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Brainwave Gaming

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Brainwave Gaming Paras Kaul Director, Web Communications George Mason University Neural Artist/Researcher Paras Kaul - aka Brainwave Chick Performances Call Attention to Brain Matters

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brainwave gaming

Brainwave Gaming

Paras KaulDirector, Web Communications

George Mason University

neural artist researcher
Neural Artist/Researcher
  • Paras Kaul - aka Brainwave Chick
  • Performances Call Attention to Brain Matters
  • Use Brainwaves to Animate Multimedia Elements (images, movies, 3D digital objects, and sound)
  • Brainwave Gaming Increases Potential of the Brain (brainpower)
  • Brainwaves Interact with Physical Matter Outside the Body
extend educational methods
Extend Educational Methods
  • By Recognizing the Bio-energetic Aspect of Being Human
  • By Incorporating Neurological Learning into

Educational Programs

  • By Expanding Awareness for Self-Healing and Nonverbal Brainwave Communication
  • Similar to Eastern Mindfulness Training in Practice
  • Next Step: Brainwave Learning Games Online
interactive brainwave media
Interactive Brainwave Media

Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA4)

IBVA V4 Packaged

for Sale

IBVA4 Bluetooth Peripheral Connects to Apple Inc.’s MacBook Pro

brainwave games
Brainwave Games

IBVA4 + Computer + Multimedia + Web = Neurological Learning Brainwave Games Online & on iPhone

what is a brainwave game
What is a Brainwave Game
  • Brainwave Game is a 3-D Object Oriented Environment Designed to Interact with Brainwaves
  • Created with the Quartz Composer Application

Uses the Quartz Editor to Create Patches

  • Brainwave Data Interact with Object and FunctionPatches
  • Objects are Multimedia Elements
  • Data Trigger Brainwave Switches Using EEG
  • Trains the Brain for Greater Brainpower
  • More Brainpower Increases Latent Capabilities
brainwave switches
Brainwave Switches

Box like structures isolate areas of brainwave data and

encapsulate parameter values defined by each boxacting as a brain wave switch. Switches assign neural

control to multimedia elements as object patches and to volume and filtering in audio tracks.

playing a brainwave game
Playing a Brainwave Game
  • Strap on a Headband with 3 Electrodes
  • Quiet the Mind
  • Practice Stillness
  • Monitor Brainwaves Using EEG
  • Practice Brainwave Switching to Animate Objects and to Make Sound
  • Analyze Body, Mind, and Brain State
  • Experiential Gaming

Brainwave switches change

the color of the lotus and

movement of the water in

Quicktime Movies

brainwave communities
Brainwave Communities
  • Upload Brainwaves to Servers
  • Download Brainwaves from Servers
  • Use Brainwave Data with GamingEnvironments
  • Upload Quartz Movies and Animate withBrainwaves
  • Create Online Brainwave Communities
  • Participants Practice Nonverbal Communication by Brainwave
brainwave coherence health
Brainwave Coherence & Health
  • Sustained Coherence in Low FrequenciesIncreases Relaxation and Focuses Mental Attention
  • Eliminates Noise in Brain Wave Data
  • Creates Balance in Body Chemistry
  • Decreases Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Shortness of Breath
  • Evens Respiration for Deep Breathing and Increases Gastrointestinal Activity
brainwave coherence
Brainwave Coherence

Brainwave coherence on the left

of the image indicates coherence

in the alpha, theta, delta bands.

Left and right hemisphere data that

occurred the same time as the coherence

data in the top left image.

Left and right hemisphere data that

occurred the same time as the coherence

data in the bottom left image.

Slight brainwave coherence is indicated in this data.

perceptual awareness
Perceptual Awareness
  • Eliminates Stress From the Body/Mind
  • Prepares the Body and Mind for Creative Thought and Problem Solving.
  • Activates Natural Brain Systems
  • Allows Activity that Seems Humanly Impossible

“Perceptual Awareness of the SubtleVibratory Aspects of Reality Become More Dominant as Coherence Increases.”

Karl Pribram

nonverbal communication
Nonverbal Communication

“In our deepest states of consciousness, we are able to explore multiple universes and multi-dimensional projection spaces. Projections of this kind may go beyond daily perceptive space to deeper cognitive spaces.”

Dr. John Lilly, M.D.

brainwave audio
Brainwave Audio
  • MAX /MSP and GarageBand Applications and any Music Application that Supports Audio Unit (AU)
  • IBVA4 AUPlug-in Module for Audio Unit
  • Create Musical Compositions as Other Dimensional Projections.
experiential learning
Experiential Learning
  • Game Begins as Soon as You are ConnectedVia Bluetooth Peripheral
  • Learn While Playing
  • Brainpower Increases the More You Play
  • Self-Analysis by Studying Psychic and Bio Feedback
  • Analyze How the Body Feels in High Beta, Medium Beta, Low Beta, Alpha, Theta, & Delta
  • Brainwave Switch In and Out by Will
visualizations create the physical universe
Visualizations Createthe Physical Universe

Visualize and Perceive What Previously Has Not Been Visible or Audible.

Visualize the World at Peace.

interactive brainwave visual analyzer system
Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer System

Masahiro Kahata - Programmer and Developer, IBVA4

Psychic Lab, Inc. -


Neural graphics for this presentation were provided

through the courtesy of

and Irene Flores, Internet Multimedia Designer at

George Mason University.