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Uganda Picture

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Gunning Down New Infections and Scaling up HIV Prevention, A case study of The Uganda Uniformed Forces in collaboration with TASO Uganda.Presentation at the : SecondHIV Capacity Building Partner’s Summit ,Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre, Johannesburg SouthAfrica, 19th-21st March 2013Presenting Author: Goretti Nakabugo,Co Authors: Maria Lukubo, Odoi Charles

Uganda Picture

  • Population 32 million (UBOS 2010)

  • HIV Prevalence 7.3% (Uganda AIS, 2011)

  • 2010 New infections 130,000 (UAIS,2011)

  • Highest among Most at Risk Populations/Key Populations; CSW, Fishing communities and Mobile populations (Uniformed forces)

  • Mainly because of risk-taking lifestyles; 89% of new infections occur due to multiple concurrent partnerships

National HIV Prevention Strategy 2011-2015

Focus areas include;

  • Reinvigoration of HIV Prevention in the country

  • increase adoption of safer sexual behaviors and reduce risk taking behaviors.

  • Increase the coverage and effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions to the known sources of new HIV infections

  • Target population groups that are most at risk

TASO Background

  • Begun 1987

  • Mission: Preventing HIV infection, restoring hope and improving the quality of life of PLHIV, families and communities affected by HIV infection and disease

  • Has 11 centers.

TASO’s Core Activities

  • Comprehensive HIV Prevention Services

  • HIV Counseling, Care and Support Services

  • HIV and AIDS Treatment

  • Training and Capacity Development

  • Advocacy and Networking

HIV Prevention Program among Uniformed

  • Civil Society Fund (CSF) supported TASO to conduct HIV Prevention interventions in 4 districts in Uganda

  • Started Sept 2011- 2012

  • Focused on 3 uniformed categories; Army, Police, Prisons and their spouses

  • Globally Uniformed services, face a serious risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Risk factors for Uniformed forces

  • People in armed forces are often subject to deployments away from home

  • They are also often paid their salaries when away from home

  • Have liquid cash in pocket, it is easy to be tempted to alcohol and casual sex.

  • Risk of death at the battlefront instigates fatalistic attitudes among soldiers therefore HIV Prevention is not a priority

Key interventions/Approaches used

  • Meetings with heads of uniformed institutions

  • Selection of peers to cater for all category of cadre, units in uniformed institutions

  • 3 day initial training conducted

  • Monthly follow up sessions

  • Certification after 6 months

  • End of project evaluation

  • Continue to serve as Peer counselors for HIV Prevention.

Interactive training methodologies



Spin the Beer bottle game to address alcohol

  • Value clarification

  • Self risk assessment

  • Condom game

  • Body mapping exercise

  • Story telling

  • Stage Behavior change model

    Note :Respect ranks however ensure all participate


  • 153 Uniformed services trained

  • 7383 Uniformed Peers and spousesreached with HIV Prevention messages

  • Condom use and safe male circumcision have been adopted as the main HIV prevention strategies for this target group.

  • Condom distribution points were established to ensure there are no stock outs

  • HIV+ Peers are referred for care

Participant demonstrating use of female condom

Lessons Learnt

  • Comprehensive HIV prevention services at the workplace are necessary for this group

  • Increased uptake of HCT and SMC

  • Condom use is a major HIV prevention strategy

  • Intervention cost effective, training venue was provided by Army

  • TASO built new partnership with high-risk communities and enrolled them into care

  • Uniformed personnel are key change agents in their communities

  • Special Thanks to:

    • Uniformed men and Women

    • TASO

    • Civil Society Fund (CSF)

    • RATN for scholarship

    • Summit Organizers

    • Co-authors


Contact Author on :

Goretti Nakabugo

TASO Training centre


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