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EDG4948 - Service Learning

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EDG4948 - Service Learning. Dr. Becker. Benefits of EDG4948. Three (3) upper level credit hours EDG4948 is repeatable up to two times Get familiar with your community Set your own schedule Minimal writing. Syllabus. Course Information

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benefits of edg4948
Benefits of EDG4948
  • Three (3) upper level credit hours
  • EDG4948 is repeatable up to two times
  • Get familiar with your community
  • Set your own schedule
  • Minimal writing
  • Course Information
  • Course title: Service Learning Course number: EDG 4948
  • Service Learning is a guided field experience that helps students work with diverse populations while gaining insights into career and community issues, and civic responsibility.
  • This experience assists students in developing a more universal perspective and provides opportunities to develop new attitudes and ideas. This is a web-based course.
  • Methods of Assessment:
  • Completion of 50 total hours of service in one approved setting.
  • Up to four hours of training/orientation may count toward your total hours. Completion of required Service Learning Forms.
  • Supervisor Evaluation
  • Discussion Participation
  • Directed Readings/Quiz Completion
selecting an organization for your service
Selecting an organization for your service
  • Students select organizations for a number of reasons.
  • You may want to confirm or change career objectives. You can do this by performing your service in fields related to possible career choices. For example:
  • Would-be veterinarians have served at humane societies and wildlife rescue centers.
  • Future psychologists have worked with children and adults in a variety of agencies such as the Center for Drug Free Living and the Mental Health Association of Central Florida.
  • Planning to be a teacher? There are a number of public schools where you can explore this career field. You may want to broaden your professional perceptions by working in agencies tangential to your career:
    • Education majors, for example, might gain insights about children from experiences at Boys and Girls Club, juvenile detention centers, or the UCF Creative School for Children.
    • Art majors gain valuable experience through service with the Florida Hospital Artist-in-Residence program. A third source of motivation may be based on personal experience. You may want to serve at the American Cancer Society because a family member is dealing with cancer or provide Meals-on-Wheels in memory of a beloved grandparent.
selecting an organization for your service1
Selecting an organization for your service
  • Practical matters to consider in selecting an organization:
    • What is my class schedule and how will the organization\'s hours of operation fit with it? Will I be able to attend meetings and planning sessions?
    • Is there an orientation that I must attend and is it rigidly scheduled?
    • Does the organization require a background check and how ling will that take?
    • Do I want direct involvement with clients or program participants, or do I want to “remain behind the scene?”
    • What level of involvement and personnel responsibility am I seeking in the organization?
selecting an organization for your service2
Selecting an organization for your service
  • There are also agencies and activities that are not appropriate for this course. They include:
    • Service with private schools and private organizations.
    • Service for a private business or commercial enterprise.
    • Service provided as a paid volunteer.
    • Service that is not supervised by a paid professional staff member from the service organization or school.
    • Activities related to soliciting, fund-raising, or securing sponsorships.
    • Service conducted in support of or sponsored by a particular religion or political position, party, or candidate.
    • Service performed as a part of a requirement for another course, practicum, or internship.
    • Service performed in connection with club, sorority, fraternity, or other university service activities.
    • Service performed in connection with a previous or current place of employment.
    • Service performed as a requirement for court ordered community service.
    • Service performed in support of activities that include a student\'s relatives or acquaintances.
    • Relatives, acquaintances, former supervisors or teachers may not serve as supervisors for the Service Learning course.
    • Service performed with an organization where the student is currently or was previously employed or volunteered.
    • Organizations requiring extensive training prior to beginning service.
which organizations are available for my service
Which organizations are available for my service?
  • The organization must be a non-profit, and you may not have ever volunteered there before.
approval of your organization
Approval of your organization
  • How do I get my organization approved?Your organization will be approved through a quiz designed for this purpose. Your organization IS NOT approved until you earn 20 out of 20 on the Organization Approval Quiz.
  • If you are proposing an organization that is not on the list provided in Module 1.1, you must also include a webpage for your proposed organization and the organization\'s non-profit number.Once you have received approval for your organization, you will need to complete the Service Learning Contract for that organization. See the Homepage for links to the forms.
approval of your organization1
Approval of your organization
  • You will need to schedule an appointment with your supervisor to complete the Service Learning Contract. It is appropriate to share the Service Learning Time Log and Student Evaluation Form with your supervisors at the first meeting so that they will be familiar with the criteria and expectations for your service commitment.
  • You will sign the contract and your intended supervisor will sign it (this is the same supervisor who will sign your Time Log form and Evaluation form).
what if the organization i selected is not meeting my learning goals
What if the organization I selected is not meeting my learning goals?
  • In the off chance that the organization that you select and start your hours with is not meeting your learning goals, you may switch. The goal is to perform your service hours with an organization that best fits your needs.
  • You must do this before you complete a maximum of 10 hours. Your new organization must be approved before you begin hours there.
  • This means that you will also have to fill out a new contract with your proposed supervisor.
  • Your first 10 hours will still count toward the total 50 hours. However, you must complete and turn in your updated contract or the hours with the new organization will not count.
why take service learning
Gain three (3) upper level credit hours!

Repeatable up to two times!

Lend a hand in your own community!

Learn about yourself and others!

Why Take Service Learning?