Getting to know ourselves
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Getting to know ourselves. Each of us is unique We change as we grow up Working as a team a project by Year 1. Aims for pupils:. T o explore the idea of each of them being unique.

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Getting to know ourselves

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Getting to know ourselves

  • Each of us is unique

  • We change as we grow up

  • Working as a team

    a project by Year 1

Aims for pupils:

  • To explore the idea of each of them being unique.

    2. To start thinking about the changes in them as they become older. To think further about how the world around them might change.

    3. To work in groups to achieve a common goal.

Circle-Time activity

The pupils talked about:

  • Their first names, the meaning behind them, who chose them and why. Some pupils have the same names but for different reasons.

  • Their appearance. They had their photos taken.

  • Their abilities and talents.

They also talked about:

  • Their favourite dishes, hobbies, colours, games and interests.

  • Their favourite objects.

  • Things that make them feel good or bad about themselves.

  • How they change as time goes by.

How do I know that I’m growing up?

  • ‘My clothes and shoes become too small for me after some time.’

  • ‘I can reach things at higher shelves.’

  • ‘I buy new clothes and shoes.’

  • ‘ I feel stronger.’

What I look forward to when I grow up is …

  • To become a footballer-a vet-a singer- a teacher like Mrs Theodosia.

  • To drive a car.

  • To get married.

  • To buy a car.

  • To have a Porsche.

  • To become strong and muscly.

When I’m a grown up, I worry about…

  • Doing more housework.

  • Going to the army.

  • Becoming a grandparent.

  • Losing my friends.

  • Not having my mum around.

  • Getting married and giving birth.

  • Getting killed!

Taking the children a step further …

  • As none of these 6-yr-olds expressed any concern about environmental changes, their teacher asked them to think about:

  • how they think their neighbourhood and town will look like after many years.

  • what they do with their rubbish. She explained the concept of recycling and how it works.

What the pupils did

  • They drew pictures of the human body and how it changes as children grow up.

  • They drew pictures of how their town will be like in the future.

  • They wrote down their wishes for the future.

  • They wrote down their expectations and targets in the future.

They collected paper rubbish in separate bags and put them in recycle bins.

Collecting paper for recycling

They worked together to make a display of the school rules.

Pupils used plasticine to make a model of the school building.

They collected sand and pebbles…

Our school building and school rules

ENSI Quality Criteria

  • Quality criteria regarding the quality of teaching and learning processes.

    3. Area of perspectives for the future

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