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Effective Outdoor Advertising Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Outdoor Advertising Tips

Effective Outdoor Advertising Tips

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Effective Outdoor Advertising Tips

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  1. Effective Outdoor Advertising Tips

  2. Introduction • Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and most prominent ways for business owners to market their products and services. • Effective outdoor advertising is a great way to impact audiences consistently and on a large scale. • However, with the overwhelming amount of sensory overload around us, it’s difficult to catch a consumer’s attention. • That’s why it’s important to know how to use outdoor advertising effectively.

  3. Types of Outdoor Advertising • There are many different types of outdoor advertising. They include: • Billboard advertising • Point of sale displays: Usually found near the checkout counter to attract impulse buyers • Street furniture: Advertising found on bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths, etc. • Mobile billboards: Found on the side of a truck or bus • Guerilla advertising: Low cost, unconventional marketing and usually involving an outdoor public display

  4. Cost of Outdoor Advertising and Its Effectiveness • Outdoor advertising is not cheap, and you will pay more if you choose to advertise in a visible, busy space. • Although the cost can be high, this is necessary if you want to ensure your ad is seen by a large population of people. • Also, the size of your sign will also be a major factor in the cost and effectiveness of your advertising. • If your sign is not easily visible by your target audience, even the best advertisements wont make an impact. • A system called Gross Ratings Point (GRP) tells how effective your advertisement will be.

  5. Tips for Effective Outdoor Advertising • Even if you have a great space to market your product, the marketing you use must stand out. Here are some tips that will help your advertisement get the results you’re looking for:

  6. Make Your Advertising Sharable • Think outside of the box to make your advertisement stand out from the competition. • This is a great way to increase your reach as your advertisement will generate its own advertising, organically. • For this consider bold marketing, creative digitals or experiential advertisements to make an effective impact on consumers.

  7. Go for High Traffic Sites • As mentioned earlier, high-traffic sites cost more than ones in quieter spots. • Although, it may be tempting to go for a less expensive option, limited exposure is a waste of money. • It’s a better investment to go for the more expensive, high-traffic sites.

  8. Keep it Simple: • Effective outdoor advertising serves to give information quickly. • So, send a message that can be absorbed in just a second or two. • Keep text as limited as possible— around six words is best. • If the image is giving the reader information, try not to duplicate it with your text. • Because an image may serve to grab consumers’ attention more than anything, focus on making that a stunning focal point that tells a story. • People are highly receptive to imagery, concentrate on relaying your message this way.

  9. Look at the Competition • Look at what the competition is doing for inspiration. • This way you can analyze what is working for them and what is not. • By doing this you can strategically design your campaign for success. • However, be careful not to put your attempts at a good marketing campaign in jeopardy by calling out your competition.

  10. Conclusion • Outdoor advertising is a great way to market your product. • However, if you do not use it effectively, it’s a waste of money. • Most importantly, do your research before putting yours up. • When advertising is done correctly, your company will benefit tremendously.