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Automatic Nozzles. Hand Held Stream Evolution. 1960’s & 70’s Automatic pressure regulating nozzles invented. Pressure Regulation Concept. How Does Pressure Regulation Work?. Pressure Stays Constant as Flow Changes. Baffle Opens as Flow Increases.

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Automatic Nozzles

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Automatic nozzles l.jpg

Automatic Nozzles

Hand held stream evolution l.jpg

Hand Held Stream Evolution...

  • 1960’s & 70’s

  • Automatic pressure regulating nozzles invented

Pressure regulation concept l.jpg

Pressure Regulation Concept

How does pressure regulation work l.jpg

How Does Pressure Regulation Work?

Pressure stays constant as flow changes l.jpg

Pressure Stays Constant asFlow Changes

Baffle opens as flow increases l.jpg

Baffle Opens as Flow Increases

Nozzle pressure automatic fixed flow nozzles l.jpg

Nozzle PressureAutomatic & Fixed Flow Nozzles

Automatic master stream nozzle l.jpg

Automatic Master Stream Nozzle

Automatic nozzle benefits l.jpg

Automatic Nozzle Benefits...

  • Consistent hard-hitting streams

  • Correct nozzle pressure with available flow

  • Maximum reach with available water

  • Able to adjust to varying water supply conditions

  • Nozzle reaction is a direct indication of flow

  • Nozzle flow control (with slide valve)

Disadvantages of automatic nozzles l.jpg

Disadvantages of Automatic Nozzles...

  • Higher initial cost

  • Design unfamiliar to repair personnel

  • May not provide adequate water at extremely low pressures

  • Stream may look good, but may not be providing adequate water for extinguishment or protection

  • The need for a Standard Operating Guideline for minimum pump pressures

Comparison of reaction @ 150 gpm l.jpg

Nozzle Reaction

Nozzle Pressure

75 psi 67.5 lb/f

100 psi79.2 lb/f

125 psi88.5 lb/f

150 psi97.2 lb/f

Comparison of Reaction@ 150 GPM

Nozzle pressure reaction flow automatic nozzles l.jpg

Nozzle Pressure, Reaction, & Flow Automatic Nozzles

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