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qwest business and at&t business PowerPoint Presentation
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qwest business and at&t business

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qwest business and at&t business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With literally hundreds of AT&T business telecommunications offerings it is confusing to sort through options for the best match. Fortunately, there is now a more cost-effective and efficient way to select the optimal AT&T Enterprise Solution. To learn more about telecommunications visit:

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qwest business and at&t business

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Is AT&T Business Solutions or Qwest Business the Best Value for Your Business Today?Here you go again. It is time to renegotiate your phone service contract. What? You do not negotiate for the best rates. You just take what they offer and assume it is the best deal. Do you realize by evaluating and comparing the hundreds of options offered by AT&T Business Solutions and Qwest Business you could increase the number of services you receive and get a lower rate at the same time?The Challenge of Getting the Best ValueIt is understandable why small, medium, and even some large businesses do not get the best deals possible. The phone companies make it almost impossible to wade through all of their offers. They have backend deals you will never be told about unless you have inside information. They even offer special deals which are only made available through select resellers of their products. How can you find the best deal when most of the time they have hidden it? Your phone company representative is going to help you cut costs when they know they are in a competitive bidding situation, but still never get you the lowest price possible. Remember, their job is to make profits for the company, and increase their own commissions.Breaking Away From the Phone Company RepresentativeThe only way you are going to uncover the best deals in telephone and data services through AT&T and Qwest is by partnering with experts. People who negotiate contracts daily have an inside track on getting the best deals and the lowest prices.These industry consultants have one more advantage you will never have, leverage. They have forged partnerships with AT&T and Qwest which allow them to get deals not offered to the general public. They know how to use the competitive struggle between these two telecommunication giants to get you the lowest prices possible.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Professional Assistance in Negotiating Contracts?This is where the real fun begins. Imagine making a phone call to get the quote process started. You answer questions one time with a single professional and let them get the ball rolling for you. You sit back and wait for the quotes instead of dealing with phone call after phone call from your AT&T or Qwest representative. You probably are thinking having a professional telecommunications consultant negotiate your deal is going to be expensive. Would you believe they will not charge you anything? They make their profits in deals they broker with the telephone giants. They are a middleman who can uncover deals saving you money while still making a reasonable profit for them.Do I Lose Service Quality When I Use a Service to Get Better Deals?This is a great question. You rely on your phone service for AT&T Business Services or Qwest Business to be reliable. You know these two companies provide the highest levels of service. What if you could have even better service for less money? Your new partner becomes your primary contact for service. Instead of you sitting on hold waiting to talk to the right support person and then not understanding the questions, you turn the problem over to them. They take care of getting your system back up and running and do all the hard work for you. It is almost magical you can save money and receive better service at the same time. Using your new secret negotiating weapon is the best way to get great deals from Qwest Business or AT&T Business Solutions.