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World War II Content PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War II Content. British surrender That special day Comparison of b attle v ehicles . Before The British Surrenders. Took out Malaya in less than 2 weeks The garrison protecting Singapore surrendered first Japan started to invade Singapore

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World War II Content

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World War II Content


That special day

Comparison of battle vehicles

Before The British Surrenders

  • Took out Malaya in less than 2 weeks

  • The garrison protecting Singapore surrendered first

  • Japan started to invade Singapore

  • British had already ran out of food and bullets

  • Fall of Singapore

  • End of January 1942 Singapore were totally defeated

Why had the British lost the war?

  • Not many experience British soldiers

  • Japan was well trained and willing to die for their country

  • They only had 2 battle ships only in Singapore

  • They did not have enough soldiers

British Surrender

  • After defeating Australian, British, Indian and Malayan

  • 15 February 1942

  • Lieutenant-General Arthur Ernest Percival and his commanders surrendered

  • Renamed to Syonanto which means Southern Island

  • Went to the Japan’s headquarters in Singapore

  • Carried their own flag and a white flag.

  • Reporters took photos and was shown all over the world

That Special Day…

Can anyone guess what it is?


We celebrate this occasion every February.

That Special Day

  • Total Defence Day

  • That day was the day we surrendered to the Japanese

So how do we commemorate this event?

  • For our school, we commemorate this event by trying to put ourselves in those citizens which suffered war with little food.

  • We can distribute food to the needy

  • We can provide voluntary service to help the unfortunate

  • Mostly, we must do things that will foster racial harmony

  • We can protect ourselves without depending on others

  • The Prince of Wales

  • The Repulse

  • British Warplanes

  • Japanese ‘Zero’ fighter plane

  • Japan Military Warship

Battle Vehicles

  • Japanese fighter plane

  • Modern

  • Fast

  • Greater firepower

  • Better armor

  • More powerful aircraft engine

  • British Warplane

  • Old

  • Slow

  • Weaker firepower

  • Some had little armor while some did not even have armor

  • Old and weak engines installed in the planes

Japanese fighter plane vs British warplane

  • Results

  • Japan defeated the British War Planes

  • Japan Warships

  • Weaker than the British Warships

  • Came in numbers

  • Many came to Singapore

  • British Warships

  • Were strong but less in numbers

  • Had only two ships

  • Were sunken by the Japanese

  • Results

    Japan overpowered the British with all of their warships. They were sunken earlier in the war.

British Warships vs the Japan Warships

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