motion in 1d
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Motion in 1D

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Motion in 1D - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Motion in 1D. From the Simpsons. Imbalance of forces. We have talked a lot about Forces being balanced. When forces are unbalanced it results in the object accelerating. Distance.

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motion in 1d

Motion in 1D

From the Simpsons

imbalance of forces
Imbalance of forces
  • We have talked a lot about Forces being balanced.
  • When forces are unbalanced it results in the object accelerating.
  • Any time an object moves it moves a distance. In the picture the Simpson family has moved a distance from their house.
  • This is measured in meters, and is always positive.
  • A scalar quantity
  • The change in the position of the particle
  • Homer gets up from the couch and goes to the refrigerator. Then he comes back. His displacement is zero
  • Measured in meters
  • A vector quantity
displacement example



Displacement Example
  • Homer is chasing Bart around the house. He catches him at point B, What is the distance and displacement?
  • Think of your car
  • Speed is change in distance over the change in time.
  • Measured in Meters/sec
  • Always positive
  • A scalar quantity
  • Like speed, but with another component: Direction
  • Measured in m/s
  • A vector Quantity
  • Velocity is important when you are trying to go to a specific destination.
velocity formula
Velocity Formula

V = displacement change in time

velocity problem
Velocity Problem
  • Marge leaves from the store. She travels 1 km for 10 m/s west. Then she needs to pick up the pace and get home before Homer does. She increases her velocity to 20 m/s west for 1 km. What is her average velocity
  • Is what happens when you change velocity over time.
  • Measured in m/s2
  • A vector quantity
  • Is the result of imbalanced forces
  • Can result when
    • You speed up/ slow down
    • Turn
  • We assume that this is uniform
  • Has a sign (+ or -)
sideshow bob has escaped
Sideshow Bob has escaped
  • Bart gets on his bike to escape the madman and goes from rest to 10 m/s in 10 seconds. What is his average acceleration
  • Marge is moving at 10 m/s when she has to hit the brakes to avoid a boy on a skateboard. How long does it take her to stop if her average acceleration is -5 m/s2
free fall
Free Fall
  • Free fall is another example of 1D motion just in the Y direction
  • The acceleration in these problems is known:
    • -9.8 M/S2
    • The acceleration due to gravity
    • Typically seen as a negative value due to the fact that gravity pulls down