ocean explorers progress report
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Ocean Explorers’ Progress Report

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Ocean Explorers’ Progress Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ocean Explorers’ Progress Report. People Powered Float Project MGT 431. Overview. Float designed, need materials to build it  easy to get YMCA is aware of goals, but must submit to CORI checks before working with kids. Plan is laid out for Ocean Explorium, almost ready to be set in motion

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Presentation Transcript
ocean explorers progress report

Ocean Explorers’ Progress Report

People Powered Float Project

MGT 431

  • Float designed, need materials to build it easy to get
  • YMCA is aware of goals, but must submit to CORI checks before working with kids.
  • Plan is laid out for Ocean Explorium, almost ready to be set in motion
  • Wiki needs to be updated with photos and team logo
ymca progress
YMCA - Progress
  • YMCA is aware of our project and wants to cooperate
  • CORI forms obtained and submitted. Must wait 2-14 days for results
  • Once results come back, we will be approved to work with the kids
ymca tasks
YMCA - Tasks
  • Notify YMCA of shark puppet project
  • Obtain permission from children’s parents to participate in parade
  • Meet face to face with YMCA contacts
ocean explorium progress
Ocean Explorium - Progress
  • Made contact with Sarah Bean
  • Discussed representation in Earth Day Eve Parade and doing a program with kids from YMCA on sharks
  • All research is done for program
  • Also discussed giving kids who participate free passes to Ocean Explorium
ocean explorium tasks
Ocean Explorium- Tasks
  • Convert research into a well formulated program
  • Determine what supplies to use for shark puppets
  • Find out if anyone from Explorium will participate in parade
float progress
Float - Progress
  • Design complete
  • Paper mache sphere
  • Cardboard base
  • Pushed on a wheelbarrow
  • Kids will make shark puppets to supplement float
  • Possibly music + T-shirts made for parade
float tasks
Float - Tasks
  • Obtain materials (newspaper, flour, paint, exercise ball, cardboard box, wheelbarrow)
  • Begin construction promptly after spring break
  • Confirm T-shirts and music by April 4th
  • Have kids make shark puppets at program
wiki progress
Wiki - Progress
  • Several important documents posted to wiki
  • Some photos of Ocean Explorium uploaded, but not yet used
wiki tasks
Wiki - Tasks
  • Organize current pages
  • Upload team logo and more pictures
  • Use above to create a meaningful home page
  • Create pages for meeting minutes
  • Create pages for both Ocean Explorium and YMCA
  • Keep above pages updated with progress on projects
  • Create page for float
  • Post design ideas and progress to above page
  • Waiting for CORI results to come in
  • Begin construction of float
  • Educate YMCA kids about white spotted bamboo sharks
  • Have kids make shark puppets
  • Wiki needs attention badly