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Pass feedback for advisors
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PASS Feedback for Advisors. ADVISING AND CAREER CENTER University of Wisconsin-Parkside. First you need to enter SOLAR, and go to “My Advisees” in your “Advisor Center”. In the “Advisor Center” scroll to the bottom of the page.

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PASS Feedback for Advisors

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Pass feedback for advisors

PASS Feedback for Advisors

ADVISING AND CAREER CENTERUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside

Pass feedback for advisors

First you need to enter SOLAR, and go to “My Advisees”

in your “Advisor Center”.

Pass feedback for advisors

In the “Advisor Center” scroll to the bottom of the page.

Pass feedback for advisors

You will only have a “PASS Feedback” button if an instructor has left PASS Feedback for any of your advisees. Click the “PASS Feedback” button to continue.

Pass feedback for advisors

Select the current semester.

Pass feedback for advisors

The first screen you see is the “Early Advisor Feedback” tab. On this screen you are able to view students that you can leave PASS Feedback for.

Pass feedback for advisors

Student Information

Class Information

(students may have PASS Feedback from multiple classes)

Area to enter feedback

Pass feedback for advisors

Use these buttons to view all of the eligible PASS Feedback students or to browse through one student at a time. This advisor only has 3 students eligible for PASS Feedback.

Pass feedback for advisors

The “Communicated with Student” button is only to indicate whether you have communicated your feedback with the student or not.

When leaving feedback you must “click” at least one area under “Advisor Feedback”.

Leaving a comment helps the Instructor, Advisors, or students know what you communicated with the student, it is also a good place to put any discussion points you have had with the student. You can always edit, add, or delete what you have entered.

Pass feedback for advisors

Click the “Save” button to save PASS Feedback. The PASS Feedback will be posted to the instructor’s class roster with the date that you submitted your feedback. The student will not be notified that you have left feedback. But they can view what you have written in the PASS Feedback section of their SOLAR.

Pass feedback for advisors

To view what the instructor left for PASS Feedback click on the “Early Instructor Feedback” tab

Pass feedback for advisors

In the “Early Instructor Feedback” tab you can…

Browse between or view all students who have been left PASS Feedback

Browse between or view all student’s classes (if they have PASS Feedback for multiple classes)

View what feedback the instructor has left.

Pass feedback for advisors

On the following slide is a copy of the email that the students receive when the instructor submits the initial PASS Feedback.


When advisor “saves” PASS Feedback is updated in the student’s SOLAR. Instructors are notified that an Advisor has left feedback only by looking at their class roster.

Pass feedback for advisors

Dear Mary,

The Parkside Academic Success System is a tool that UW-P professors use to provide feedback on your class performance as of the end of the third week of the semester. This is a very early assessment of your performance to date and does not equate to your grade in this class. We hope, however, that you find this information helpful.

Professor Poe has rated your performance in ACSK,555, ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA at the end of the third week of classes, as Unsatisfactory. The reasons indicated for your unsatisfactory performance are provided below.


Comments (if any): Mary,

You have missed 2 days of class (Max allowed is 5).You failed both exams, 50% and 47%Your homework grade so far is 25% You must speak to me or an advisor about saving this semester.

An "Unsatisfactory" performance rating means that this professor believes you should be taking some action to improve the work you are doing. If you want more information about why your professor provided this information, please contact your professor directly.

There are also many resources that are available to ensure that your performance improves. Please go to to explore the various people and offices here to help you and support your continued progress at UW-P.

We also recommend that you check in with your academic advisor to determine which campus resources might be most beneficial for you. If you don't know the name of your advisor, either login to Solar and check the Advisor section along the right hand column of your Student Center page, or call the Advising & Career Center at (262) 595-2040.

We encourage you to take all necessary steps so you can achieve success in your classes for the rest of this semester.


The Parkside Academic Success System Team

The end

The End

If you have any questions,

please feel free to contact us:

Josh Santiago ( or Tina Wagster-Plasmier( or Gwen Jones (

Academic Advising and Career Center @ 262-595-2040

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