Educational event albert einstein
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Educational Event Albert Einstein. By Colbey Strong & Todd Gammon. Introduction.

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Educational Event Albert Einstein

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Educational EventAlbert Einstein

By Colbey Strong


Todd Gammon


Albert Einstein was the most influential physicist possibly of all time. He made modern day physics into what we know it as today. He produces many theories that have changed science. His theories won him the Nobel Prize and helped produce the atomic bomb.


Born 1879

Dropped out of School 1895

Graduated College 1900

Published First Physics Papers 1905

Received job at University of Zurich 1909

Accepted Chair of Theoretical Physics at University of Prague 1911

Professor at Federal Polytechnic 1912

Accepted Research Post at Kaiser Wilhelm Society in Berlin 1913

Finished General Theory of Relativity 1915

Theory was Proven Correct 1919

Received Noble Prize 1921

Death 1955


Einstein's purpose and inspiration in life I would say was to make his father think he was successful. His father died before Einstein amounted to anything or so he thought. Einstein always felt he was a failure in his fathers eyes. I think Einstein was motivated by the fact that he wanted to amount to something for his father.


A lot of Einstein's life was lived in seclusion. A lot of the seclusion in his life led to problems that could have been avoided if he chose not to be a recluse. If he chose to be more social he could have been a better influence on others and the world and could have been a lot happier throughout his life.


I don’t feel like Einstein and I have anything in common. However the only things I could think of is that for a brief time in his life God was important to Einstein which is important to me. The other thing that related to me is that Einstein was of course great at math and loved it and I am good at it and I like algebra.


Einstein lived a great life and contributed greatly to modern day science and specifically modern day physics. Einstein made modern day physics into what it is today. Einstein could have made more of a contribution if he was more sociable and not a recluse. His whole life he tried to be successful so he could show his father he amounted to something.


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