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C A R N I V A L D R E A M Describing her amenities with the Carnival personality: Accessible , Approachable & Fun Wahoo! Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down the racing slide. Then cannonball into the water, splashing, spraying and laughing all the way.

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c a r n i v a l d r e a m


Describing her amenities with the Carnival personality: Accessible, Approachable & Fun

carnival waterworks
Wahoo! Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down the racing slide. Then cannonball into the water, splashing, spraying and laughing all the way.Carnival WaterWorks
waves main lido pool
Permission to call the shots: granted. Catch a flick and be transported to a different place and time. Dive into cool waters. Or, steal the spotlight as you do a comical turn, dancing to live music.Waves – Main Lido Pool
sunset aft lido pool
Feel the sun doing its tanning dance on your skin. Or, take it down a couple degrees as you plunge into inviting waters. Sunset – Aft Lido Pool
sunset aft lido bar
Be awed by the 360-degree view around you. But keep your mouth closed just long enough to enjoy a sip from your frothy margarita.Sunset – Aft Lido Bar
serenity adults only retreat
Welcome pampering and relaxation with open arms. Shoo away stress and the kiddies and just focus on you, as your body turns to putty in one of the hot tubs.Serenity – Adults Only Retreat


ocean plaza
Hear that? It’s the buzz of activity coming your way. The music is pumping and calling you to demo your best dance moves. Your reward? Will it be something super chocolaty from the café or extra smooth from the Plaza Bar? Oh . . .decisions.Ocean Plaza
the lanai
Breathe in the salty sea air as you stroll along the half-mile-long promenade and get spoiled by views, each more intoxicating than the last.The Lanai
caliente dance club
Feel the energy radiating up from the dance floor and get ready to add to it. This is the place to let go and get lost in the music as the DJ busts out the hits. Caliente – Dance Club
the dream lobby
Start practicing your “wows,” because this bedecked and bedazzled atrium is a spectacle in the very best sense of the word. The Dream Lobby
dream bar atrium
Be right in the heart of it. Kick back on a couch that overlooks the atrium and people-watch to your heart’s content. Let your troubles fall away as the piano man tickles the ivories.Dream Bar – Atrium
encore main show lounge
Live vicariously through these performers, feeling the white-hot spotlight, the sounds of thunderous applause and the thrill of being on stage live.Encore! – Main Show Lounge
jackpot casino
This is where your heart pounds, palms sweat and, if you’re lucky, you get to do your own personal victory dance. Jackpot Casino
jackpot casino bar
Sip a martini, slap someone a high-five or cheer on your favorite sports team. With live performers and flat screens, the energy is infectious. Jackpot Casino Bar
sam s piano bar
Join in song around the piano bar and experience the kind of camaraderie that only happens when everyone is slightly off-key. Sam’s – Piano Bar
burgundy aft lounge
Channel your inner rock star and blow everyone away with your karaoke skills. Or, feel that burning sensation in your belly as you nonstop laugh at our featured comedians. Burgundy Aft Lounge
the chef s art supper club
The aromas from this reservation-only restaurant are enough to turn your head. Just wait until you try the gourmet delicacies inside.The Chef’s Art – Supper Club


cloud 9 spa
Prepare to be blissed-out as you’re massaged, stretched and pampered into a state of total contentment. Cloud 9 Spa


thermal suite
Pinch yourself at your good fortune as heat chambers and steam baths coax the last remaining pockets of tension from your body.Thermal Suite
camp carnival
The smiles on their faces say it all. From cartoon time to arts and crafts, the sense of fun and freedom they get from being around other 2 – 11 year olds is unmistakable. And – exhale – it’s all under the watchful eye of our camp counselors.Camp Carnival
circle c
Something your young teen actually enjoys? That’s what Circle “C” is all about. Because when you see them having fun and making friends, you can really enjoy yourself.Circle “C”
club o2
You know the look that your older teen gives you? The “I’m bored” one? Imagine going a whole week without seeing it once. That’s because Club O2 is the place exclusively for 15 – 17 year olds to talk, play music and dance. Club O2