11 college application mistakes to avoid
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11 College Application Mistakes to Avoid. Norma Sanchez. 1. Inappropriate e-mail address. [email protected] Create your own super secret account. 2. Naming the wrong school. 3. Forgetting a section. 4.

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Inappropriate e-mail address.

  • [email protected]

  • Create your own super secret account

  • 2

    Naming the wrong school.


    Forgetting a section.


    Waiting until the last minute to ask teachers to write letters of recommendation.



    Not double-checking deadlines.


    Disobeying word limits or character limits.


    Not answering the question.


    Assuming the biographical information part is not important.


    Leaving information about yourself out.


    Forgetting to check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and factual errors.



    Treating your application like your Facebook page or a text message.

    Don't use texting abbreviations and lowercase letters.

    Learning about yourself and career choice

    Learning about yourself and Career Choice

    In college, you need to get four things right:1. study habits/academics2. communication skills that show you’re a leader3. internships/volunteering4. and a career plan.

    How are you different than everybody else? What makes you unique? What is your personality style? Are you a people person or do you like to work a lone.

    Assess your skills and interestThink about your interests- What do you like to do? Think about experiences you have enjoyed. - What kind of school, religious, social, or sports activities do you like? Make a list of 10 activities you have enjoyed doing in the past four years.- Evaluate those interests. Think about what you liked about the activities. What challenges did the activities offer? What skills do you need to develop further to continue in those activities?

    Consider your skills
    Consider your skills

    • Evaluate school, volunteer, work, or leisure experiences.

      • Make a list of your school activities (clubs, organizations to which you belonged).

      • Make a list of any volunteer work you have done (either through social, civic or religious organizations).

      • After you have assessed your interests and skills, determine the relationship between skills and interests and possible careers. You may need to research different careers

    Choosing a Majorhttp://www.wou.edu/student/career/videos/video/highresvideo/Choosing_Major.movCareer Clusterhttp://www.educationplanner.com/students/career-planning/find-careers/career-clusters.shtml