40 web trends for 2011 l.
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2011 WEB TRENDS - THE TOP FORTY PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 WEB TRENDS - THE TOP FORTY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. 40 Web Trends for 2011 Presentation by Claude Penland www.WebTrendInfo.com

    2. How are people using the Web? Data and Communications Startups Advertising Venture Capital The Law Government Wrap Up What We Will Cover

    3. How are people using the Web? • Company Sells 2.7 Billion Virtual Goods Every Month http://bit.ly/halJqs • Most United Kingdom Members of Facebook Log In While In Bed http://bit.ly/dNdDds • Venture Capitalist Says Social Networking Might Grow 1000% to 2500% Within 5 Years http://bit.ly/fSTYpY

    4. Using the Web, Two • Social Networking Sites Blend Studying with Hanging Out Online http://bit.ly/ggf62c • LinkedIn CEO On Why We Need More Than Facebook http://bit.ly/dU0FCW • Gravity Creates Detailed Profiles of Users http://bit.ly/edKfvv

    5. Using the Web, Three • 3 out of 4 Facebook Users Access Their Accounts at Work http://bit.ly/i8UBvt • Social Networking Trends http://bit.ly/fvjkVL • The Future of Social Networking http://bit.ly/ehu8Cx

    6. Data and Communications • Web Data Transmitted Via Flickering Overhead Lights http://bit.ly/fXuhEG • Blogging is So 2010 http://bit.ly/fiu5a8 • Tag Photos with Facial Recognition Algorithms http://bit.ly/bAnaCu • Apple Might Use Facial Recognition in Future iPhones http://bit.ly/i4WrUU

    7. Data and Communications, Two • http://truthy.indiana.edu can uncover Astroturfing and other Political Tactics http://bit.ly/9YVnjG • Social Network Content Creation Has Levelled Off. Same Stuff, Spread Thinly. http://bit.ly/ecjjPv • Instapaper to Grow Lots. Save Web Pages for Reading Later. http://bit.ly/aYXSeY

    8. Data and Communications, Three • 5 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Monetize Social Networks http://bit.ly/b0oPwg • InContext Solutions uses 3-D to Design Store Layouts http://bit.ly/9daA3r • Social Proof versus Social Pioneering, Which One Administers the Smackdown? http://bit.ly/e4mSyH

    9. Startups • New York City Government Incubator to Launch in Bronx http://bit.ly/eEllJG • Is there a Tech Startup Incubator Bubble? http://bit.ly/h22FCT • Where Are Some of the Best Blogs to Announce a Startup? http://bit.ly/eXqRIq

    10. Startups, Two • 25 Web Startup Failures http://bit.ly/c6uFlI • Bad Management Increases Startup Activity http://bit.ly/h8BIt7 • 100,000 Fewer US Businesses Created in 2010 than 2009 http://bit.ly/eIxLN1

    11. Advertising • Researcher Says Don’t Pay One Kardashian, Instead Pay a Bunch of Tweeters http://bit.ly/h0hfoE • Sharethrough is a Video Ad Startup To Make Ads Popular and Viral http://bit.ly/b8d1un • Virtual Farm Insurance Declared a Success. Farmers Insurance Will Remain in FarmVille. http://bit.ly/9FCHNy

    12. Advertising, Two • Prostitutes Teach You Marketing: 10 Tips That They’ll Learn You Good http://bit.ly/dOoOW4 • If You’re in Mobile Advertising, Most of the Money is Made through the Mobile Web http://bit.ly/dP4QhN

    13. Venture Capital • In 2011, Venture Capital is Excited About Consumer Web, Cloud Computing, Mobile and Health IT http://bit.ly/fUfacJ • Some Angel Investors Subject to Greater SEC Scrutiny and Reporting Requirements http://bit.ly/gsTLC6 • The Social Networking Dot Com Bubble: How Big Will It Get? http://bit.ly/aIBzWq • How To Raise $1 million from Angel Investors like Udemy http://bit.ly/aA7E1m

    14. The Law • Are Links Copyrighted? How About Headlines? The UK Mess. http://bit.ly/hpagX5 • Bizarre Domain Name Seizure Bill Becomes Federal Law http://bit.ly/hZfTc9 • Stanford Discusses Social Networking in China http://bit.ly/hKo5Ov

    15. The Law, Two • The NoteUtopia Case http://bit.ly/9QEl1f • Domain Names That End in .LY (Libya) May Be Endangered http://bit.ly/gPUbIK

    16. Government • FCC Creates a Mobility Fund to Support the Build-Out of 3G Mobile Wireless http://bit.ly/g3Culy

    17. Wrap Up • Study for an MBA for Free Through a Facebook Application http://bit.ly/eS5nhT • Keep up with web trends at www.WebTrendInfo.com and www.ClaudePenland.com • Thank you!