Albert einstein
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Albert Einstein. By Haley Nichols and Maddison Stockton. Albert Einstein 20 th century Birthday March,14,1879 Was born in Württemberg, Germany. Personal background. He was married to Mileva Maric in 1903 Albert Einstein died on April,18,1955 Also he had two sons. Personality Traits.

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Albert Einstein

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Albert einstein
Albert Einstein

By Haley Nichols and Maddison Stockton

Albert einstein

  • Albert Einstein

  • 20th century

  • Birthday March,14,1879

  • Was born in Württemberg, Germany

Personal background
Personal background

  • He was married to Mileva Maric in 1903

  • Albert Einstein died on April,18,1955

  • Also he had two sons.

Personality traits
Personality Traits

  • He was accepted a position as a technical assistant in the Swiss patient office.


  • Albert Einstein is most famous for theories of reality.

Biggest obstacle
Biggest Obstacle

  • His biggest obstacle was visiting Mount Everest.

Important quotation
Important Quotation

  • The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

Einstein s theory of relativity
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

  • In 1905 Albert published a paper about relativity. It said that everything except light travels at different situations. Think about relativity this way: If you look up at the sky and see a plane in the distance, it doesn’t appear as if it is going very fast. You stand there and watch as the plane seems to move slowly across the sky. Yet if you were standing next to it the plane would zoom past you in a split second. BLAM! BOOM! Gone! And yet again, if you’re sitting inside the plane, it barely seems to move at all. See how the speed of that one plane can look totally different to you in different situations? That was Albert’s point. The speed of a moving object depends on how it’s being viewed.

Final thought
Final thought

  • When he died they checked out his brain and they put it in a jar. The guy still had the brain for forty years. Then he took it to Princeton hospital.

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