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51 Unconventional Adventure Weekend Gateway Around Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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51 Unconventional Adventure Weekend Gateway Around Mumbai

51 Unconventional Adventure Weekend Gateway Around Mumbai

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51 Unconventional Adventure Weekend Gateway Around Mumbai

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  1. 51 Unconventional Adventure Weekend Gateway Around Mumbai Call us on 011-42156013 :: +91-7838984471 :: +91- 9718341991

  2. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Are you planning to spend the best of your weekend near Gateways around Mumbai, given below are the impeccable weekend gateways you can have fun at? Since, Mumbai is the most visited place by the tourists on their weekends; zillions of people love to stopover here every year. Have a glance:-

  3. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai One Day Trek to Andharban Andharban captures the thick of the flora and fauna?s might in the Sahayadri and this one day trek to Andharban captures it all. With natural treasures such as flower beds and waterfalls enroute, the trail from Ghatmatha to Konkan is one to be cherished by hiking enthusiasts. Lakeside Camping At Bhandardara When in Mumbai and looking for a short but wild adventure, lakeside camping at Bhandardhara is ideal. Being located in the vicinity of a local hill station-?Igatpuri?, this pristine water reservoir is thronged by campers for overnight stays under the stars, along its beautiful banks.

  4. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Jamnagar : Bird Photography A well known birds expert Vipul Ramanuj through this mesmerizing 2 day tour to Jamnagar bird watching. The tour takes the participants to Lakota lake, Balachadi, Dhincha and Khijadi bird sanctuary, with a chance to capture the sights and sounds of our winged friends on to lens. takes you Day Paragliding Tour in Kamshet Reassert your sense of being independent by swaying high in the air with the birds, during this 1 day paragliding tour in Kamshet. Heading off from both Mumbai and Pune, the tour gives you a chance to experience picturesque views. At a nominal extra cost, one can also get this thrilling glide captured on tape.

  5. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Mumbai Midnight Cycling Heritage Ride Another great way to experience the heritage offerings and attractions of Mumbai city is to head to a Mumbai midnight cycling heritage ride. Commencing from Cola , Cauewayat, the ride covers areas like marine drive, Haji Ali, Nariman Point, Gateway of India, Raja Bai clock Tower, Bombay High Court, etc. Mumbai Midnight Cycling-Coastal-Route Enjoy the coastal life of Mumbai, away from the day?s hustle-bustle , on this quiet night tour on 2 wheels. The Mumbai midnight cycling coastal route stretches across the beaches and coastline in Mumbai over 35 km, finally coming to a halt at Bandra Bandstand. Enjoy the night views of Marine drive, Bandstand and other attractions at night.

  6. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Vasota Fort Trek For someone wishing to hike over a couple of days to at least 3000 ft above sea, the Vasota Fort Trek is most suited. The ancient fort surrounded by a water body in the Koyana region of the Sahayadri range in Maharashtra. Explore the untouched nature, wildlife and spectacular views. Coastal Fort Expedition The Maharashtra coastline in Sindhudurg district, right till Vijaydurg is thronged with small and big forts, which make it all the more exciting. A coastal fort expedition to the Sindhudurg fort would take you through the backwaters of the Konkan coast, while giving you a glimpse of the glorious past the area has had. stands tall wonders of

  7. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Scuba Diving at Konkan Delve into the exciting underwater world in Konkan region while you scuba dive. Scuba diving in Konkan can be enjoyed as a 3 day adventure – a die at Malvan along with a visit to the major attractions in Sundhudurg district – Nivti rocks, Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli backwaters and other virgin beaches in the area. Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek Walk amongst a glorious past on the Kalavantin Pinnacle trek – one of the most known forts of the Western Ghats. A steep climb in the cool weather awaits trekkers on this hike and brings them to explore the beauty of Matheran and Panvel, and the areas around the Kalavantin fort.

  8. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Outdoor Cycling Ride Vihi Waterfall The Vihigaon region close to the bustling city of Mumbai is a home to the Ashoka waterfall, which gives adventure lovers a great opportunity – Outdoor cycling ride, Vihi waterfall. Kicking off at Kasara station, the 35 Km ride meanders around breathtaking views countryside , giving you a glimpse of nature and rural lifestyle. Bhandup Pumping Station Let a wildlife expert guide you into some unexplored natural trails, to get abreast with the worlds of the flora and fauna. Bhandup pumping station close to Mumbai is the ideal spot for watching animal activity, spotting rare birds and getting the wildlife photographer inside you to the forefront in your life. of the

  9. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Ranthambore Wildlife Safari If fallowing the pug marks and walking amongst the leaders of the feline is what thrills you, no better place to be than Ranthambore. The Ranthambore wildlife safari lets you pave into the hunting grounds of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur, and feel the wonders of the animal kingdom, first hand. Tiger Wildlife Safari Step into the wild, here in Maharashtra, by taking the challenge offered by Tadoba Tiger wildlife safari at the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve. A bio-diversity plethora is in the offering on the numerous natural trails and forests paths in the reserve, making an awesome three day adventure into exploring the natural reserve of the area.

  10. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Bera Leopards Expedition The Jawai Bandh wildlife reserve has the chance to meet the feline killer – the leopard up close and personal; through it?s Bera Leopard expedition. A 2 night three day adventure involving pug mark following and camping will be rugged but adventurous at the same time, thanks to accommodation and Rajasthani food being served. Raigad Fort Trek Pay homage to the bravery of Maharaj Sivaji and visit his fortress capital , here in the Raigad fort trek. This is a few hours hike in the Sahayadri range to the fort, and then a 1400 odd stair conjuncture at the fort. Maratha warriors stories can be experienced live during this trek with your guide. the tented and their

  11. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Outdoor Cycle Ride Karjat to Kondhana Caves Get adventurous on this25 Km stretch of outdoor cycle ride Karjat to Kondhana caves, amidst cloud , mist and unexpected downpours. The first stop on this one day tour is the village of Kondiwade, commencing a short one hour trek to the Rajmachi fort. The cycling adventure finally ceases at Kondhana caves. Nagzira Wildlife Safari The Vidharba region in Maharashtra close to Nagpur has a hidden Nagrazia wildlife safari in store for you. Nagrazia is one of the less known forest reserves in the country, but has a sizeable population of tigers and leopards. Apart from the felines, a lot of wide boars, Indian Gaur and other animal species can also be sighted here.

  12. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Trek to Harihar Fort Just lying north to Igatpuri in Maharashtra is the Trayambak range, which is a home to a unique fort houses on top of a triangular rock. This is the Harihar fort and a trek to Harihar fort is enroute the mountain pass to head to Gujarat from Maharashtra – a picturesque trail. Two Day Outing Kolad Rafting If a day?s adventure is too short for your likes, try the two day outing Kolad rafting instead. Groups of 20 are admitted for each session, and accommodation and food and beverages are provided enroute. Apart from taming the wild rapids and turns in the river, you can also enjoy other activities such as kayaking and zip line.

  13. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai One Day Trek to Kothaligad-Peth The Shahpur Taluka in the Karjat region is also home to a one day trek to Kothaligad Pet. The high fort, standing at 3100 feet above sea, has a remarkable excavated fleet of stairs leading to it. Apart from the fort and it?s architectural beauty, it is places like Bhairova cave and temples which can be visited enroute. Lonar Crater Exploration Let a renowned researcher, author take you through the Lonar crater exploration, and make you do a parikrama around the third largest crater upon the face of this earth. It is an experience in itself to see a meteorite impact created lake, and the Lonar lake is the only one of it?s kind in the country.

  14. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Waterfall Rappelling At Dudhiware One of the highest waterfall rappelling sights in and around the Sahayadri range – the waterfall rappelling Dudhiware takes you through a dip of over 135 feet. Being in close proximity to Lonavala, the rappelling experience can be done within a day from both Mumbai and Pune, along with other attractions on the way. Bhimashankara and Nagfani Trek at The Bhimashankara and Nagfani Trek gives you a chance to rever one of the 12 shiva Jyotirlingas, and the ascend from the Shidi ghats region towards the temple gives you some of the best views to be had in the Sahayadri range of peaks. Nature lovers will enjoy the forst trail to the best of their relish.

  15. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai One Day Trek To Gorakhgad There might not be much historic significance to the fort of Gorakhgad, but the daunting pinnacles have attracted rock climbers from across the world. A one day trek to Gorakhgad will take you up close and personal to these pinnacles and mesmerizing views of flora and fauna, enroute the trekking trail. Vaitarna River Rafting Situated at a very convenient distance of a couple of hours between Mumbai and Pune, the site for Vaitarna river rafting is easy to travel to. The Vaitarna river meanders torrentially on this stretch of 9 Km, made of 11 exclusive rapids which are enough to get the pulse racing for any adventure lover.

  16. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Trek To Harishchandragad The cradle of the Kalchuri dynasty, the Harishchandra fort is sdai to have it?s origins as early as the 6th century. An overnight rail journey to Kasara would take you to an exciting trek to Harishchandragad, full of great views monuments of lords and saints sprawled across the length of the trek. One Day Trek To Ajoba Hills A one day trek to Ajoba hills is something you can easily manage at any level of fitness. The sense of achievement immense as Ajoba is amongst the most daunting peaks of the Sahayadri range, and the summits are an inlet to places like Luv- Kush caves and Sitamai Palna. involved is and ancient

  17. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Kondana Caves Waterfall Rappelling Just on the route to the ascend towards Rajmachi lies the picturesque waterfall of the Kondhana caves. In addition to visiting the temple at the Kondhana caves the Kondhana caves waterfall rafting experience is a must do. The gushing white water down this 100 feet lane is enough to get your heart racing. Day Trek To Kalsubai Peak Scaling the highest peak in the Shayadri mountain range is surely an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. The day trek to Kalsubai peak sees you ascending a steep but immaculately beautiful trail, completing finally at the top of the mountain, where the famously revered Kalsubai temple rests majestically.

  18. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Vihi Waterfall Rappelling The hills and canyons around the Karjat area are also a home to another beautiful water fall – Vihi waterfall. This is where a Vihi waterfall adventure can be undertaken, amidst flowing gushes of river water droplets. The entire rappelling adventure taken you through a 100 feet descend down the flowing waterfall, and is suited for all ages. Trek To Lohagad And Bhaje Caves A chance to indulge into the pristine beauty of the country?s western ghats, the trek to Lohagad and Bhaje caves has the best of Lonavala on it?s platter. Amidst flowing clouds, see the lush green landscape picturesque views of the Pawna lake , from the majestic and historic fort of Lohagad. rappelling and

  19. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Rajmachi Fort Trek The most suited trek for trekking rookies int eh Sahayadri area, the Rajmachi fort trek takes you in the times of the emperor Shivaji, and his glorious era. The trek can be undertaken from two routes – from Lonavala, the slightly steeper one, or from a much smoother ascend from Kajrat. Waterfall Rappelling At Dodhani Water rappelling in Dodhani is a short, one day adventure, in the lap of the Matheran hills. The site for the rappelling – Dodhani waterfall is made up of high and straight rocks and white gushing water – a perfect setting for some good rappelling experience under mountaineering experts. the guidance of

  20. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Canyon Valley Camping And Trekking The valleys and canyons on the route of the Ulhas river in Maharashtra are the best paces for canyon valley camping and trekking, in pre and post monsoon seasons. The Ulhas river valley is sort of unique in it?s terrain, in the sense that it involves a descent first, and then followed by an ascend. Trek To Anjaneri Fort Within 20Km of the Nashik Trimbakeshwar range lies the supposed birth plave of lord Hanuman, and a fort named after his mother – Anjani. Trek to Anjaneri fort is enroute vast expanses of lush green and can be clubbed with foraging for some rare species of flora , limited to the region.

  21. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Sandhan Valley Trekking Sandhan valley trekking is a nice 2 day adventure, which takes you through the heart of this great canyon in the Sahayadri range. The Ratangad fort and many other attractions, both historic and natural are placed across it and offer an experience of a lifetime to enthusiasts of trekking and adventure. Trek to Tikona Fort The Tikona fort is the classic pyramid mountain fort, sitting at a daunting height of 3500 feet above sea. The trek to Tiona fort gives you a chance to delve into archeological findings, enjoy a relaxing dip in the lake and to scale the summits of this high mountain fort.

  22. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai SGNP Easy-Monsoon Jungle Trek The Sylonda jungle trail which entails over a 100 species of reptiles and insects is covered during this SGNP easy monsoon jungle trek. The trek involves crossing streams and rivers on the way, and seeing the animal and flora kingdom in it?s full glory. The trek is escorted and convened by wildlife experts and guides. Pali Waterfall Rappelling Another experience can be had at the Pali waterfall on the Mumbai –Goa highway. Enjoy a delve into the rural life enroute waterfall rappelling, and then rappel down the extremely high 260 feet walls of the twin waterfall, for a mind soothing and body relaxing wet experience. exciting rappelling the Pali

  23. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Rajmachi 2 Day Trek For those looking for stay in tents in the backwoods, camp fire at night, munching on authentic village food, take a dip in the pond and enjoying nature at its best, Rajmachi 2 Day Trek can make a good choice. You can also experience off- road drive from Lonavala to Rajmachi. Mahuli Trek If you wish to go back in time and enjoy a spectacular and romantic view from a laid back hamlet, Mahuli Trek is something you should not miss on. One can also see a small wild life sanctuary when at Mahuli. If you trek along the hill, you will also find an ancient fort.

  24. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Visapur Fort and Bhaja Caves If ancient Caves and fort intrigue you, the Visapur Fort and Bhaja Caves Hill climb is must to experience for you. The Visapur Fort was built during the Satavahana reign and still stands tall at the height of 3567 feet. The Visapur Fort and the Lohagad fort are separated by Khind called Gaimukh. Prabalmachi Trek The Prabalmachi Trek is an easy trek that leads one to a plateau. The cost starts at 1550 per person. One can have a look at the village homes and farm houses on the way and also get to walk through the forest. It takes only a day to complete this trek if you are starting from Mumbai or Pune.

  25. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Lohagad Trek Lohagad is located 12 km from Lonavalva and is situated at 3000 feet above sea level. During the Lohagad trek, one can walk around the Satavahana fort which dates back to 30 BC to 200 AD. It is an easy to moderate trek and the descend time is about one and a half hour and descend takes lesser time. Tikona Trekking If you are looking for a moderate trek that offers more than just a scenic view during the trek, Tikona trekking that lies at the height of 3500 above the sea level can be the best choice. There is an ancient fort that can be discovered. Other than that, one can also take a dip in the lake and scenic countryside camping.

  26. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Khandala - Ulhas Valley Canyoning-Trek Khandala is a very popular destination in India, and for those who love Khandala - Canyoning-trek can be a great experience. One can trek down the dense forest through the waterfall and then ascend back. It is imperative that you are in the right attire for Canyoning. Camping-Rivers-Mountain Tops to Valley of Flower to trek, Valley Ulhas If you want to camp at night alongside a river, Camping-Rivers- Mountain Tops to valley of flower can be a great choice for the next extended weekend. Camp is set up in the Krishna Valley and if you wish to take a dip in the river, you can wear life jackets and enjoy that too. Fishing can also be tried among other activities like tractor ride, a walk in the valley etc.

  27. 51 Long Adventure Weekend Gateways Around Mumbai Backpackers Trip to Kaas Plateau A wide variety of small flowers, shrubs, herbs grows in Kaas. A backpackers Trip to Kaas Plateau during a long weekend of late monsoon is certain to leave you spellbound with the beauty it has to offer. Kaas is located in the Satara city of Maharashtra. It can be done at a price of 4900 per person. Bhoot Bangla Trek The Bhoot Bangla trek (or the haunted house trek) can be done in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is situated in Mumbai. It is a building of a rest house which was built by the British which is not really spooky but picturesque. A scenic lake lies next to the Bhoot Bangla which makes the trek worthwhile.