M of funding is provided to expand Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ efforts to control aquatic vegetation


General Government

major changes56
Major Changes
  • General Government:
    • $7.5M increase for Louisiana Indigent Defense Assistance Board, this brings the total to $27.5M
    • $500,000 and 11 positions were added to implement Child Advocacy Program as a result of recommendations from the Task Force on Legal Representation in Child Protection Cases
    • $3.6M to Orleans Parish for the casino support services contract
major changes57
Major Changes
  • General Government:
    • $3.5M and 35 positions is provided for disaster recovery Project Management in the Office of Facility Planning and Control
    • State Match for Public Assistance $6.2M and Hazard Mitigation $4.5M is provided
    • State Match for Repatriation $67.3M is provided
major changes58
Major Changes
  • General Government:
    • $3.8M provides funding for 63 positions for GOHSEP, of which $1.6M is SGF
    • 3.4M provides funding and 77 positions for the State Military Department
    • $2.1M provides funding for major repairs and acquisitions for Military facilities statewide
major changes59
Major Changes
  • Department of Veterans Affairs:
    • The FY 2007-2008 Executive Budget supports Louisiana’s war veterans by providing additional funding to annualize and expand the services of three war veterans’ homes within the State.
      • Annualization of the Northwest LA War Veterans Home and Southeast LA War Veterans Home
      • Southwest La War Veterans Home will open a fourth wing in FY 2007-2008.


Spending the Increased General Fund Available

fiscal year 2008
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

FY08 Increased General Fund Revenue $1,292

Reserved for Governor’s Proposed Tax Cuts ($ 150)

Reserved for Removal of cap on Tourism Dedication ($ 4)

Available Revenue from FY08 Increased GF Revenue $1,138

General Fund Expenditures:

Pay Raises and Supplemental Pay $ 365

Statewide Adjustments $ 71

Education $ 221

Health Care $ 184

Higher Education $ 116

Public Safety $ 41

Social Services $ 28

Other Requirements $ 25

Other Departments $ 87

Total General Fund Expenditures $1,138

fiscal year 200862
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

  • Pay Raises and Supplemental Pay $365
  • Statewide Adjustments $ 71
    • Merits $36
    • Group Insurance $23
    • Retirement $21
    • Net Other Statewide Adjustments $14
    • Non-Recur Carryforwards ($23)
fiscal year 200863
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

  • Education $221
    • Expansion of LA-4 Program
    • Summer School Remediation
    • Fully fund MFP formula (2.75% normal growth)

Health Care $184

    • Healthcare redesign and reform initiatives
    • Rate increase for direct care service workers
    • Community Hospital Pool
    • Annualization of programs
fiscal year 200864
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

  • Higher Education $116
    • Full funding of the formula; 3% Flexible Funds
    • Library and Scientific acquisitions
    • Targeted Investments:
      • Pennington, ULM Pharmacy, and the

Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise

Public Safety $ 41

    • General Fund to replace TTF that will remain in DOTD for roads
    • 50-member cadet class
    • 482 vehicles
    • Crime Lab
fiscal year 200865
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

  • Social Services $ 28
    • Additional services to individuals with disabilities
    • Match for Support Enforcement Incentive Funds
    • Foster Care Services

Other Requirements $ 25

    • Sheriff’s Housing
    • Assistant District Attorney pay increase
fiscal year 200866
Fiscal Year 2008

(in millions)

  • Other Departments, including: $ 87
  • Youth Development – Acadiana Correctional Center
  • Corrections – Expansion of the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center’s Special Needs Facility
  • Corrections – 80-bed expansion at J. Levy Dabadie Correctional Center
  • Corrections – 60 Probation and Parole Officers to provide supervision to sex and violent offenders
  • Attorney General – Forensic Lab expansion
  • Need-based financial aid
  • Indigent Defense for litigation
  • Homeland Security for additional personnel
  • Military for additional personnel
use of fy 2006 available funds
Use of FY 2006 Available Funds

(in millions)

Fiscal Year 2005-2006 Surplus $827

Proposed Investments:

  • Roads $450
  • Coastal Fund $200
  • Infrastructure for steel mill project $100
  • Higher Ed Deferred Maintenance $ 77
use of fy 2007 available funds
Use of FY 2007 Available Funds

(in millions)

Contemplated in the Executive Budget:

Medical Assistance Trust Fund for Medicaid $330

Health Care Redesign $200

FEMA Match, including Repatriation $ 78

Information Technology Projects $ 34

LA Housing Finance Agency Programs $ 25

NASA-Lockheed Martin Equipment $ 20

Interoperability $ 12

Family Recovery Corps $ 10

Other $ 62

Total Contemplated in the Exec Budget $771

use of fy 2007 available funds74
Use of FY 2007 Available Funds

(in millions)

Supplemental Needs:

Community Clinic Infrastructure -

Supplemental Capital Outlay $ 55

Sheriff’s Housing $ 28

FEMA reimbursements not received (Medicaid) $ 16

HSC Shreveport and E. A. Conway $ 14

MFP (February pupil count) $ 10

Other $ 33

Total Supplemental Needs $156

use of fy 2007 available funds75
Use of FY 2007 Available Funds

(in millions)

FY 2007 Excess General Fund $1,222

Proposed Uses:

  • Contemplated in the Executive Budget $ 771
  • Supplemental Needs $ 156

Total Proposed Uses $ 927

Excess General Fund Remaining $ 295

use of fy 2007 available funds76
Use of FY 2007 Available Funds

(in millions)

Proposed Investments:

Category A and B Match $100

Catastrophic Insurance Pool $100

Cancer Center $ 38

Classroom Technology $ 25