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Feeding Pleasure Horses PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feeding Pleasure Horses. Bob Coleman PhD PAS. Meeting nutrient needs Maintenance easy or hard Riding intensity. NRC 2007 Nutrient requirements of Horses. Nutrient needs for a mature horse at Maintenance (1100 lbs/500kg). NRC 2007. Nutrient needs for a mature horse at

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Feeding Pleasure Horses

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Feeding Pleasure Horses

Bob Coleman PhD PAS

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Meeting nutrient needs


easy or hard



NRC 2007

Nutrient requirements of Horses

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Nutrient needs for a mature horse at

Maintenance (1100 lbs/500kg)

NRC 2007

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Nutrient needs for a mature horse at

work (1100 lbs/500kg)

NRC 2007

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Nutrient sources



Other Feeds

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Making the program work

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Horses are grazers

Time spent grazing

Trickle feeder

small intakes

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Feed processing


mixing with saliva



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Fore Gut

mouth , esophagus


and small intestine

= 35% of capacity

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Hind Gut

cecum, large colon

small colon

and rectum

= 65 % of capacity

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Forage is major nutrient


In addition to nutrients:

* Normal digestive function

* Reduce digestive upsets

* Chew time

* 1% bwt min daily intake

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Evaluating Hay

Visual appraisal

leaf : stem




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Consider the forage and

the nutrients it provides.

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Other fiber sources

Soy hulls

Beet pulp

Alfalfa products



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Concentrate Feeds

* Concentrate Feeds

- sweet feed

- pellets

* Supplement Pellets

* Grain mixes

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Feed Management


1% bwt as forage (min)

Forage in the amount needed

Use a hay feeder (>20% waste)

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Feeding Management


Based on nutrient needs

Limit total concentrate per meal

Starch intakes per meal

5 lbs / meal**

** 0.5 % of body weight

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Feed Management

Monitor body condition

Adaptation to diets

Individual needs ??

Free choice water

Salt and minerals

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Fact sheets for further Reading

Choosing Hay for Horses

Alfalfa Cubes for Horses

Basic Horse Nutrition

Heaves in Horses

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