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1. SPARKLING Holly Melvin EDU 506-01 July 22, 2002

4. Tasks Learn about making new friends through reading the book, unscramble puzzles pieces to make new pictures, arrange words to write a complete sentence, place the correct word in the blank using sentence context clues, complete crossword puzzles, answer comprehension questions from the book, give opinion of the book, find examples of scarcity.

5. Process One The book, “Rainbow Fish”, by Marcus Pfister is a very colorful book about making new friends. This book will teach children valuable lessons about sharing.

6. Process two See if you can untangle your mind by solving puzzles found in the deep blue sea. Through our adventure in the sea, we will help Rainbow Fish make pieces of his world come together.

7. Process three Rainbow Fish can’t seem to say what he wants to. Some of his words have gotten out of order, help him correct his story “Fishy Mix Up.”

8. Process four There are many words out there, but how do you find the perfect one? Rainbow Fish has lost some of his words and needs your help to write the perfect sentence.

9. Process five Up and down and all around! Clues are given to help him out, so he won’t have to pout. Read them carefully and you will see what the answers have to be.

10. Process six When someone asks you what the book “Rainbow Fish” is about, what would you tell them? Answer the questions on Rainbow Quiz and it will help you decide what to say!

11. Process seven You are about to become a world famous critic. Book Club for Kids wants you to give your opinion on the book “Rainbow Fish.”

12. Process Eight One way that Rainbow Fish learned to make friends was to share his shining fins.   After Rainbow Fish gave all the other fishes one of his precious fins, he only had one left for himself.    Scarcity is when there is not enough of something for everyone who wants some.  Can you find other example of scarcity? 

13. conclusion

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