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SmartView For Advisors. IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING OUR FIRST VERSION OF SMARTVIEW FOR ADVISORS:. Please note the following: Case statuses for Informal Applications are not available at this time.

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SmartView For Advisors

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Smartview for advisors




Important notice regarding our first version of smartview for advisors


Please note the following:

  • Case statuses for Informal Applications are not available at this time.

  • Monthly and Daily Benefit amounts for Long Term Care cannot be displayed on the Case List at this time.

We are working on the above items and will notify you when they become


Smartview for advisors

HOW TO LOG ON:Go to the Agent Support Group web site at and click on the magnifying glass in the upper left-hand corner of the window.

Smartview for advisors


The Office Name will always be asglife (lower case letters)

Type in your User Name and Password

Click on the “Remember Me” check box so that the next time you log on you will only have to enter your password

Click on the “Sign in” button

Smartview for advisors

CHANGING YOUR PASSWORDOnce you have entered the user name and password provided by Agent Support Group for your first log on, SmartView will open and display your Case List. For security purposes it is recommended that you change your password immediately after signing in to SmartView for the very first time.Click on the “Change Password” hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of the SmartView window:

Smartview for advisors

A dialog box will open for you to enter and submit the new password. Click on the “Close” button when done:

Viewing your pending case list

Viewing Your Pending Case List

Note: Integrations are not available at this time.

Column headings

Column Headings

Columns can be sorted. Click in the box of any title heading to sort column in ascending or descending order within a Holding Type

Contact Name (Insured)

Policy # (Will be shown after the carrier has assigned the number)

Carrier Name (Insurance Company)

Product Name (Plan of Insurance)

Benefit (Face Amount on life cases, or Monthly Benefit Amount for D.I. cases)

Status (current case status, i.e. Pending, Approved, Delivered, etc.)

Status Date (last date of activity by the Case Manager)

Case Manager Email (The assigned case manager for that policy)

Smartview for advisors

HOLDING TYPEYour case list is divided by Line Of Business (LOB or “Holding Type”). When you first sign on to SmartView, all of your cases will be displayed under their respective line of business: Annuity, DI, LTC, Life. To the left of the LOB title is a small box with a “minus” sign. You can click on that “minus” sign and collapse all of the cases under that LOB to hide them. Once you click on the box it will change into a “plus” sign which you can click on to display those cases again:

Click the “Plus” or “Minus”box to collapse or expand view of cases within a Holding Type (LOB)

Click on the client s name to view an individual case

Click on the client’s name to view an individual case

You can also click on a case manager s name to send an email regarding that case

You can also click on a case manager’s name to send an email regarding that case

Viewing an individual pending case

Viewing an individual pending case

Click on the hyperlink

For the individual case

You want to view

An individual case status is divided into three sections

An individual Case Status is divided into three sections:

Case Status



Smartview for advisors

Once you open and review an individual pending case, you can scroll to your next or previous individual pending case by clicking on the Previous Case or Next Case hyperlinks.

Case status

Case Status





Date Entered: This is the date that the application was entered into the ASG SmartOffice database.

Benefit: Only the face amount for life cases and the monthly benefit amount for disability income cases will be shown here. Long Term Care benefit amounts will be shown in the Requirements section.

Issued Modal Premium & Issued Premium Mode: will be displayed after the policy has been approved and issued.

Owner: This is the policyowner. If there are Joint Policyowners, both names will be displayed.






Contact Name: Insured

Proposed Underwriting Class: This is the underwriting class entered into SmartOffice based on the illustration that was received with the application and/or on the medical information available.

Issued Underwriting Class: Will be displayed after the policy has been issued by the carrier.



Columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column title

Comments in the Remarks Column of a requirement are input by the case manager. Because we’re not able to display the Monthly/Daily Benefit Amounts for Long Term Care cases in the Case Status section, the Monthly or Daily Benefit amount will always be shown in the Remarks column of a requirement called “LTC Benefit Amount” . Instead of “Outstanding” or “Received”, the Requirement Status will be shown as “For Your Records”.

Example of issued delivered status

Example of Issued/Delivered Status

The delivery requirements will be shown as outstanding, and all underwriting requirements will be shown as received.

Printing your entire case list

Printing your entire Case List

Click on “Print List” at the top of the Pending Case List window

Printing an individual case status

Printing an individual Case Status

Click on “Printer Friendly” at the top of the Case Status window

Click the sign out hyperlink to sign out of smartview

Click the “Sign out” hyperlink to sign out of SmartView

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