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Meso machining
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Meso Machining. Norman Salmon Engineering Program Manager Lawrence Berkeley National Lab silicon µ- machining. miniature machining. meso machining. Meso-scale machining : 10 µm ~ 1m m

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Meso Machining

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Meso machining

Meso Machining

Norman Salmon

Engineering Program Manager

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Meso machining

silicon µ-machining

miniature machining

meso machining

  • Meso-scale machining: 10 µm ~ 1mm

    bridging the gap between silicon based MEMS and conventional miniature machining.

10-3 10-4 10-510-6 [m]

Critical dimensions

Micro milling drilling and turning

Micro Milling, Drilling and Turning

Micro Stepper Motor Laminates - Produced Using 100 Micron Diameter Rotary Cutting Tools - Tech Transfer Grant for Empire Magnetics FY2002

100 Micron Diameter Micro Electrodes Produced for Alexander Zholents 2002 AFRD LDRD

Holes as small as 40 Microns can be drilled in Stainless Steel - Shown is a 70 Micron Drill compared with a Human Hair

Micro rotor

Micro Engine Components


Micro Rotor

Micro Turbine



Electroplated rf electrode

Electroplated RF Electrode

125 micron

Meso machining examples

Meso-Machining Examples



37µm cutting tool

10µm gears on silicon

25µm channel on diamond

39µm channel on graphite

Meso machining

  • Micro Tooling

    • tooling design

    • tooling application

    • materials

      • Diamond tools cut by FIB

      • New workpiece materials

    • analysis of cutting performance

      • Force sensing (MEMS)

      • Acoustic emissions

10 micron End Mill

25 micron End Mill

Long term vision

Long Term Vision

Micro Turning

Micro EDM

Micro Milling

Laser Cutting and Welding

LBL - MESO Machining Lab

AFM Nano- Machining


Micro Molding & Casting


Micro Wire EDM

Micro manipulation stage for lift out specimen preparation with fib

Micro Manipulation Stage for Lift-Out Specimen Preparation with FIB

Nano manipulator for the molecular foundry





Nano-Manipulator for the Molecular Foundry

Micro assembly station

Micro Assembly Station

  • MEMS Grippers

  • Gripper Changer

  • Nanometer resolution

  • Haptic Feedback?

Meso machining

Meso machine tool

with in situ metrology

  • High Speed 170K RPM Hydrostatic Spindle

  • Sub-Micron Accuracy

  • Integrated CMM Probing, Laser, and Capacitance Inspection



  • Develop Leading Technology Program in Meso Machining, Assembly, and Metrology

  • Develop Partnerships and Collaborative efforts that support and compliment our Technology

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